New Releases!

Happy Friday friends! We’re kicking off the weekend with some exciting news! We’ve got three new releases to share with you today. Let’s get right to it, shall we?



Ribbon Cutter

We’re thrilled to introduce you to our Ribbon Cutter! This craft room staple cuts and heat seals ribbon up to 3″ wide so there is no fraying. Cut straight, angled, and even various styles of points into the ends of your ribbon.




The Ribbon Cutter requires four AA batteries (not included). Replacement wires are also available.


Pop Up Dies

We’ve got some brand new designs to add to our popular Pop Up Dies collection. Check out what you can make with your Evolution Advanced below.


Pop Up Dies are ideal for gifts and card making. The dies are wafer thin and made from 100% steel. They’re packaged in clear zipper pouches with a magnetic backing.


Typecast Typewriter

The black Typecast typewriters, two new colors of typewriters, and a new Typecast paper collection will soon be available to ship to retailers worldwide. This retro typewriter allows modern makers to quickly add journaling to layouts, cards, and projects.

310296_wr_typecast_typewriter_black 663062_wr_typecast_typewriter_mint 663063_wr_typecast_typewriter_white
Unique colors of ink are available as well. Be sure to look for other typecast paper accessories.

663106_wr_typecast_largelabels_mint 663111_wr_typecast_minitags 663112_wr_typecast_minicardset_mint 663115_wr_typecast_adventurenotepad 663118_wr_typecast_card-envelope-set 663120_wr_typecast_treatbags_kraft 663123_wr_typecast_cardset 663124_wr_typecast_notebook 663125_wr_typecast_paperpad_12x12 663126_wr_typecast_paperpad_8-5x11 663127_wr_typecast_butterflywaxsealkit

Well friends, that’s all the new releases we have for you today. We want to know–which one are you most excited about? Share in the comments below.

39 thoughts on “New Releases!

    • oh my goodness….if there was a red one, well, I would HAVE to buy one for myself….was just thinking of getting one for my daughter…probably black. But red……yeah, I would be in line right behind you!! Good call!!!

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  2. I have the typewriter and love it!! I woulld love to have the ribbon cutter that’s so awesome! I love everything WRMK everything is so unique and offers so much to have a super scrapping and or Craftabulous time!! I also want all the new goodies for typing…I have every single color of typewriter ribbon!! WRMK ROCKS!!!!

  3. Wow can’t wait to get my hands on that mint typewriter thanks so much for allowing us to find a retro item that’s brand new without fixing issues!

  4. Is there a video showing how to use the automatic ribbon cutter? I looked on YouTube and cannot find anything even on your site.

    Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

  5. I love the new typewriter! Many times ive wanted to type something and didnt have my computer on. Trying to set up a tag or another element taped to paper and trying to figure out how to align everything on the computer so it would type on a tag is too time consuming and frustrating! So happy to see the typewriter making a comeback!

  6. The typewriter and colorful choices for the ribbons! I was hoping there were be more colors than black/red. This could be so much fun!!! Loved he colors before but now that I see the white, I love that too!!

  7. The ribbon cutter is a definite MUST! The god of creativity is shining down on WRMK. You guys have been knocking them out of the park and have raised the bar in the crafting industry! Keep’em coming!

  8. I’m most excited and waiting in anticipation to purchase All the new Pop Up dies. Of course, I have to purchase the new gadget/ribbon cutter as well to add to my full collection of WRMK tools.

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