Shaker Bookmarks


Happy Monday morning friends, and Happy Halloween! We hope your evening is filled with lots of yummy treats, and not so many tricks. This week we’re featuring projects made with one of our most popular tools, the Photo Sleeve Fuse. and we’re starting off with some fun Shaker Bookmarks.


Hello, Aly Dosdall here again with some fun bookmarks I made using the Photo Sleeve Fuse. I love the creative possibilities that my Fuse allows–it’s one of my favorites tools. It’s so versatile and easy to use.


I’ve got a first grader who has discovered the joy of reading. She’s finally gotten into some short chapter books, and so I thought I’d make her a set of bookmarks to hopefully feed her newfound passion.


Though my daughter loves to read, she has a hard time sitting still since she has ADHD and anxiety disorder, so I wanted to add something tactile and interactive as well to help calm her as she reads. Photo Sleeve Fuse to the rescue!


I used my Fuse to make the bookmarks into shaker pockets and filled them with clear glass microbeads, gold sequins, and tiny wood veneer stars. The glass microbeads make a cool rain-like noise and are fun to watch when you move the bookmarks around. Perfect for nervous wiggly hands!


I started by cutting some patterned paper from the High Five collection into 2×6 inch strips. I embellished them with some High Five Stickers and Ephemera, and then added some phrases that I typed with my Typecast Typewriter onto Typecast Mini Labels.


Then I used a leftover divided photo sleeve to create the shaker pockets, cutting apart the 4×6 and 6×6 sections of the sleeve. You could also use 4×6 waterfall sleeves to create the shaker pockets for the bookmarks.  I found it easiest to Fuse around three sides, leaving the top end open so I could add my shaker elements before fusing the top shut. It also helps to fuse the shaker pocket snugly around the bookmark so that it can’t move around much. That way your shaker elements will stay in front of the bookmark and not slip around behind.


To finish off my bookmarks, I added some black ribbon at the top. I used the new Ribbon Cutter to trim and seal the ends of the ribbon, and then I attached the ribbon to the bookmarks with my Staple Board. I stapled the ribbon strips 3 times, using the staples not only in a functional way but also as a design element.



I’m excited for my daughter to try out these shaker bookmarks. I look forward to reading lots of books together!



Photo Sleeve Fuse
Photo Sleeve
High Five Collection
Ribbon Cutter
Staple Board
Typecast Typewriter
Typecast Mini Labels

Halloween Bat Banner

Hello We R fans! Kimberly here with some fun Halloween décor! I love how my We R Memory Keepers tools not only help me make cards and layouts, but I can use them to create customized home décor! This shelf is in our kitchen and while the Ruler Studio lights and felt garland were cute, the shelf needed color and some more spooky cute accents. Grabbing the Banner Punch Board, I made this batty banner quickly.


After measuring my orange card stock to the size that would work best for my shelf, I used the Banner Punchboard to cut the shapes. I repeated the same sizes and cuts with Clearly Posh Acetate Sheets. The overlay added a fantastic amount of texture and interest. The other thing I was impressed with was how well the Banner Punch Board held the transparency in place while I cut it. I expected the slippery paper to slide, but the magnets worked perfectly!


To adhere the clear sheets to the cardstock, I applied a strip of adhesive to the very top of the card stock. The acetate was adhered, but I hid it with a simple strip of black cardstock.



The bats were created with card stock and Honeycomb Pads. After creating wings from card stock, circles were cut from the Honeycomb pad. The dimension added to the bats is pretty fun!


To hang the batty banner from the shelf, I punched a hole on each side of the top of each banner. My Crop-A-Dile made quick work of that as it cuts through all the layers with ease. Twine was strung through the holes, making adjusting the spacing and length of the twine simpler.



What Halloween décor is in your house? How much of it did you make?



Banner Punch Board

Clearly Posh Acetate Chevron Dot with Black Foil

DIY Party Honeycomb Pad Small; Black


We R Ruler Studio Battery Operated Light Strand

Throwback Thursday: Halloween Cinch Book

Hello friends! It’s Aly Dosdall back again for a fun Throwback Thursday. Here’s a look back at a favorite blog project from Halloween a few years ago. If you’re looking for some spooky scrapbooking inspiration, here’s an idea you can try: scrapbook a child’s Halloween costumes over the years. I decided to start with my five year old daughter, find all the Halloween costume photos I’d taken since she was a wee baby, and then I made this fun little mini book with my Cinch binding tool comparing all those years of her costumes.

Halloween Costume Mini Album by Aly Dosdall

My album covers are 6×6 pieces of chipboard, and I decided to use colors that coordinate with my daughter’s costumes.

Halloween Costume Mini Album by Aly Dosdall_page 1

Halloween Costume Mini Album by Aly Dosdall_page 2

The pages inside the album consist of some journaling cards, a 4×6 envelope I made with my Envelope Punch Board, and a 5×7 mini file folder that I also made with my Envelope Punch Board. You can find instructions for making mini file folders with your Envelope Punch Board on THIS BLOG POST. There is additional journaling on a card inside the envelope, and I tuck the envelope flap behind the card on the outside to secure it.

Halloween Costume Mini Album by Aly Dosdall_page 2a

To embellish my album I die cut several Halloween shapes–spiders, bats, moons, and stars. Using my Evolution Advanced helped save me some time with that.

Halloween Costume Mini Album by Aly Dosdall_page 3

Halloween Costume Mini Album by Aly Dosdall_page 4

Halloween Costume Mini Album by Aly Dosdall_page 5

The mini file folder is a fun element that, along with the envelope, adds an eclectic feel with different size pages and additional layering. I used the inside and the outside of the folder for my pages.

Halloween Costume Mini Album by Aly Dosdall_page 5a

Halloween Costume Mini Album by Aly Dosdall_page 6

I added some Enamel Shapes, Washi Tape, and Baker’s Twine as finishing touches to my album. The die cut journaling cards add a fun occasional peek-a-boo element.  My whole family has really enjoyed looking at my daughter’s cute costumes over the years and seeing how much she’s changed and grown.

DIY Witch Hat Halloween Decor

Hello and a happy-almost-Halloween to those who celebrate it! October 31st is a day we all look forward to in my household. My children love carving pumpkins, dressing up and having lots of fun with their friends. (Ok so Mum loves dressing up too!)

We hold an annual Halloween bash at our place and this year I will be adding some cute items to my décor, which can be whipped up in minutes, using the Template Studio and circle template studio guide.



To make these hats you will need:

Template Studio Starter Kit and Circular template guide;

Three sheets of poster board. (Our standard size in Australia is a little smaller but for those in the US, a size 22×18 inch will be perfect to accommodate the extra large circle size if you want to make an even bigger hat.)

Hot glue gun (or very strong adhesive)





Because our sheets of poster board are smaller, for these hats I have used the Large circle guide. I was initially going to make two extra large hats but due to my poster board being too short in length, I made one large hat and two smaller ones. Each large circle requires a 16×16 inch squares of poster board/cardstock. (I have used 3 large circles.)


Once I had trimmed down the squares, I went about cutting the circular shapes using the circle template guide, which I placed in the corresponding areas along the cutting mat. The printed instructions provided with the kit tell you where to place the guides. TIP: I have collected all of my instructional sheets and collated them on a little book ring.


If you notice any rough edges along the edge of your circle, simply snip off with a pair of scissors.




Once all of my circles were cut. I put two aside and trimmed one down further, as per the circle template guide instructions, to make two party hats/cones. These little cones are going to be used on the two smaller witches hats. I wanted these hat bases to be smaller too so I used a salad plate from the kitchen as a guide and cut these circles out by hand out of some leftover poster board. I have used hot glue to seal the party hats/cones as they provide an instant strong bond. When the cones were sealed, I then adhered one to each of my smaller circular bases. Now we can see the witches hat come together! A ribbon/buckle detail finishes these hats off perfectly. I simply drew a shape on some leftover poster board and cut it out by hand.


Here you can see the size difference… The large hat was created using the same principal as the smaller hats, only I’ve kept the 16×16 base and rolled up another 16×16 circle to create the party hat/cone. Note: I didn’t trim this circle like the others above, as I wanted it as large as possible. I just rolled it up in to a cone shape and trimmed the base a bit flatter with some scissors before I adhered it to the base of the hat.


A bit of fog from my fog machine completes my fun spooky display!


I just love the way these turned and can’t wait to show them off at the party.



Happy haunting!




Template Studio Starter Kit

Circle Template Studio Guide

Ruler Studio Halloween Decor

Hello everyone! Eva Pizarro here today showing a step by step tutorial to create this Halloween Decor using the Mini Piñata Halloween kit and your favorite folded ruler from the Ruler Studio collection.


Begin by decorating your piñata: seal the opening on the bottom shut, and create an opening at the top with your craft knife.


Use the fringe tape and the face stickers from the kit to embellish your piñata.


Use your Power Punch to make holes in the eyes and mouth of your piñata, so when you put the light inside the face will glow.


Use washi tape to decorate your Ruler Studio. I love to use washi tape for this kind of project, because I can easily change color or remove the washi tape if I need to reuse the ruler.


Use foam dots to hold your Ruler in place and to attach your embellishments and your piñata. Put some lights around your star and remember to put one or two lights inside your piñata too! (I used the two pull string holes that the piñata already has in the bottom.)


Fill your piñata with candy, small toys, or lollipops (like I did).


You could hang this decor on your front door and leave small treats for the kids on your block, or also use it inside your house for your family and friends.


I think my neighbors are going to love the decor and the lollipops! Do you decorate your front door for Halloween? How long do you think the candies will last?


Have a great day!



Ruler Studio Folded Ruler

Ruler Studio Foam Dots

Ruler Studio Light Strand

Mini Piñata Halloween Kit

Washi Tape Dispenser

Pumpkin Chain Garland

By Shellye McDaniel

Happy Fall!  While planning an upcoming Fall Festival at our school, I came up with a colorful and fun Halloween garland that we can hang from the ceiling in the foyer.  For the project I’ve used a few basic tools from We R Memory Keepers: the Mini Alphabet Punch Board, the Elegant Serif Font Punch and the Elegant Decorative Font Punch.


To get started, I trimmed the “5th Avenue” Patterned Paper from the Urban Chic Collection down to 1.5” X 2.5” rectangles, which fits the Mini Alphabet Punch.  Following the instructions, I punched the number “8” from each rectangle of paper and set them aside.


From the 3X5 Paper Pad, the orange sheet was cut into four sections to measure 1.5” X 2.5”.


To create the pumpkins, the center of each rectangle was punched at the center on the top and bottom.  Next, all four corners were corner-rounded using the same Mini Alphabet Punch.


For the stem of the pumpkin, I used the curvy line from the Elegant Serif Font Punch and punched it from brown kraft paper found in the 3X5 Paper Pad.  The leaves and ‘vine” were punched from the green 3X5 paper using the Serif Font Punch and the Elegant Decorative Font Punch.



The pumpkins were dressed with the leaves, stem and vine.  Each end of the shapes were punched with a small hole punch and then strung with baker’s twine.



Add faces to the pumpkin if you’d like to change the design up a bit for Halloween!



Mini Alphabet Punch Board

Elegant Serif Font Punch

Elegant Decorative Font Punch

3X5 Paper Pad

Urban Chic Collection 5th Ave Paper


Halloween Caramel Corn Bags

Hello everyone, Wendy here today to share a yummy project with you that is perfect to give away!  The new Halloween Goodie Bags made today’s project a breeze to put together and the oils don’t bleed through keeping your treats intact!


My first bag was made from the Ombre Glassine paper.  I chose to decorate my bag with the Oh Goodie Tags, some ribbon, and the adhesive sequins giving an elegant twist to Halloween goodies.


Doilies are one of my favorite staples in my scrap room and I use them in all of my projects.  Today I chose to cut my doily to embellish both sides of the bag being tied together by another Oh Goodie Tag and Ribbon.  Some gold sparkly Thickers announced the yummy treat in style.  I chose a star pattern from the Pattern Glassine pack for this bag.


My next bag was created from the Halloween Glassine paper.  Once I had torn my edges in my bag, I chose a die to cut a window out of the front of the bag.  I backed the window with vellum so that the yummy treats could be seen, but wouldn’t fall out.


For those of you Caramel Corn lovers, I thought I would share my recipe and one last picture of my goodie basket all ready to be handed out.

Carmel Corn

½ cup unpopped Popcorn
1 cup packed brown sugar
½ cup margarine
¼ cup light corn syrup
½ tsp salt
½ tsp baking soda

Heat oven to 200.  Pop popcorn and dispose of unpopped kernals.  Cook brown sugar, margarine, corn syrup, and salt in saucepan over medium heat.  Once bubbly, cook for 5 minutes, then remove from heat and mix in baking soda.  Pour sugar mixture over popcorn.  Bake for 1 hour, mixing every 15 minutes.  Enjoy!





Goodie Bag Guide
Oh Goodie Tags & Strings
Oh Goodie 12×12 Glassine
Frame 10 Nesting Dies
Sequin Stickers

New Release!

Exciting news today friends! We’re thrilled to announce that the much anticipated Laser Square will be shipping out to retailers in a couple of weeks, so watch for it in stores and online in the next month or so.


This versatile tool has multiple applications across several different hobbies and activities. It folds for easy storage, and takes the guess work out of alignment, measuring and placement on your projects. The Laser Square has inch and metric measurements, and can be adjusted to a 90° angle or placed together in a straight line. The laser slides from 0 to 12 in (0 to 30.5 cm).


Use it to keep photos, titles, and journaling straight on scrapbook pages.


Use it for perfect placement of layers and sentiments on cards, or addresses on envelopes.

wer_lasersquare_1 wer_lasersquare_2

It’s perfect for school projects, signs, posters, and home decor!


Cut straight lines into wrapping paper or fabric. Get your frames hanging straight and evenly placed in your home gallery wall. The possibilities are just about endless!

We want to know: what gets you excited about this new tool? What projects would you use it for? Tell us in the comments below.

Spider & Bat Goodie Bags

Hello, We R friends! Tessa Buys here with Halloween treats that I made for my little nieces with the Goodie Bag Guide and Halloween glassine papers:


The spider topper was a cinch to make! Using the small DIY Party Pom Pom Maker, I created the spider body. I used a black yarn with some sparkle because spiders are just less spooky when they glitter!


I used chenille stems to make the legs, curling up one end for a foot and creating a joint with a sharp bend. I also added googly eyes for some cute factor.


I made a goodie bag with the spider web paper and filled it with yummy caramels.


I stapled the bag shut with some sparkly tulle – again, non-spooky and cute! Last, I hot-glued the spider and his legs to the tulle bow.


The bat topper was easy, too. I made another yarn pom pom body and attached googly eyes. For the wings, I cut a bow out of black cardstock using the We R Memory Keepers one-piece bow die. The tails on the bow made me think of wings, and bows are a great way to make a creepy creature cuter!


Again, I made a goodie bag using the Goodie Bag Guide out of the bat paper and sealed it by stapling a tulle bow to the top. I hot-glued the bat in place and the pair of treats was ready to gift!



If you’re looking for a crafty way to dress up treats for the little ones this Halloween, give these cute critters a go! Happy creating, and happy Halloween!




Supplies Used:

Goodie Bag Guide

Oh Goodie! Halloween Glassine Paper

DIY Party Pom Pom Maker

One-Piece Bow Die

Halloween Treat Envelopes

Hi We R fans! Laura here with some fun Halloween treat envelopes you can create in a just a few minutes using the 1-2-3 Punch Board. The punch board makes it so easy to create envelopes, bows, and boxes in a snap. I love that you can use any paper you want to customize it to your party decor.


To start with I created an envelope using the 1-2-3 Punch Board. I created an envelope that would fit a 3” x 4” card. This is the perfect size to add some small candies or other little trinkets.


Adhere three of the four sides, leaving one of the short ends open. This will make a vertical envelope rather than a traditional horizontal one.


Using the Evolution Advanced, I added a “BOO!” sentiment to each envelope at the bottom edge.


Tie some black twine around the envelope towards the top. I looped the twine around the bag several times and then tied it in a knot.


To make the envelope a little more festive I created some polka dot bows using the 1-2-3 Punch Board. I made them the smallest size possible and added them to the envelope over the twine with some adhesive.


These would be easy treat bags to create for a class Halloween party or as party favors. You can use this technique to create any kind of treat envelope for any holiday!





1-2-3 Punch Board

Polka Dot Paper

Sticky Thumb Adhesive

Black and White Twine

Evolution Advanced

We R Phrase Strips Embossing Folders