National Craft Month Giveaway: Trim & Score Board + Triangle Score Guide!


It’s Monday again friends, and that means it’s time for another National Craft Month Giveaway! This week we’re featuring some of our classic tools, the crafting must-haves that make our lives so much easier. To celebrate we’re giving away an oldie-cut-goodie, along with a fun companion that amps it up a bit, the Trim & Score Board + Triangle Score Guide!

On its own, the Trim & Score Board is a super handy and versatile tool: trim your papers, and then score them for folding cards or 3D projects with one tool!

But, when paired with the Triangle Score Guide you can make some pretty awesome 3D geometric shapes and paper gems perfect for party, holiday, or home decor!

If you’d like to enter to win a Trim & Score Board and a Triangle Score Guide, please leave a comment below telling us what projects you would make with these craft room staples. Comments will remain open until Thursday, 3/16 at midnight. A winner will be announced here on the blog on Friday morning, 3/17. Please remember to check back to see if you won. Good luck!

Don’t forget to come back this week for some fabulous projects by our design team featuring some of our awesome classic tools!

351 thoughts on “National Craft Month Giveaway: Trim & Score Board + Triangle Score Guide!

  1. I love this new cutter and scorer. Great idea to combine them. Haven’t seen the triangle guide yet. I would use for all my crafting.

  2. How cool is this!?!?! My kids and I would have endless possibilities to decorate our house. I can’t wait to win!!!

  3. This is perfect to make balloons, invitations, place cards and more. My daughter will be 1 year in July and love to decorate everything myself, this would be perfect in the middle of the dot.

  4. Wow would love to win this, I have a new baby card, 3 birthday n two Mother’s Day cards to make. This would make it soooo much easier x

  5. Wow! What a giveaway! I need this!!! So I want to make many projects! Mini albums, cards, and sure I will try the wonderful technic to make triangles!
    Thank you for possibility to win!!

  6. Thanks for the chance ! I’d love this tool, and am aleeady looking forward to making the most beautiful and fascinating boxes ❤️ (That is; would you ever pick me 😉)

  7. I have gone to our craft store several times and they have always been out of the 3D tool and the trim & score would be so nice to take on trips or go to crops and not have to carry so many separate tools.

  8. I would EASILY make “oragami” gift boxes, and I never bought one to score my cards, which I seriously need ..10 yrs ago!

  9. I’d like to make a 3d birthday banner for my nices princess birthday party! In sweet colors I think the shapes look amazing! 😍😍😍

  10. I love those paper fruit! I would use for all my paper needs. I only have a 6in paper trimmer, this will be useful for my bigger sheets of paper. Home decor, cards, envelopes etc!

  11. This would be so awesome to win. I make small notepads using my leftover mix media paper and need to score the folds. I want to get into small boxes, too. The triangle score card would lend a whole new level to them.

  12. Those diamond shaped apples are great-I ‘d try to make these without getting crazy about planning the measurements and the geometric shape exactly. .. and in the end nothing fits because you weren’t exact enough in cutting ..

  13. How have I managed to not see this tool before. how cool this is and what great cards and other 3D projects you could make on my week long card making marathons with friends. every 6 wks or so. Love the projects seen on the b log today. Love to try something like that.

  14. I would love the chance to make some garland for house when we get one. We are in the process of searching for a place…one garland I would love to do is stars. My nephew loves space and I think replacing the bows we have in our room with stars in his new room would be awesome!!! (He’s getting his own room when we move lol) and I would love hearts!!! Thanks for the chance!!!

  15. I just now Broke the blade holder on my trimming and scoring board and have no hope to fix it. The blade does not spring back anymore and thus it is cutting across my score board :(.. wish I could win here.. 🙂

  16. Any 3D shapes would be great to make with these items. My own envelopes as well. These are a must for any craft room. Thanks for the giveaway and good luck everyone.

  17. I need this! It is a gem and I can see ways to use it on my layouts, decorate my niece’s birthday party with diamonds, and possibly a geometric album! This keeps my ideas flowing!

  18. Con questi splendidi attrezzi, farò i segnaposto per la Comunione del mio bambino: delle bellissime scatoline a forma di frutta, piene di caramelline… stavo cercando da tantissimo tempo!!! Good good good l love & need them❤

  19. I would love to add this to my collection! I’m dying to make 3d decorations, and have my best friends baby shower coming up, just the perfect occassion to use this tool!

  20. that is perfect combo ….a trim and score on one board …..score …then slide over to cut ….no more having to trade out each tool to get the same job done on this one single tool …..

  21. I agree this is a staple in every craft room! I love making 3D projects and I want to try out the triangle that comes with this.

  22. Your projects were pretty cool! I’d like to make paper Easter baskets and triangle boxes that look like carrots to fill with treats and decorate with. I like using paper projects as holiday decor! I have the banner and envelope maker. Love those. This would be great

  23. Wow there’s a lot of things you could do with these tools! Endless possibilities!! From card making to diy party decorations.. Lots!!!

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