National Craft Month Giveaway: 123 Punch Board!


Hello again We R friends! It’s Monday, and it’s March, and that means another National Craft Month giveaway today! This week we’re celebrating our most popular line of tools, our Punch Boards. And today we’re so excited to be giving away one of our most popular punch boards, the 123 Punch Board!


As with many of our punch boards, the 123 Punch Board includes a cutting and a punching feature. With this one tool you can create over 200 projects of different sizes and styles. The board comes with a detailed instruction booklet, and basic instructions with measurements are conveniently included on the board as well.


If you’d like the chance to win a 123 Punch Board, please leave a comment below telling us what you’d like to make with this fabulous tool. Comments will remain open until Thursday, March 23 at midnight. A random winner will announced here on the blog on Friday morning. Good luck, and be sure to check back to see if you won!

Be sure to come by often this week to check out some fabulous inspiration from our design team!

463 thoughts on “National Craft Month Giveaway: 123 Punch Board!

  1. I have the regular envelope punch board which I love and use a lot. It is possible to make bows, small bags and boxes with it, but a lot more complicated than if I had the 1 2 3 board I’m sure. So that’s why I’d love to have one, for boxes, bows and bags.

  2. I volunteer for an animal rescue group in our area, I would love to have this in my “Go Bag” for events to make envelopes and gift boxes for those last minutes items people donate for prizes. I have the original punch boards but to take both of them means I leave something else behind. One would just make life much easier.

  3. All the things! I would seriously make everything! Treat boxes, bows, cards, envelope for my cute cards. Everything!

  4. This would be great for scrapbooking, gift wrapping, and anything that could use a bow, which is EVERYTHING! I’d even try it with vellum and add it for frame embellishments or to make clips fancier. I can think of soo many ways to use this! You could make an advent calendar for Christmas, bow ornaments for the Christmas tree or a fancy Valentine’s Day card. You could use wrapping paper from a special event and make a series of bows you could display in a shadow box.

  5. Oh the possibilities are endless!! Oh the bow, the bows for my planner, cards, gifts etc…. boxes for gifts, envelopes for cards, embellishments…the list goes on and on 😍

  6. I love your envelope board, so I know this one would be a fabulous tool to have as well! I’d make boxes, bows and more envelopes!

  7. To have any of these boards is awesome! I have made many Easter bag for some kiddies and made them super happy AND it’s easy to do! πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ Well I would make a gift box with a matching bow and envelope 😁😜too good!

  8. I’very always loved crafting but have recently started getting into embellishments. I personally can’t afford a Cricut or other machine so Im sure with a machine to this calibers I can increase the crafts I currently make. I have a toddler and a teenager so scrapbook Ingalls is at its all time high in my household!

  9. I will make bows and boxes!!! I have the envelope make but hey doesn’t hurt to have 2!!!!❀❀❀😍😍😍

    • I will make bows and boxes!!! I have the envelope make but hey doesn’t hurt to have 2!!!!❀❀❀😍😍😍

  10. OMG, I have been seeing all of your Punch Board items and would love to have the chance to win one and play. I think I may become addicted. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

  11. The 123 Punch Board will definitely help me make more envelopes and do more crafts. We R Memory Keepers sure knows how to make our life easier.

  12. The bows are the interesting part of the board to me. I can see using them in cards, on packages, in scrapbooks, etc. I love the idea of a “Perfect” bow!

  13. Everything! Since this can create so many things, I’d love to be able to use it to its potential. However, I am looking forward to being able to use it to make envelops πŸ™‚ Thanks for this chance to win!

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