Storage and Organization Tips with Chantalle

Hello WRMK fans, Chantalle here. I have a small creative space and utilise some very cute white bookshelves to store items I use frequently, so I have them to hand when I need them. IKEA has some of my favourite storage tubs which come in handy when it comes to storing similar products or tools. I use a medium size tub (17cm x 24cm) to store my embossing folders and packs of ephemera.
There is a larger size tub (33.5 x 24cm) which is perfect for my punch boards as well as my hand punches. Another slightly shallower tub has a lid, in which I like to store items from my Typecast collection. (These tubs are also stackable which is fab.) One tip which I shared on Insta recently is that I like to store all of my punch board blades together in one mini tub and just use one for a couple of boards if it’s universal etc. This way, I just dull the edge of one blade at a time, instead of all of them.
It’s great to have pretty bits and pieces on display. Glass bowls or pretty tea cups are great finds at dollar stores or op shops and are fabulous for storing buttons, brads or washi tapes.
Thanks for stopping by and for letting me share these ideas with you. Happy organising!

5 thoughts on “Storage and Organization Tips with Chantalle

  1. Hi, I’m going to IKEA next week and was wondering if you had the brand name of these tubs? I can’t locate them on IKEA website. Thank you 🙂

  2. Great use of those tubs! Do you know what they are called? I am on the IKEA site but, can’t find them under bins or tubs. Thx!

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