November New Releases: Part 1

Hello crafty friends! Usually we’re not so happy about Monday mornings, but today we’re super excited to share some new releases that will start shipping to retailers early November 2018! So, if you’d like a little pick-me-up for your Monday morning, scroll down and check out what’s coming soon!

Stitch Happy Pen

If you’re a crafter without a sewing machine but love the look of hand stitching on your projects, this is the tool for you! Create cute embroidery designs and add texture to paper craft projects. The Stitch Happy Pen creates loops on the underside of the paper so you do not have to go back and forth. The frame has strong magnets to keep your paper tight so it doesn’t bend when stitching. It’s perfect for on-the-go crafting too!

We R Memory Keepers Stitch Happy Pen

We R Memory Keepers Stitch Happy Pen

Storage Bottles

Store your small embellishments, glitter, beads, and more in these clear sturdy glass jars, shaker jars, vials, and screw stack jars. They come in several different sizes and styles so there’s something for every crafter!

Watch for these in stores and online near the holiday season!

7 thoughts on “November New Releases: Part 1

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  2. OMG That Stitch Happy Pen Is Awesome….love all the examples that you shared for how to create with it! I do have the Stitch Happy Sewing Machine so this would make a great companion for it!! Love my Machine and now can’t wait to get the Needle…THANKS for your Outstanding presentation with so many brilliant ideas using it!!! Can’t wait till it out for purchase!! YOU SO ROCK!!

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