Spring 2020 New Releases

Happy Friday crafters! Are you as excited for the weekend as we are? Let’s get this party started right with our final announcement of new releases! Check out what’s coming later in the spring of 2020.

Transfer Quill

Meet the newest addition to our Quill family–the Transfer Quill! Transfer designs from your electronic cutting machine to ceramic, glass, metal, fabric and many more surfaces. Designs smoothly infuse into the base material, leaving no edges and producing vibrant, colorful results. The Tranfer Quill Kit starts shipping to retailers later in the spring of 2020.

Transfer Quill by We R Memory Keepers

Button Press

Easily create buttons, magnets, keychains, and more with the new Button Press. It cuts your paper to the correct size to fit your project. The handle is ergonomic and easy to press. Create your buttons out of paper, cardstock, and fabric. The kit includes the Button Press Tool, the Medium (37 mm) Button Press Set and Die Pieces to make 5 buttons. Button Kits and Accessories are sold separately. This exciting new release starts shipping to retailers later in the spring of 2020.

Button Press by We R Memory Keepers


Mold Press

Turn everyday objects into 3D plastic shapes for crafting and mold making with the new Mold Press. Cut, paint, or craft the plastic forms to make shaker pockets and other accents. Or use them as molds for chocolate, resin, clay and more. Simply connect Mold Press™ to your at-home vacuum and watch the magic happen. Mold Press fits most standard size vaccuum hoses. The Mold Press Kit includes the Mold Press™ Machine, a Magnetic Frame, Vacuum Hose Adapters, 4 Sheets of Plastic, and an Instruction Manual. Plastic sheets and accessories sold separately. This amazing new machine starts shipping to retailers later in the spring of 2020.

Mold Press by We R Memory Keepers

We hope you’ve enjoyed all our of exciting new release announcements this week. If you’re attending Creativation 2020, but sure to stop by and visit us at booth 900. Now that you’ve seen all of our new releases through the spring, which one are you most excited about?

New Releases: February & March 2020

Hey there crafters! Today we have not one, not two, but FIVE amazing new releases to share with you, and we can’t wait for you to see them so LET’S GET STARTED!

12 Inch Supreme Ruler

You know how we like our Mini Tools here at We R Memory Keepers, and so we had to create a mini version of our Supreme Ruler! This 12 Inch Ruler has a touch activated grip that holds it in place while cutting along the durable metal edge. It’s transparent for easy alignment and includes a centering ruler. Watch for the 12 Inch Supreme Ruler to arrive in stores sometime in the spring of 2020.

12 Inch Supreme Ruler by We R Memory Keepers12 Inch Supreme Ruler by We R Memory Keepers

Crafter’s Backpack

Take the stylish new Crafter’s Backpack with you to your next craft night or event! It fits 12×12 paper and paper trimmers (or other tools) up to 15 inches tall in the large main compartment with a zippered divider. Store your crafts supplies in over a dozen multi-functional pockets. It’s made from durable fabric, has adjustable straps, and includes a zippered pocket on the back to easy access to the main compartment. This beauty will be arriving in stores sometime in the spring of 2020.

Crafter's Backpack by We R Memory KeepersCrafter's Backpack by We R Memory Keepers


Foil Roll Storage Racks

Hey Foil Quill fans! Keep your favorite 12 inch rolls of foil stored, organized and easy to access with the new Foil Roll Storage Racks! No more digging through boxes or baskets in search of the perfect color foil. Plus, the rolls stay safe while stored in their separate racks. We call that a win-win!

Foil Roll Storage Racks by We R Memory Keepers

Mixed Media Glass Mat

If you’re a mixed media crafter, then this is the tool for you! This heavy duty 16×22 inch glass mat includes a mixing area, is easy to clean, skid free and has metric and standard measurements. Watch for it in stores and online sometime in the spring of 2020.

Mixed Media Glass Mat by We R Memory Keepers

Project Cart

Ever wonder where to store your projects that are in progress? Or maybe you need somewhere to show off your completed projects? Well wonder no more! The new Project Cart has 6 removable trays for storing scrapbook pages, handmade cards, planners, home decor projects, tools and more! Keep them safe and organized while working on them, and easily move your craft projects and supplies from one room to another without making multiple trips. This durable metal project cart will show up in stores sometime in the spring of 2020.

Project Cart by We R Memory Keepers

Project Cart by We R Memory Keepers

Whew! We did it! That’s all for today, but there will be more tomorrow to come back to see some some new tools that will blow your crafty socks off!

We’d love to know which of these new releases are your favorites! Let us know in the comments below.

How to Store Your Scrapbook Paper Scraps

Hey there, crafty friends! It’s Aly here today. How’s your new year going so far? If you’re anything like me, storage and organization have been on the brain! I’m trying to get my craft room back into an efficient and organized state for upcoming projects this year. So, today I’m sharing my favorite tip for storing and organizing your scrapbook paper scraps, because let’s face it, we all have them, right?

Paper Scrap Storage by Aly Dosdall for We R Memory Keepers

My favorite way to store my paper scraps is in the Expandable Paper Storage folders, and I organize them by color for cardstock, and by collection for patterned paper.

Paper Scrap Storage by Aly Dosdall for We R Memory Keepers

Inside each of the slots, I store the scraps in 12×12 Photo Sleeves so I can easily remove them when creating. I trim off the edge of the photos sleeves that has the holes so they’ll fit into the slots.

We R Memory Keepers Tab Punch and Typecast Typewriter

I created custom tabs by typing the different colors onto white cardstock, and then punching out the text with the Tab Punch. Then I slid the custom tabs into the tab holders on the dividers.

Paper Scrap Storage by Aly Dosdall for We R Memory Keepers

I keep my Expandable Paper Storage folders in the cubicles next to my desk so I can access them anytime I’m creating. So far it’s worked really well for me, and I feel like I’m using more of my paper scraps because they’re easy to find.

Paper Scrap Storage by Aly Dosdall for We R Memory Keepers

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope this idea has inspired you to get your paper scraps organized and stored so you can use them most efficiently. Be sure to come back tomorrow for some more exciting new release announcements!


Expandable Paper Storage
Typecast Typewriter
Tab Punch
12×12 Photo Sleeves

Jan 2020 New Releases!

Hey there We R fans! The Creativation Trade show is starting this week and we’ve got several exciting new releases to share with you. Are you ready? Let’s start with the January new releases. These must-have craft tools have just started shipping to retailers, so watch for them in stores and online in the coming weeks.

Spinning Tool

Give new projects a spin with the USB Spinning Tool! The USB Spinning Tool quickly and efficiently spins yarn and thread to make pom poms and tassels, and rolls papers for flowers and other quilling projects. It comes with a rotary tool, flower and paper quilling attachment, and a pom pom and tassel attachment to make switching between projects a breeze. And the USB power cord makes for convenient use and portability, giving you the ability to take this special tool along with you wherever you go!

USB Spinning Tool by We R Memory Keepers

USB Spinning Tool by We R Memory Keepers

USB Spinning Tool by We R Memory Keepers

CLICK HERE to visit our YouTube channel to watch this awesome tool in action!

Powder Tool

Prep your projects for embossing with the Powder Tool by We R Memory Keepers! This handy tool is great for cutting down on static cling, and for setting your embossing powder exactly where you want it. The brush tip releases minimal amounts of powder for maximum results, and works on all types of paper, dark and light! The Powder Tool also deactivates adhesives so that you can further customize the look of your stickers and other embellishments. Brush the powder on to deactivate the adhesive, then pair your embellishments with glue dots for some serious dimension!

Powder Tool by We R Memory Keepers661270_WR_PowderTool_01

We’re just getting started! We’ve got plenty more new releases to share with you this week. Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to come back on Thursday for more crafty news.

How to Keep Your Craft Room Organized

Hello everybody! Soraya here today to talk about a very important issue: how to store supplies and keep your craft area organized! Here are 3 tips just for you to store your washi tapes, your We R Tools and your mini paper pads.

Craft Room Storage Tips by Soraya Maes-1

When it comes to creating, you need to have your supplies well stored and organized to optimize your crafty time. You will spend more time having fun than searching for the right product/color/size…So here is my first tip to store your washi tape:

  1. Place them on the wall on thin wooden shelves
  2. Sort them by color/theme or rainbow color

I made these shelves with my husband from wooden plinths we had in store, and sprayed paint them in white. I could easily store more than 300 rolls in it! And it’s also very aesthetic for the look of my scraproom.

Craft Room Storage Tips by Soraya Maes-2Craft Room Storage Tips by Soraya Maes-3Craft Room Storage Tips by Soraya Maes-4

Concerning my mini paper pads, I love to have them stored in the Card and Craft Organizer from We R Memory Keepers. It’s easier to look inside and find the right patterns! It’s very handy with its dividers.

Craft Room Storage Tips by Soraya Maes-5Craft Room Storage Tips by Soraya Maes-6Craft Room Storage Tips by Soraya Maes-7

I keep all my essential tools in little pots on this big cake stand. I love the look of it and how it’s easy to pick any tool I need when I craft. In this kind of cake stand, you can store so many products. It’s very useful and totally handy as well!

Craft Room Storage Tips by Soraya Maes-8Craft Room Storage Tips by Soraya Maes-9Craft Room Storage Tips by Soraya Maes-10

I hope my liltle tips and ideas will help you to keep your craft room organized and to gain more funny time crafting!


2020 Design Team: Steffi and Aly

Welcome back friends! Today you’ll have the chance to meet our final two design team members, Steffi Ried and Aly Dosdall. Scroll down for some cool facts about these crafters!

Steffi Ried


BlogInstagram | Pinterest

Hello and Welcome! I´m Steffi and I´m sooo happy to be a part of this great Designteam for another year! I like to play with all the differnent tools from WRMK. I learned a lot new techniques and I´m very excited what the new year will bring. Thank you so much! Some words about me …  I live with my family in the south of Germany. In 2012 I started with scrapbooking, when my daughter was born. I searched in the internet for inspiration for a baby album and came across Scrapbooking. I was surprised about all the different techniques and what it is possible to do with paper and tools. I started with mini albums. That is my great passion! I love to create books about our memories. In addition, I also like to make layouts. There I can live out my creative ideas. Beside scrapbooking I also like to make decorations. At home I am also creative together with my daughter. She has the passion of me. I have infected her. That is so beautiful.I also teach Scrapbook Workshops. I like to meet other people who share the same passion for craft and scrapbooking.


 Eating? Oh what I like to eat these days? Over the holidays, I ate all kinds of things. But preferably anything with potatoes and pasta.

Watching? I’m a big TV series fan. At the moment I watch all Friends episodes again. This is always done while clearing out the many moving boxes. By the way, we have moved and I am still unpacking boxes. There is no end to that.

Creating? Right now I’m about to put in my new scrapping room. That’s why I haven’t done a lot of creative things in the last few weeks. But I hope that I can finally start the next days again. I miss being very creative.

Listening to? Only music. But the most time movie soundtracks. My fav´s!!

Reading? Since planning our new home, I read a lot of books about interior design. I liked it very much. And in the evening I like to read blog post from some of my favorite bloggers.
Aly Dosdall

Aly Dosdall Studio Portrait_square
Aly Dosdall Craft Room Storage 1

Website | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube

Paper craft expert, Aly Dosdall, loves celebrating and documenting life’s moments! Sharing memory keeping and paper craft projects, tips, and tricks is her passion, whether that’s done through social media, teaching classes, or via television appearances. She has been involved in the scrapbook and paper craft industry for over 18 years. Her work has been featured regularly in print, online, and on the air since 2007. During her career, she has worked as a designer, blogger, teacher, writer, social media marketing manager, and television guest. She currently works as Social Media Marketing Manager and as HSN On Air Guest for We R Memory Keepers and American Crafts. In her free time, she enjoys working out, music, traveling, binge watching Netflix, and living life with her husband and five children in beautiful Utah, USA.


Eating? Protein and Veggies, and really trying NOT to eat too many carbs

Watching? Madame Secretary, Black List, This Is Us, Bull

Creating? Traveler’s notebooks, journals, planners, party decor

Listening to? Pentatonix, Phillip Phillips, Rachel Platten

Crushing on? Blush pink and metallic foil

Reading? About to start Becoming Michelle Obama

That’s our entire 2020 Design Team! Thanks for stopping by. Next week we’ll have some exciting news to share about our NEW RELEASES! You won’t want to miss it, so be sure come back.

2020 Design Team: Rebecca & Soraya

Happy Hump Day! This week we’re getting to know our 2020 We R Design Team members, and today we’re highlighting Rebecca Luminarias and Soraya Maes.

Rebecca Luminarias


I live in Southern California with my husband (Arvin) and 2 young children (Augustus & Anemone). My crafting obsession is gift wrap & tags; I love to create my own, but I also enjoy seeing how others turn a plain box into a work of art. I’m an introvert who craves quiet alone time, but I also enjoy being around close friends and my family. I have a pretty active imagination which is a benefit in my creative endeavors.

I used to write a lot, using my crazy imagination to construct fictional stories, but eventually, that gave way to a new creative endeavor—being crafty!  When I began making cards 14 years ago, it was apparent that it was going to more than just a hobby, and while the process of turning it into a full-time job took some time, I’m so happy I get to do what I love every day.

Blog | Instagram | Facebook


Eating: Christmas cookies, raspberries, veggies & hummus

Watching: Dark, Black Spot, Bored to Death, Gavin & Stacey

Creating: gift tags (always!), and a better, more functional crafty space

Listening to: Ed Harcourt, Nico Vega, Hawksley Workman, Echo & the Bunnymen, Daniel Lanois, and The NoSleep podcast

Crushing on: Cozy blankets, slippers, and pj’s

Reading: Anything by Agatha Christie


Soraya Maes

PortraitSoraya's Scraproom

WebsiteInstagram | Facebook | Youtube

Hello, my name is Soraya Maes, I’m a mom and wife living in the French Riviera, Southern France. I started scrapbooking in 2005 but as far as I can remember, scrapbooking has always been a part of me since I started documenting my everyday life and special moments in notebooks when I was 11. This is probably why I love journaling so much ! Now I’m a lucky full-time scrapbooker and I love everything DIY, hand lettering, organizing parties and taking tons of photos!

I’m so excited to live another fantastic year as a We R Memory Keepers DT member !


Eating? chocolate^^

Watching? Korean dramas

Creating? 2020 bullet journal

Listening to? BTS

Crushing on? Washi tapes^^

Reading? Disney books to my kids

We’re so excited to have Rebecca and Soraya back for another year, and we can’t wait for you to see their amazing creations in 2020! Stop by tomorrow for the scoop on our final two team members, Steffi and Aly.

2020 Design Team: Eva & Kimberly

Hello friends! Today we’re introducing you to two more of our 2020 Design Team members. Have fun getting to know Eva Pizarro and Kimberly Crawford!

Eva Pizarro

Eva_headshot_1200Eva Pizarro craft room 2

Hello everyone, my name is  Eva Pizarro, I’m 38 years old and live in Santiago, Chile with my husband Marco and my son Lorenzo. I began scrapbooking in 2007 while I was living in Italy and since then I haven’t stopped! I love to be able to create something beautiful and creative every day! I love playing with colors and paper and having some me time during the day. I also love to keep my family memories and leave a part of myself in my project’s journaling. Often my projects tell how I fell, my fears and joys and I love that my future generation is going to be able to get to know me better reading our history. I love to cook, embroidery, knit and the beach.

Instagram – FacebookPinterest

Eating? Lots of gelato and chocolate
Watching? Ray Donovan and Unbelievable
Creating? A mini book of my holiday vacations in Italy
Listening to? Bruno Mars
Crushing on? the new Urban Decay eye palette! Love it!
Reading? Milleniun – The Girl in the Spider’s Web by David Lagercrantz

Kimberly Crawford


InstagramBlogPinterest | Facebook

I am a former elementary teacher living in eastern Iowa with my husband of 20 years, our 14 year-old-son, and one big fat cat. Being a stay-at-home mom keeps me busy as my son is involved in many activities at school, which leads to me becoming involved as well. I have been working in the paper crafting industry for over 12 years and am thrilled to be designing for We R Memory Keepers!


Eating… Dark Chocolate Moose Munch (dark-chocolate covered popcorn)
Watching… everything on Disney+
Creating… illustrations on my iPad
Listening to… The Message on Sirius XM
Crushing on… Baby Yoda
Reading… all the historical fiction I can find

We’re thrilled that Eva and Kimberly are with us for another year, and they’re going to dish our some amazing inspiration in 2020! Thanks for stopping by. Come back tomorrow for the scoop on Rebecca and Soraya.

2020 We R Design Team: Fanni & Meghann

Happy New Year We R fans! We’ve got some exciting news to share with you this month, and we’re starting things off with our new Design Team for this year! We’ve got some familiar faces and a couple of new ones joining us.

We R Memory Keepers 2020 Design Team_social image

Our 2020 We R Memory Keepers Design Team includes Aly Dosdall (team coordinator), Eva Pizarro, Fanni Mayo, Kimberly Crawford, Meghann Andrew, Rebecca Luminarias, Soraya Maes, and Steffi Ried. This week you’ll have the chance to get to know each of them, so be sure to stop by.

Today, you’ll get to know our new team members, Fanni Mayo and Meghann Andrew!

Fanni Mayo




(Bio is in English and Spanish)
Hola yo soy Fanni Mayo, diseñadora gráfica apasionada por el papel, los detalles bonitos, los planners y las celebraciones. Tengo 30 años y estoy casada con mi scrapbookmen, quien me acompaña siempre en cada locura. Desde hace 8 años descubrí el mundo del scrapbook y quedé completamente enamorada, fue amor a primera vista. Desde niña siempre me gustaron las manualidades, probé de todo, desde tarjetería española hasta bordado y tejido, pero el scrapbooking me atrapó. El día de hoy crear con papel es parte de mi vida diaria ya que gracias a esta pasión  pude emprender mi mayor sueño que se llama Alegra en donde junto con mi equipo formado por mi esposo, hermana y mi cuñado realizamos con todo tipo de herramientas de scrapbooking detalles para celebraciones especiales completamente personalizados. Es maravilloso compartir todos los días con personas que les apasiona lo mismo que tu, por lo que no sentimos que estamos trabajando.

Hi, I’m Fanni Mayo, a graphic designer passionate about paper, beautiful details, planners and celebrations. I am 30 years old and I am married to my scrapbookmen, who always accompanies me in every madness. For 8 years I discovered the world of scrapbook and I was completely in love, it was love at first sight. Since I was a child I always liked crafts, I tried everything from Spanish cards to embroidery and weaving, but scrapbooking caught me. Today, creating with paper is part of my daily life because thanks to this passion I was able to embark on my biggest dream called Alegra, where together with my team formed by my husband, sister and brother-in-law we made all kinds of tools scrapbooking details for special celebrations completely customized. It is wonderful to share every day with people who are passionate about the same as you, so we do not feel that we are working.

Me gusta mucho compartir lo que he aprendido de este maravilloso mundo del papel en talleres y expos, por lo que inicié subiendo tutoriales por el simple gusto de crear lazos de amistad con más personas que amen lo mismo que yo, me encanta tener amigas scraperas con quienes platicar sobre cualquier cosa del scrap, conocerlas en persona y desvirtualizarnos al abrazarnos para mi es lo mejor del mundo. Con paso del tiempo fui creciendo hasta tener mi propio canal de youtube donde más personas pueden conocer sobre la lindo del scrapbooking y poco a poco he ido creciendo también en mis redes sociales.

I really like to share what I have learned from this wonderful world of paper in workshops and expos, so I started uploading tutorials for the simple pleasure of creating friendships with more people who love the same as me, I love having scrapbook friends with who talk about anything about scrap, meet them in person and hugging for me is the best in the world. Over time I grew up to have my own YouTube channel where more people can learn about the beauty of scrapbooking and little by little I have also been growing in my social networks.

Todos tenemos un estilo especial que nos caracteriza, yo describo mi estilo como limpio pero lleno de color, me gusta mucho mezclar todo tipo de colores con texturas y formas para lograr un diseño limpio y ordenado, de manera que logres crear algo agradable a la vista. Soy Mexicana y vivo en Villahermosa Tabasco, por lo que todo lo que tenga que ver con el verano siempre será mi tema favorito, me gusta todo lo que tenga que ver con combinaciones de hojas, flores, rayas y mi textura favorita por siempre son los polkadots puedo vestirme del diario con esa textura y jamás me aburriré.

We all have a special style that characterizes us, I describe my style as clean but full of color, I really like to mix all kinds of colors with textures and shapes to achieve a clean and tidy design, so that you manage to create something pleasant to look at . I am Mexican and I live in Villahermosa Tabasco, so everything that has to do with summer will always be my favorite subject, I like everything that has to do with combinations of leaves, flowers, stripes and my favorite texture forever are the Polkadots I can wear everyday with that texture and I will never get bored.

Me siento muy honrada de estar en este equipo de diseño que desde hace tiempo era mi más grande sueño y ahora solo puedo decirles que los sueños si se cumplen. Gracias por ser parte de esta aventura, les mando muchos pero muchos besitos de papel.

I feel very honored to be in this design team that has long been my biggest dream and now I can only tell you that dreams do come true. Thank you for being part of this adventure, I send you many but many paper kisses.


Eating? Pizza my favorite food

Watching? Frozen in Disney Channel

Creating? My new planner for 2020 goals

Listening to? Black eyed Peas Ritmo

Crushing on? The new collection by Damask Love

Reading? My favorite book “Como agua para chocolate”

Meghann Andrew




Meghann Andrew is a wife, mother and 30-something living outside of Houston, Texas. She loves to workout and get creative, not only with pretty paper and embellishment, but in the kitchen, too. She loves traveling everywhere with her family, but mountains are her happy place. Meghann also serves as the Elle’s Studio Design Team Coordinator and the Scrapbook & Cards Today Social Engagement Coordinator.

Currently eating: Anything made in my Instant Pot. I’m obsessed!

Currently watching: The final season of Poldark. I’m a sucker for a historical drama.

Currently creating: The final pages of my December mini album. I plan on finishing this year! What about you?

Currently listening to: NPR. All day, every day.

Currently crushing on: The new paper collections from the AC brand that are coming out at Creativation!

Currently reading: One of the many novels in my tall stack of books. My favorite easy read lately has been Elin Hilderbrand’s Winter in Paradise.
We’re so happy to have these talented crafters on our team, and we can’t wait for you to see what they create this year! Come back tomorrow to get to know Eva and Kimberly.

New Years Eve Party Favors with the Foil Quill

New Years Eve Party Favors with the Foil Quill by Kimberly Crawford for We R Memory Keepers

Hello We R Fans! Kimberly here with a fun treat to celebrate the end of not only 2019, but an entire decade! Snacks seem to be the way to my heart, so coming up with creative ways to make the packaging a little more heartfelt is always on my mind. Check out how I used the We R Memory Keepers Foil Quill and a few other tools to make a quick tag!

New Years Eve Party Favors with the Foil Quill by Kimberly Crawford for We R Memory Keepers

I began by typing out my wording in my digital die cutting machine software program. I adjusted the size of the text to fit my project and sent it to my machine. Keep in mind that you want to get your Foil Quill tool heating up for 5-10 minutes before you send your project to your machine. I find that if I plug it in as I sit down to work, that is plenty of time.

One more tip, make sure your foil is completely flat and secured to your cardstock.

New Years Eve Party Favors with the Foil Quill by Kimberly Crawford for We R Memory Keepers

Once the wording is foiled on your cardstock, use the We R Memory Keepers Tag Punch Board to create your tag shape. I always create a test tag first from left-over paper, to see if I like the angle of the edges.

New Years Eve Party Favors with the Foil Quill by Kimberly Crawford for We R Memory Keepers

The Tag Punch Board can also punch the hole at the top of the tag. The lines on the board make it easy to get in centered. Which is good for me, I have centering issues. I tend to put everything too far to the left!

New Years Eve Party Favors with the Foil Quill by Kimberly Crawford for We R Memory Keepers

Wrap ribbon around the top of the sealed treat bag and put both ends through the opening at the top of the tag. Tie a bow and adjust as necessary.

Please note my bag was secured closed with a twist-tie first.

New Years Eve Party Favors with the Foil Quill by Kimberly Crawford for We R Memory Keepers

Using the small star Clear Cut Punch, I punched a few stars from glitter paper and added them to the center of my bow.

New Years Eve Party Favors with the Foil Quill by Kimberly Crawford for We R Memory Keepers

Upon looking at my ribbon, I realized that the ends did not look finished. To add some curl to my wired ribbon, I grabbed one of my stylus tools and wrapped the ribbon around the ends. Such a fun look!

New Years Eve Party Favors with the Foil Quill by Kimberly Crawford for We R Memory Keepers

What kind of treats and favors do you make for New Years? Happy New Years to everyone!


  • Foil Quill – used the standard tip
  • Foil Quill Gold Foil
  • Tag Punch Board
  • Clear Cut Punch – Star
  • Stylus Tool