DIY Jewelry Holders

Hi! Welcome to the We R blog! It’s Eva Pizarro here today sharing some jewelry organizers for your rings, earrings, bracelets etc.

DIY Jewelry Holders by Eva Pizarro for We R Memory Keepers

I got my inspiration from this photo I found on Pinterest

These ring cones are super cute and I thought I could easily make them using my DIY party Board! I decided to use some papers from the Simple Life collection by Pebbles Inc. I simply placed them on my board and cut them using the C7 guide.

DIY Party Board by We R Memory Keepers

To give my papers a little more shine I used the floral art screen from Heidi Swapp and Minc Reactive Paint. It was my first time using this technique and I was amazed at how easy it was to get a perfect image! I let it dry and then run my paper through my Minc with gold foil, the result is gorgeous!

DIY Jewelry Holders by Eva Pizarro for We R Memory Keepers featuring the DIY Party Board and the Heidi Swapp Minc

I rolled my cones slightly tighter and glued them with hot glue. To give the cones some weight I added white clay to the base. I pushed it in the base of the cone with my finger, and then let it dry.

DIY Jewelry Holders by Eva Pizarro for We R Memory Keepers

To complement my ring organization I decided to make a paper bowl. I followed this tutorial but I used my Triangle score guide to mark my paper. I love this tool! You can create amazing geometric shapes with it!

We R Memory Keepers Trim and Score Board and Triangle Score Guide

I scored my paper every 1.5 inches and this way you can get 2 bowls out of your 12 x 12 inch paper. You can insert one bowl inside the other or leave it single like I did.

DIY Jewelry Holders by Eva Pizarro for We R Memory Keepers

I love how this project turned out! It is very  simple and I think it would make a great gift for a friend!

DIY Jewelry Holders by Eva Pizarro for We R Memory Keepers

Have a great week!





DIY Party Board

Triangle Score Guide

Trim and Score Board

Simple Life papers by Pebbles Inc

Minc Foil Applicator

Minc Reactive Paint

Minc Art Screen

Throwback Thursday: Punch Board Easter Basket

Hello We R friends! Today we’re throwing it back to 2 years ago with this beautiful and clever DIY Easter basket made with the Gift Box Punch Board and our 2 Edge Punches. You can also make this with the 123 Punch Board. Check out the instructions from our former design team member, Traci, below:


Hi everyone, it’s Traci and I’m excited to be sharing a fun Easter project with you today.  I was inspired by a similar design I saw on Pinterest, and I knew I had the perfect We R tools to make one easily.  I’ve included some instructions for making this basket, so let’s get started!


To create the basket, I used the Gift Box Punch Board, the 2-edge doily punch, and paper from the new Hello Darling collection.  I also used some white card stock and ribbon from American Crafts.

To start, I used the gift box punch board and a piece of 12×12 white card stock to create a 4x4x4 box.  I followed the easy XL directions on the board.


Once my paper was scored and punched, I adhered it together to form my box, making sure to fold my top flaps in and adhere them to the inside.


Next, I cut a piece of green Hello Darling paper into nine 3 3/4” x 3 3/4” squares, inked the edges, and adhered all of the pieces around the inside and outside of my box.  Then I added double-sided adhesive around the top and bottom edges as shown in the photo below.


To create the basket-like strips, I used the 2-edge doily punch (set to punch 2 edges) to punch a piece of 12×12 pink Hello Darling paper into six 12” strips.  I then cut each strip into 4 1/2” pieces.  I ended up with 12 pieces and some left over scraps.  I then punched 2 more 12” pink strips to use on both sides of the basket’s handle.

I adhered the 12 punched sections to 12 white card stock strips measuring 1 1/8” x 4 1/2”.   I also adhered the 12” pink strips to both sides of a white card stock strip measuring 1 1/8” x 12”.   I trimmed the 12” handle down to 9” and adhered it to the outside of my box.  I then adhered the top and bottom edges of the 4 1/2” strips along the double-sided adhesive on each side of my box, creating a bend with my fingers as I positioned each piece.


To finish my basket, I added ribbon around the top and bottom edges of my box, and a pink bow to each side.  This little basket will be perfect for a gift or home decor.  Mine is now filled with candy to welcome guests by my front door.


I’d encourage you to give this project a try and let us know how you plan to use your basket!   Share pictures with us on our Facebook page!  Thanks for stopping by today!



Gift Box Punch Board
2-edge doily punch
Hello Darling Greetings paper
Hello Darling Gracious paper
White Card stock
American Crafts ribbon
Sew Easy Baker’s Twine

Shaker Bookmarks


Happy Monday morning friends, and Happy Halloween! We hope your evening is filled with lots of yummy treats, and not so many tricks. This week we’re featuring projects made with one of our most popular tools, the Photo Sleeve Fuse. and we’re starting off with some fun Shaker Bookmarks.


Hello, Aly Dosdall here again with some fun bookmarks I made using the Photo Sleeve Fuse. I love the creative possibilities that my Fuse allows–it’s one of my favorites tools. It’s so versatile and easy to use.


I’ve got a first grader who has discovered the joy of reading. She’s finally gotten into some short chapter books, and so I thought I’d make her a set of bookmarks to hopefully feed her newfound passion.


Though my daughter loves to read, she has a hard time sitting still since she has ADHD and anxiety disorder, so I wanted to add something tactile and interactive as well to help calm her as she reads. Photo Sleeve Fuse to the rescue!


I used my Fuse to make the bookmarks into shaker pockets and filled them with clear glass microbeads, gold sequins, and tiny wood veneer stars. The glass microbeads make a cool rain-like noise and are fun to watch when you move the bookmarks around. Perfect for nervous wiggly hands!


I started by cutting some patterned paper from the High Five collection into 2×6 inch strips. I embellished them with some High Five Stickers and Ephemera, and then added some phrases that I typed with my Typecast Typewriter onto Typecast Mini Labels.


Then I used a leftover divided photo sleeve to create the shaker pockets, cutting apart the 4×6 and 6×6 sections of the sleeve. You could also use 4×6 waterfall sleeves to create the shaker pockets for the bookmarks.  I found it easiest to Fuse around three sides, leaving the top end open so I could add my shaker elements before fusing the top shut. It also helps to fuse the shaker pocket snugly around the bookmark so that it can’t move around much. That way your shaker elements will stay in front of the bookmark and not slip around behind.


To finish off my bookmarks, I added some black ribbon at the top. I used the new Ribbon Cutter to trim and seal the ends of the ribbon, and then I attached the ribbon to the bookmarks with my Staple Board. I stapled the ribbon strips 3 times, using the staples not only in a functional way but also as a design element.



I’m excited for my daughter to try out these shaker bookmarks. I look forward to reading lots of books together!



Photo Sleeve Fuse
Photo Sleeve
High Five Collection
Ribbon Cutter
Staple Board
Typecast Typewriter
Typecast Mini Labels

High Five DIY Game

Hello again We R fans! I’m so glad you could join me today, as I share a boredom-busting idea the whole family can enjoy. My kiddos loved playing my little ‘Adventure Time’ game, which I created for them during the recent school holidays using the awesome High Five collection.


The gameplay is based on an existing game my daughter already has, but it’s so girly, I thought a more gender neutral approach would entice my son to join in the fun too. Let’s see how it all came together…


The base is a simple 12×12 sheet of Cinch chipboard. I have run some light blue tape along the edges and then mounted a sheet of High Five ‘Brave’ over the top. I covered the underside of my board with some plain black cardstock to give it a finished look.

For my title, I used the word ‘adventure’ from a pack of Wildflower Gold Foil Stickers. I will admit that I have been admiring these stickers for quite some time, hoarding them for a special project. The size and wording of this sticker however, was too perfect not to use this time though! I’ve paired it wish some High Five chipboard alphas. I really like the distressed look of these. TIP: For longevity, it’s always a good idea to apply extra adhesive to chipboard stickers to ensure they don’t fall off over time.


The concept of the game is very simple: spin the spinner then move ahead the number of circles as shown on the spinner. If you land on a silver circle, you stay put. If you land on a whale, you choose a disc and potentially move forward. Land on a cheeky raccoon and you move backwards.


Here’s a closer look at my spinner…

I put it together as shown below. I cut a circle out of a sheet of Cinch Chipboard then covered it with pattern paper and embellished it with some stamping, stickers and mist, before finally roughing it up a bit with some sandpaper.


The discs (which partially determine your fate in the game) coordinate with the player’s counters.


These started off as some pre-cut chipboard shapes I had in my stash, which I have covered with some patterned paper from my High Five 6×6 pad. (Nine counters fit on one sheet of paper.) I then cut these out carefully by hand. (If I had a larger circle punch it would’ve saved a bit of time.)



The counters are High Five Plastic Buttons which, have had their double sided tape removed. I’ve chosen some phrases that coordinate with phrases found on a sheet of aptly named High Five ‘Flair’ so I could create the tokens. During game play, if you pick up a token that matches your counter, you move forward two places. The Flair patterned paper was perfect as it has a few repeats in the design, which allowed me to create more than one token with the same phrase on it.


Some DIY Party Silver Foil Stickers mark out the route to adventure!


You might come across this cheeky fellow…


… or have to cross the treacherous mountain pass.


However you choose to play, one thing’s for sure and that is that you will have fun! A bit of imagination and a few dollars and you’ve got yourself a great activity to do with the kids or even a unique gift for someone.


Happy playtime!




Cinch Chipboard Sheets

High Five 12×12 ‘Brave’

High Five 12×12 ‘Explore’

High Five 12×12 ‘Flair’

High Five 12×12 ‘Vintage’

High Five 6×6 Pad

High Five Accent Stickers

High Five Puffy Stickers

High Five Plastic Buttons

High Five Ephemera

High Five Chipboard Alphabet

Wildflower Gold Foil Stickers

DIY Party Silver Foiled Stickers

Crop-a-dile Power Punch

USA Banner

Hello everyone, Wendy here today to share a patriotic banner I created using the Alphabet Punch Board and the Banner Punch Board.

USA banner by Wendy Antenucci

I began punching out my letters using the alphabet punch board from the Kraft and Gold 3×5 pads.  To make the letters stand out and to add in some red, white, and blue, I used the DIY cardstock to punch banner pieces.  A simple doily on each of the banners added some vintage feel to match the Goodie Bag clothespins that I used to attach everything.

USA banner by Wendy Antenucci-1

The gold Pull Tabs add the perfect little sparkle to any banner, even though they were made for something else.

USA banner by Wendy Antenucci-2

To hang my banner pieces I chose to use the DIY light strand with the metallic stars.  I loved the sparkle that my lit stars added to my banner allowing my banner to shine whether day or night!

USA banner by Wendy Antenucci-3

I love how the different collections mix and match so well allowing many different looks to be achieved!  Happy Birthday America!

USA banner by Wendy Antenucci-4

Alphabet Punch Board
Banner Punch Board
DIY Cardstock Paper Pad
Metallic Star Light Strand
Astro Designer Poster Board
Vintage Clothespins
Gold Pull Tab



Glowing Wedding Favor

Hello We R fans! Chantalle here, and I’m very excited to share an idea for a special party favour with you. Using just a few simple supplies, you can create one in no time at all.


To create my cake shape, I have used the new Pop Up Birthday Cake die. One would ordinarily adhere this shape inside a folded card so that, once opened, it springs to life.  By sealing the bottom of the shape, I have created a ‘solid’ slice. Leaving the candles off and using neutral tones has given this favour box understated elegance.


The die set comprises of 9 shapes. The image below shows the pieces I have used from the set. You will notice, I have left out the candle elements. By spacing your dies efficiently on a piece of 6x12inch cardstock, you can cut two lots of shapes from one 12×12 sheet. The Evolution Advanced magnetic cutting mat is great for this job, as you simply lay your dies on the mat, which will hold them in place for you, so no slipping as you run your paper though the diecut machine!


Assembling the cake is very straightforward.  What I love about WRMK products is that they come with great step-by-step instructions. This die set is no exception. To seal the little gap where the cake meets the icing on the wider side, I have opened the box up and run a line of wet adhesive, then pressed the edges together gently. (see arrows) The reason I have done it on the inside is so that it won’t be visible from the outside. I don’t want anything spoiling the view of what I have planned for the top!


Once the glue was dry, I filled the inside with a strand of Ruler Studio lights. It just so happens the length of the cake fits the battery pack inside perfectly!

* Make sure to include batteries for your guests.


Next, I flipped it right side up and fed one of the little light strands up through the hole that was already in the cardstock from the die. (This is where the candle would slot in).

The DIY Party range now includes some absolutely gorgeous new light strand bulb covers. Stars… lanterns… butterflies… and all in a selection of colours. I’ve chosen to work with the Metallic Die Cut Flower covers for this project, grabbing a large gold foil and smaller white flower. Just layer the shapes up and pop a clear bulb through the centre. This then fits over the little led light. Note: Push it on well for a secure fit.



With the lights now in place, I just sealed up the bottom using a heart-shaped punch and some American Crafts Glitter Tape.


Here’s a peek of that beautiful bloom in the better light. Love that gold foil!


When you are ready to give your favours to your guests, simply open the box up and turn on the lights.


I love the warm glow from within. It would definitely add a romantic charm to a wedding reception table setting.


You could choose to include the bulb covers from the start or hand them out to guests at a later point. Now they get to have more fun at home!

The best part of this idea is that it’s so easy to customize. Brighten up the card colour for a birthday and combine with colourful butterflies or keep it tonal for a baby shower. So many possibilities!



Thank you for joining me today. I love this little light up favour so much, I wish I could have my wedding all over again!

Happy crafting,







Pop Up Birthday Cake die

Evolution Advanced

Ruler Studio Bulb Strand

DIY Party Metallic Bulb Covers


Bazzill cardstock (smooth)

Teacher Appreciation Banner

Good Monday morning We R friends! It’s your blog hostess, Aly Dosdall here to welcome you to Teacher Appreciation Week. As the school year comes to a close for many kids, we thought it would be fun to share some teacher thank-you ideas. We can’t wait to show you the fabulous gift, card, and decor projects from our design team. They’re perfect for letting your child’s or grandchild’s teachers know just how special they are!

Many schools host a special thank-you luncheon for teachers to show appreciation for all their hard work. It’s a great way for the teachers to take a minute away from the chaos of the classroom to enjoy some yummy food and some down time. Here’s an idea for a banner and some simple table decor for a teacher appreciation luncheon. I used some of my favorite We R tools–the new Staple Board, the Alphabet Punch Board, the Banner Punch Board, and the Template Studio Star Guide.

Teacher Appreciation Banner by Aly Dosdall

Teacher Appreciation Banner by Aly Dosdall 1

Once I decided on a “star” theme, I started by creating the banner. I used the Alphabet Punch Board and the 3×5 Metallic Paper Pad to create the letters for the banner. I love that the pre-cut paper pad saved me some time, but you can also cut your own paper to 3×5 inches before punching your letters.

alphabet punch board

Then I made some flag banners with my Banner Punch Board. I cut one 3.5 x 6 inch piece of patterned paper, and one 4.5×6 inch piece for each letter. I used contrasting colors of some of my favorite papers from our sister brand, Heidi Swapp, so that the letters and banner layers would pop.

banner punch board

Using banner pieces that are the same height but different widths creates a nice staggered look at the ends. I punched holes in my flag banners with the reverse punch on the board, and then threaded some DIY Party Raffia through the pieces for hanging.

layered banner ends

Next, I used the Template Studio Star Guide to create some dimensional stars for wall decor. This darling constellation designer poster board was perfect for that!

template studio

It was easy to follow the included instructions for making the stars, and I love how they pop out from the wall.

Teacher Appreciation Banner by Aly Dosdall 5

Teacher Appreciation Banner by Aly Dosdall 4

In addition to the included instruction booklet, you can check out this Template Studio Star Guide video tutorial from our YouTube channel below.

For the final touch to my Teacher Appreciation Luncheon decor, I made some simple cupcake and drink picks with a circle punch, my electronic die cutting machine, and the new Staple Board. I love the gold foil cardstock from our sister company, Bazzill–it’s just gorgeous on these picks!

Teacher Appreciation Banner by Aly Dosdall 2

Teacher Appreciation Banner by Aly Dosdall 3

I attached the printed sentiments with some small blue staples. I love all of the options that the Staple Board gives to crafters. You can choose from large, medium, and small staples in multiple colors, and you can attach your staples anywhere on your project. Awesome!

staple board

Teacher Appreciation Banner by Aly Dosdall 6

I hope this project inspires some ideas for ways you can express your appreciation to the teachers in your life.

Teacher Appreciation Banner by Aly Dosdal 7

Creating something handmade for them is a great way to put your craft supplies to use for a good cause. How would you use your crafts supplies to thank a teacher?


Alphabet Punch Board
Banner Punch Board
Staple Board
DIY Party Raffia
Bazzill Gold Foil Cardstock
Heidi Swapp Wanderlust 12×12 Paper Pad

Goodie Bag Notebook

Hello WRMK fans!  Amanda here today.  My 9 year old daughter is in the middle of a notebook hoarding phase.  She writes in them, draws in them, and tapes little mementos in them.  I thought it would be fun to make her a custom notebook full of pockets that she could fill and stuff to her heart’s delight.

Goodie Bag Notebook by Amanda Coleman for We R Memory Keepers

At first glance, this looks like a pretty regular notebook, but it is what’s inside that makes it special.  The Cinch book binding tool from WRMK makes it super easy to create notebooks in all sorts of custom shapes and sizes.

Goodie Bag Notebook 5

Rather than using regular paper for the notebook pages, I made several goodie bags using the Oh Goodie! Goodie bag guide tool and papers and inserted them in the notebook as the pages.  I embellished the pages with ephemera and paper clips to make them both fun and functional.

Goodie Bag Notebook 3

My daughter loves rainbows and bling so a rainbow striped cover with a gold heart and letters was just perfect for her.

Goodie Bag Notebook 6

The goodie bag pocket pages can be used to hold all sorts of things, including notebook paper and pencils.  I bound the notebook with a large spiral so the notebook would have room to “grow” as my daughter stuffs it with her favorite things.

Goodie Bag Notebook 4

Colored pencils fit perfectly inside of a goodie bag pocket page.  You can take your paper and pencils with you in the same notebook!

Goodie Bag Notebook 8

The goodie bag pages can be used to store favorite photos, too.

Goodie Bag Notebook 7

The ombre glassine goodie bag 12”x12” papers come in all colors of the rainbow.   Embellish goodie bag pages with all kinds of fun doo-dads and ephemera.

Goodie Bag Notebook 9

One piece of 12”x12” Cinch book board is all you need to make the front and back cover for your goodie bag notebook.  The maximum width of a goodie bag is 5.5”, but it is easy to make them smaller, too.  Trim your covers to size depending on how tall you make the bags.

Goodie Bag Notebook 10

Use the glassine goodie bag paper to cover the front and back covers of your notebook just like you would any regular scrapbook paper.  Since the back side of the glassine paper is waxy, be sure to use an adhesive that will stick to the slick surface.

Goodie Bag Notebook 2


Happy March!





Oh Goodie! Goodie Bag Guide Tool
Oh Goodie! Decorative Paper Clips
Oh Goodie! Glassine Paper Pack
Oh Goodie! Glassine Paper Pack Ombre
Cinch Book Binding Tool V2
Cinch Wires 1”
Cinch Book Board 12”x12” 
Clearly Posh Ephemera Bits Acetate Die Cuts

Honey I’m Home Gift Box

Hello, Shellye McDaniel here today with a warm and cozy gift box using the new Honey I’m Home Collection and the awesome 123 Punch Board.

Shellye McDaniel-123 Bunch Board Gift Box Honey I'm Home1

With the handy guide included on the 1 2 3 Punch Board, I set out to create a 4X4X3.25” box with an extra-large bow.  The “Here & Now” and “Homemade” Patterned Papers were trimmed down to 11”X11” and scored as instructed.  The boxes were assembled and now can be stacked together or given separately!

Shellye McDaniel-123 Bunch Board Gift Box Honey I'm Home2

From the “Family Ties” Patterned Paper, four rectangles measuring 3.5” X 2.75” were cut and corner rounded on the two bottom ends with the Corner Chomper.  I then used Memento Nautical Blue to ink around the edges.  The rectangles were adhered to the sides of the gift box.

Shellye McDaniel-123 Bunch Board Gift Box Honey I'm Home3

Before attaching the bow, I wrapped a piece of velvet ribbon around the box.

Shellye McDaniel-123 Bunch Board Gift Box Honey I'm Home4

The front was embellished with a layering of fun pieces from the collection: Veneer Shapes, Ephemera, Puffy Stickers and Accent Stickers.  To the oval veneer shape, I added the sturdy house ephemera with foam adhesive tape and then attached it to the box front with more foam adhesive.  The sentiment sticker was added along the bottom of the house and a pink puffy heart sticker graced the front door.

Shellye McDaniel-123 Bunch Board Gift Box Honey I'm Home5

Shellye McDaniel-123 Bunch Board Gift Box Honey I'm Home6


The XL bow was crafted from a 1.5” strip of the “Family Ties” Patterned Paper.  The strip was cut into  8”, 4 ¼” and 3/8” pieces.  I followed the instructions for punching and assembling the bow and then adhered it to the top of the box.  For an extra bit of detail, one of the Ephemera buttons was stitched with thread and then added to the center of the bow.

Shellye McDaniel-123 Bunch Board Gift Box Honey I'm Home7

Again, you can create a single gift box or a towering set of boxes using different patterns of paper!  Mix ‘n match sizes too!


Honey I’m Home Family Ties Patterned Paper
Honey I’m Home Here & Now Patterned Paper
Honey I’m Home Homemade Patterned Paper
Honey I’m Home Ephemera
Honey I’m Home Stickers
Honey I’m Home Accent Stickers
Honey I’m Home Veneer Shapes
123 Punch Board
Corner Chomper

Honey I’m Home Banner

Hi there, Laura here. Since I am new here, you may not know, but I love making banners with the Banner Punch Board. They are so easy to make with the punch board, you can make one for any occasion.

Honey I'm Home Banner by Laura Silva for We R Memory Keepers

The new Honey I’m Home line of papers and embellishments is adorable! The entire collection is perfect for any paper project you want to make for your home. This collection focuses on home, family and all the things we do at home. Today, I am going to show you how to make an adorable Honey I’m Home Banner that will work perfectly to hang above my kitchen window.

I chose papers that would work well in my kitchen. The great thing about using supplies from one collection is you can’t really go wrong in making everything coordinate.

Honey I'm Home Banner by Laura Silva 2

I started by trimming the papers that were going to be cut in a flag shape to 5.5 inches wide. Then, lining up the paper with the white vertical lines in the punch board, use the cutting blade at the top of the board to trim the bottom edges of the banner. Then trim those cut pieces to 7 inches long.

Honey I'm Home Banner by Laura Silva 3

Next I cut three pennant shaped banner pieces by lining up the top edge of the paper on the blue horizontal line to indicate 7 inches. This way, all the banner pieces will be the same length.

Honey I'm Home Banner by Laura Silva 4

Punch holes in top of all the banner pieces.

Honey I'm Home Banner by Laura Silva 5

Since the papers had a lot going on and were so cute just by themselves, I left all the pennant shaped banner pieces plain.


For the flag shaped banner pieces I created an embellishment for each one. The base of each embellishment was cut to 4 inches by 4 inches. The ‘Real Life’ paper had sayings on one side that were each already this size. I used one that said “our happy crazy busy family”. I attached it to the banner piece with adhesive foam squares. I used a circle Ephemera piece to add to the bottom of the square, again using foam squares to attach it.


Honey I'm Home Banner by Laura Silva 6

I used the same process of layering papers and Ephemera pieces with adhesive foam squares for the other two banner flags, as well. I like using Adhesive Squares on banners to give them some extra dimension.

Honey I'm Home Banner by Laura Silva 7

Honey I'm Home Banner by Laura Silva 8

I used a light teal Ribbon to string the banner together.

Honey I'm Home Banner by Laura Silva 9

Because the papers are double sided, you can even reverse the banner!

Honey I'm Home Banner by Laura Silva 10



Banner Punch Board
Honey I’m Home Papers and Ephemera
Paper Trimmer
Adhesive Foam Squares