Letterpress Flat Thank You Card

30 days of evolution

Hi! Aly Dosdall here again to share a simple but elegant flat thank you card made with the Lifestyle Letterpress Kit and the Evolution Advanced. This card would make a great thank you for shower, wedding, or graduation gifts. It’s simple design would make for easy bulk production, and you could change up the colors to fit with the color scheme of your event.

Letterpress ink pads thank you flat card by Aly Dosdall

I used the confetti style background plate on the top half of the card with blue ink, and then the Thank You sentiment plate on the bottom half of the card with black ink. Designer tip: using the Ink Guides helps to avoid unwanted ink from getting on the letterpress platform and plate while applying the ink.

Letterpress ink pads card with acetate envelope by Aly Dosdall

To finish off my project I wrapped some 3/8″ grosgrain American Crafts blue ribbon around the flat card, and then added a gold metallic plastic bow from the Clearly Posh collection.

Letterpress ink pads card with acetate envelope back by Aly Dosdall

This card looks extra elegant inside a gold foil printed acetate envelope made from the Clearly Posh collection using the 123 Punch Board. Place a permanent glue dot underneath one of the gold foil polka dots to secure the top flap of the envelope, and you’re ready to deliver your card!


Evolution Advanced
Lifestyle Letterpress Kit
Clearly Posh Letterpress Plate Set
A2 Flat Letterpress Paper
AC Ribbon
Clearly Posh Plastic Bows


Easy Letterpress Tags

30 days of evolution

Hello, We R fans! Jen McDermott here, sharing some fun tags I created using our Letterpress system. There’s no need to be intimidated by letterpressing; WeR makes it super easy to create trendy, top notch pressed goodies, using the Evolution Advanced, and a special folding platform.  For today’s projects, I made a variety of gift tags using a few different letterpressing techniques.

First, I created a very basic tag to get warmed up. I used one of the larger, background plates that are usually good for big areas.

Using a small piece of double-stick tape that comes in the letterpress kit, I stuck the plate onto the flippy side of the letterpress platform. Designer tip: you can use the same piece of tape for several different plates. Just leave it on the platform and reuse it until it’s no longer sticky.

Letterpress Tags by Jen McDermott1

Then,  I squeezed out a SMALL amount of letterpress ink. This ink is thick and sticky, so a little goes a LONG way.  Make sure to roll your brayer around in the ink in several different directions, so you are left with a thin layer of ink on your brayer; no lumps.

Letterpress Tags by Jen McDermott2

Then I rolled the ink onto the plate, using light strokes, and going over the plate till I was satisfied that all of the butterflies were covered with ink.  Then I aligned my paper in on the platform, folded it shut, and rolled it through the Evolution Advanced!

Letterpress Tags by Jen McDermott3

What came out was a super cute, pressed butterfly square, that would look GREAT layered under a smaller, simpler tag.

Letterpress Tags by Jen McDermott4

You can also run your tags through the letterpress platform more than once, if you want to add a second color to your paper. I had this thank you tag already pressed in silver, but ran it through the Evolution again,  this time adding a Hot Pink heart.

Letterpress Tags by Jen McDermott10

I used my Crop-a-Dile to punch the hole in the paper, and voila! A two-step tag.

Letterpress Tags by Jen McDermott11

Next, I went the clean and simple route by making a couple of tags using no ink; just the plain letterpress plate.

I used the same process as the previous tag, I just didn’t use any ink.  I was left with a couple of very chic, clean white tags that are good for dressing up cute, storebought gift bags.

Letterpress Tags by Jen McDermott5


Letterpress Tags by Jen McDermott6

Letterpress Tags by Jen McDermott7


Letterpress Tags by Jen McDermott8

I used my 1, 2, 3 Punch to make a gift bag using paper from the Wildflowers collection. I jazzed it up with a doily and some ribbon, and attached a tag I letterpressed then shaped into a banner.

Letterpress Tags by Jen McDermott9

I hope you have been inspired by all of the fun ways you can dress up your gift tags easily, by using your letterpress platform! I can’t wait to make bulk tags for Christmas gifts!  What do you use your letterpress platform for? Share with us on our Facebook page!



Evolution Advanced
Letterpress Kit
Letterpress plates–Clearly Posh, Wildflower
Letterpress squares, circles, A2 cards

Letterpress Open House Invite

30 days of evolution

Aimee here sharing an invitation I made for an open house, using the Evolution Advanced and Letterpress Platform. I wanted to make something to share other than a party invite. So with the few letterpress plate sets I have, I decided on a generic open house invite.

Letterspress Open House Invite by designer Aimee Maddern for We R Memory Keepers

I mixed 3 different sets to create this invite. Clearly Posh for the arrow, Floral Invite for the “please join” and Date/Place/Time plates and Block font for the OPEN HOUSE. I had some square Letterpress paper that measures 5.25×5.25 that seemed perfect for these quirky invites.

Letters Press Invite by Aimee Maddern2

I set the plates up on the top side of the platform. I used some clear adhesive for each plate so it would stick to the lid, but I can easily remove when I am done. I then lined up the paper on the bottom half of the platform and used some foam guides to hold the paper in place.

Using the Navy ink I carefully squeezed a small amount onto the ink base and rolled the brayer in the ink to get it spread around.

Letters Press Invite by Aimee Maddern3

Using the brayer, I carefully rolled a layer of ink onto the plates, cleaning any ink that got misplaced with the letterpress cleaning wipes or use the cleaning solution sprayed onto a paper towel.

Letters Press Invite by Aimee Maddern4

Carefully close the lid and place letterpress tray into the evolution, viola you now have a cute letterpress  card.

Letters Press Invite by Aimee Maddern5

Remember, this technique takes practice, so be sure to practice on some scrap paper first.  It took me quite a few times before I got the hang of it, and I still am not perfect! I decided to make a matching envelope using my 1-2-3 Punch Board with paper from the Wildflower collection

Letters Press Invite by Aimee Maddern6

How cute is this invite, what I love about it you can use it for showing a house, just to have friends over, or even for a school function.

Letters Press Invite by Aimee Maddern7

What will you use the letterpress for?



Evolution Advanced
L Letterpress Kit
Letterpress Font: Block
Letterpress Floral Invite
Letterpress Plates: Clearly Posh
Foam Guides
123 Punch Board
Cleaning Solution
Wildflower Collection

Next Level Geometric Embossing Folder Decor Piece

30 days of evolution

Happy Friday! Samantha here to share an Evolution Advanced project with you. Today I’m using one of the embossing folders from the Next Level Geometric Embossing Folder set to create a home décor piece.

We R Memory Keepers Next Level Embossing Folders, Geometric Set used on a home decor piece by designer Samantha Taylor. #wermemorykeepers #nextlevelembossingfolders

Usually, I use embossing folders with solid colored card stock, but embossing folders can add some really stunning texture to patterned or painted paper too. I decided to pair the Geometric Embossing Folder with some paper that I water colored with paints.

Next Level Geometric Emossing Folder by Samantha Taylor 2

I’m not the best at water coloring, I pretty much just paint, add water, and flick paint at the paper until I have something that looks interesting enough. I was going to need a piece of paper that is 6” x 6”, but I painted a 7” x 7” piece of paper so I could trim down the paper to pick the section I liked best. Make sure your paper is completely dry before trimming it down and running it through your Evolution. This will give you the cleanest embossed lines without the risk of tearing your paper.

Next Level Geometric Emossing Folder by Samantha Taylor 3

I absolutely love the amount of dimension you get from the Next level folders. Pictures just don’t do them justice!

Next Level Geometric Emossing Folder by Samantha Taylor 4

I wanted to add a little more to this embossed pattern. If you look closely at the photos above, you can see a horizontal line running through the embossed diamonds. I wanted that line to run both vertically and horizontally through the diamond. After running it through once, I rotated the paper 90 degrees and lined up the diamonds so they were in the same place. If you look closely at the photo below, you can see that the center lines on the embossing folder run horizontally while the ones on the paper are running vertically.

Next Level Geometric Emossing Folder by Samantha Taylor 5

After running the paper through a second time, you have a pattern that looks like the photo below, where the lines through the diamonds run both vertically and horizontally.

Next Level Geometric Emossing Folder by Samantha Taylor 6

I used my home printer to add, “Happiness comes from a grateful heart” on a sheet of 7”x 9” white cardstock. Then I cut a 5 ½” heart out from the paper and layered up some gold paper and my embossed piece of cardstock inside of the heart. I matted the whole thing with a piece 8” x 10” Wildflower Road Trip paper that I overlaid with Clearly Posh Confetti Gold Dot paper.

Next Level Geometric Emossing Folder by Samantha Taylor 7

All of this was put in a decorative frame, so I can hang it on my living room wall. It’s a fun piece of home décor, and the embossed heart really adds some great texture to the piece. Have you tried the Next Level embossing folders yet? Do you usually use them on solid colored card stock, or do you like to use them on patterned or painted paper? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

Next Level Geometric Emossing Folder by Samantha Taylor 8



Evolution Advanced
Next Level Geometric Embossing Folders
Wildflower Road Trip
Clearly Posh Confetti Gold Dot
Clearly Posh Ephemera Bits
Bazzill Gold Card Stock
American Crafts White Card Stock
Water Color Paints

Embossing To The Next Level

30 days of evolution

Hello WR fans! Carrie here today to continue our month long celebration of the Evolution Advanced. This week we are showing you how to emboss your projects and take them to the Next Level. I hope you are getting some fun and inspiring ideas that you can share with us when you finish creating.

Today I am going to show you some embossing ideas for a layout.  I went with a bit of a busy patterned paper from the Wildflower line so I decided to add a little bit of texture without adding too many prints.

Scrapbook layout using the We R Memory Keepers Wildflower collection and Woven Next Level Embossing Folders by designer Carrie Walz. #30DaysOfEvolution #dryembossing

I chose colored cardstock to match with some of the colors in my print, I cut them to the size I wanted and used the Next Level Woven embossing folders. Each pack comes with 2 embossing folders so I chose to use both for my layout. Once I had my papers cut, and folders chosen I placed them through the Evolution Advanced, cranked the handle and had beautiful embossed cardstock.


I assembled my layout but as I looked at it, I felt it still needed something. As I stared at my stickers and embellishments it hit me, why not emboss my chipboard title? I did this the same way I embossed my cardstock, the only difference was that I had to adjust the settings on my Evolution Advanced. In case you didn’t know, this is a feature on the Advanced that I love. There is no more trying to figure out which plates to mix and match when using different types of medium. All you have to do is change your settings and you are good to go!


Embossing my chipboard title was just the thing my layout needed. The embossing folder and the Evolution Advanced really took that plain title and took it to the Next Level! Here are some close ups just so you can see the degree of embossing you will achieveusing the Next Level Embossing Folders with your Evolution Advanced…

Embossed scrapbook page title using the We R Memory Keepers Wildflower collection Thickers, the Woven Next Level Embossing Folders, and the Evolution Advanced by designer Carrie Walz. #30DaysOfEvolution #dryembossing

Embossed scrapbook page title using the We R Memory Keepers Wildflower collection Thickers, the Woven Next Level Embossing Folders, and the Evolution Advanced by designer Carrie Walz. #30DaysOfEvolution #dryembossing

Thanks for stopping by and remember, we love to see your creations so make sure you come back and share with us!

Products used:

Evolution Advanced

Next Level Embossing Folders-Woven

WeR Wildflower 12×12 Flea Market

WeR Wildflower 12×12 Botanical

WeR Wildflower Ephemera Bits

WeR Wildflower 6×12 Stickers

AC Thickers Wildflower-Fleur Savage

Embossing Strip Tips and Tricks

30 days of evolution

Hey there, We R fans! Aly Dosdall here today to share some tips and tricks for using our Embossing Strips with the Evolution Advanced on your paper craft projects. I love the texture and depth that dry embossing adds to projects–it looks so cool! But, did you know you can do a few simple things to add a little something special when embossing? Here are three easy ways to spice up your dry embossed projects.


Pure White Texture

Dry embossing looks really cool on smooth white cardstock. It adds that extra texture, but has a really clean neat look. To add even more interest and texture to my white embossed sentiment strip I added some matching white enamel shapes.

you got this embossing folder card by aly dosdall

you got this embossing folder card by aly dosdall_close


Ink It Up

Create your own letterpress look by adding ink to the inside front of the Embossing Strip before embossing the paper. You can use an ink brayer to distribute the ink evenly, and then the paper comes out with ink on the debossed parts of the design. Pretty cool!

lets party embossing folder card by aly dosdall

lets party embossing folder card by aly dosdall_close


Sand For A Distressed Look

If you emboss your design onto white core paper, you can use a fine grain sandpaper (or even a nail buffing block) to lightly rub the raised design and expose the white core of the paper. This looks really cool with vivid colors so the white contrasts nicely against the color of the paper.

hello clouds embossing folder card by aly dosdall

hello clouds embossing folder card by aly dosdall_close

I hope these ideas have inspired you. Give them a try on your next dry embossing project. And be sure to join us tomorrow for more Evolution Advanced dry embossing inspiration!


Evolution Advanced
Embossing Strips
Cakes & Candles Collection
Hello Darling Collection
Pinwheel Punch Board

Easy Embossed Cards

30 days of evolution

Hi everyone, it’s Traci from Artsy Albums and I’m back to share a few embossed cards with you today.  I love making cards, but sometimes I don’t have time to stamp or print a sentiment.  These new embossing strips are super quick and easy for making a great impact on the front of a card.

Embossing strip cards by Traci Penrod1

I used We R’s card stock and since it has a white core, the embossing looks great with a bit of sanding.  Tip:  I ran the paper and embossing strip through my Evolution first, and then cut the paper to the size I wanted for the card.  This way, if the paper shifted, I could adjust how I cut the piece out.


I hope this has given you some ideas for fun and easy cards!  We R has lots of great embossing strips and they come in sets of 6 different phrases.  Check them out here.

I hope you’ll share your cards with us on We R’s Facebook page!  Thanks for stopping by today!





We R Phrase Strip Embossing Folders
We R Memory Inked Rose Collection

Embossed Birthday Card + A Giveaway!

30 days of evolution

Dry embossing with the Evolution Advanced really takes paper craft projects to the next level! And speaking of next level…have you see our new Next Level 3D Embossing Folders? They produce some seriously amazing dimension without tearing your paper. Check out design team member Kathy’s embossed birthday card.


It’s no surprise that birthday cards are the most common greeting people send. I know I make and mail lots of them so when I get my hands on a festive birthday collection like Cakes & Candles from We R Memory Keepers, I know I’ll be using every little piece!


In addition to these colorful papers with celebratory party icons, I used a couple of my favorite We R tools to create this birthday card and envelope ensemble.


See the beautifully embossed numbered background? That was created with the Evolution Advanced and the Next Level ABC-123 embossing folder set.


One of my favorite features on the Evolution Advanced is the dial thickness setting so you don’t have to use multiple platforms and remember which order to stack them in.


If you are familiar with my style, you know I can’t create a card without lots of layers and accents so I absolutely adore the ability to make box-style envelopes!


Finally, for a little extra envelope doo-dad, I cut out one of the Party Time patterned paper squares to use as an envelope seal.

ABC 123 embossing folders

**Wouldn’t these dies be perfect for back-to-school projects too? We think so, and we’d love to give away a set of them to one of you awesome blog readers! If you’d like a chance to win the ABC 123 Next Level Embossing Folders please leave a comment below. Comments will remain open until Thursday, Aug 20th at midnight mountain time. We’ll announce a random winner on Friday, Aug 21st. Good luck!**


Cakes and Candles collection
123 Punch Board
ABC 123 Next Level Embossing Folders

Pop Up Gift Bag Die Giveaway Winner

pop up gift card die

We’re just having way too much fun giving away Evolution accessories this month! Thanks to all who entered this giveaway–we appreciate your support and enthusiasm. The winner of the Pop Up Gift Bag Die is…


I have never seen anything so adorable!! I see me adding foil accents and a number of different things to match the occasion. I am after all the queen of gift cards and online shopping. (my husbands opinion) lol


Congratulations Inga! Please send an email to alydosdall@gmail.com with”Pop Up Gift Bag Die Winner” in the subject line. Include your full name and mailing address and we’ll get you your goodies asap. Enjoy!

**Be sure to join us next week for some embossing project ideas. You won’t be disappointed. Have a great weekend!**

Die Cut Window Card Video Tutorial

30 days of evolution

Hello We R fans! I’m Aly Dosdall, your blog hostess here today. Are you enjoying our 30 Days Of Evolution so far? I hope so, and I hope you’re finding some helpful project inspiration.

I’ve got a fun die cut window card to share with you that I created with my Evolution Advanced, the Gem Dies, and some new embossing folders that you’ll hear more about next week called Gemstone Next Level Embossing Folders.

you make me happy window card by aly dosdall

What’s so cool about this project is that the gem die cut sits in a window that let’s you see the inside of the card.

you make me happy window card by aly dosdall_close 2

Of course, there’s no magic involved, but I do show you a fun trick for creating this project with the Evolution Advanced in the video tutorial below. Enjoy!


Evolution Advanced
Gem Dies
Gemstone Next Level Embossing Folders
Hello Darling Collection
Gold Sequin Stickers
AC Cardstock