Baby Animals Board Book

Hi Everyone! Amanda here today. Although my kids, ages 9 and 11, are not into baby board books anymore, a fun way to capture memories is by creating a baby board book. The fun pictures and bright colors will make story time fun and easy.

Baby Animals Board Book by Amanda Coleman
If you don’t have photos of animals, you can make a baby board book with pictures of family members, or even a trip to the zoo. The possibilities are endless! Think letters and bright colors, too. And since each page is made using a 6”x6” Cinch book board, the baby book is nice and sturdy in little hands.

Baby Animals Board Book 2

This book is filled with photos of baby animals we have had at our little farm over the past few years, and although I am not having to teach them animal names and sounds, my kids still enjoy flipping through these little books.

Here are some more cute pictures of other baby farm animals:

Baby Animals Board Book 3

Baby Animals Board Book 4

Baby Animals Board Book 10


Baby Animals Board Book 13

Baby Animals Board Book 12

Baby Animals Board Book 11
Baby Animals Board Book 6

Creating a title using dimensional Thickers is not only an easy way to create a title for your book but will also add some bumps and ridges for baby’s hands to run over.

Baby Animals Board Book 5

You can also use Thickers to create the words for your book. While they look great on the cover, the thickness of the Thickers may add unwanted bulk to your book. I came up with a little trick for getting all of the convenience of Thickers, but without all of the bulk.

Baby Animals Board Book 9

You know that moment when you peel a chipboard Thicker from the sheet and the top of the Thicker comes off but the sticky part remains? Well, it’s time to put that skill to good use. Using a pair of tweezers, gently separate the top few layers of the Thicker from the bottom portion and voila! You have a nice, thin alpha to use in your book. Simply adhere with some liquid glue and you’re good to go.

Baby Animals Board Book 14

The types of board books you could make with the Cinch are endless. Have fun!

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Cinch Wires 1”
Cinch Book Board 6”x6”
Cinch Book Binding Tool
Flower Girl Collection
Black Thickers

Graduation Party Favors

Hello WRMK fans!  Amanda here today.  Graduation party season is gearing up which means lots of celebrations with lots of friends and family.  WRMK makes it easy to send your guests home with a fun (and easy) homemade graduation party favor.

Graduation Party Favor by Amanda Coleman

Whether for a kindergarten, high school, or college graduation party, these mortar board graduation party favor boxes would make adorable gifts for party guests.  You can fill them with goodies and even use them as party décor.  Either way, they are bound to be a hit.

Graduation Party Favor 2

You can stick with a traditional black hat or customize the boxes to match the school colors.  The WRMK Gift Box Punch Board makes these boxes come together in a snap.  No more fussing with a die cutting machine.  Put your friends (or kids) to work and you’ll have a stack of party favor boxes in no time.

Graduation Party Favor 3

These little graduation tassels are so cute you may even want to hang them from your rear view mirror (or make a cute pair of earrings).  You can easily customize your party favor box by making tassels in the graduate’s school colors.

Graduation Party Favor 4

Each 2.5” square box is topped with a 4”x4” piece of paper cut from the same 12”x12” paper used to make the box.  You can adhere the top before you assemble the box or adhere it the top of the box after it is closed.

Graduation Party Favor 5

These graduation party favor boxes can be filled with all sorts of goodies, whether a yummy treat or a special graduation memento.   With the Gift Box Punch Board, you can make custom size boxes to suit your party favors or gifts.

Graduation Party Favor 6

It is easy to make tassels out of baker’s twine or yarn.  Be sure to check out Aly’s post on how to make tassels in HERE.

Graduation Party Favor 7

To make the mortar board hat top, punch a ¾” inch circle and adhere it to the top of a 4”x4” piece of paper with a foam dot.  Loop the tassel around the dot and hang it over the side of the hat.  Adhere the hat to the top of a box flap.

Graduation Party Favor by Amanda Coleman


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WRMK Gift Box Punch Board

Bazzill Cardstock

American Crafts Cardstock



Framed Teacher Gift

Hi WRMK fans!  Amanda here today.  Teacher appreciation week is fast approaching but it’s not too late to put together a thoughtful, handmade gift for the guardian angel that teaches/puts up with your kid everyday.  Even kids can get involved in this fun project.

Teacher Appreciation Framed Gift by Amanda Coleman for We R Memory Keepers

Perhaps I should have asked some teachers for their thoughts, but I think there is nothing more lovely and sweet than the iconic bright red teacher apple.  A thoughtful piece of framed art doesn’t have to be complicated.  A simple apple made out of DIY Honeycomb paper in an 8”x10” frame is just enough to make a teacher feel special and loved.

Teacher Appreciation Framed Gift 5

This bright red honeycomb apple looks almost good enough to eat.  The dimension added by the honeycomb will definitely make this gift stand out on a table or wall.

Teacher Appreciation Framed Gift 3

Adding a stem and leaf to your honeycomb apple is super easy.  Simply roll a piece of brown cardstock into a tube and adhere on top of the apple.  Free-hand cut a leaf from scrap cardstock, add a crease down the middle and adhere to the cardstock.  Super easy, even for the kiddos.

Teacher Appreciation Framed Gift 4

Make your gift extra special by having your child write a sentiment or phrase with chalk.

Teacher Appreciation Framed Gift 6

The DIY Party Honeycomb stencil kit comes with all kinds of fun shapes, including an apple.  For an 8”x10” frame, trace the 4” apple onto a DIY Party Honeycomb pad.  Since we only need half of an apple, you only need to trace one.

Teacher Appreciation Framed Gift 7

There’s no need to get specialty chalkboard paper.  Distress a piece of black cardstock with some chalk to add some detail.

Teacher Appreciation Framed Gift 8

And just for fun, make some smaller apples by tracing the 2” apple stencil.  Heck, make a bunch of small apples for the cutest teacher appreciation garland ever.

Teacher Appreciation Framed Gift 2

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DIY Party Honeycomb pads 3”x8”
DIY Party Honeycomb Stencils
American Crafts Textured Cardstock


Pom Pom Wall Hanging

Hello We R fans!  My name is Amanda and I’m a pom pom addict.  As a lover of all things cute and fluffy, the WRMK DIY Party Pom Pom Maker is a new bright spot in my life.  It is so easy to make perfect looking pom poms right from the start.  My daughter and I went through at least two skeins of yarn making these colorful and bright pom poms just for fun.

Pom Pom Wall Hanging by Amanda Coleman for We R Memory Keepers

After we spent a few minutes admiring our giant pile of pom poms, we went to work putting them to use.  She made a necklace and a pair of earrings for herself and I created this cheery wall hanging to put next to my desk.

Pom Pom Wall Hanging 3

It was fun seeing how the variegated yarn would come out when we made the pom poms.  There was no planning, we just simply wrapped yarn around the pom pom makers until they were full.  Some of the pom poms were solid, and many had a variety of colors making fun patterns.  TIP: Don’t be stingy with the yarn.  Wrap your pom pom maker with as many layers of yarn that you can possibly squeeze on.

Pom Pom Wall Hanging 4

I thought this little phrase from Flower Girl Card & Frame set was just perfect for an office or craft space.

Pom Pom Wall Hanging 5

The embroidery hoop is backed with patterned paper coordinating patterned paper.  I adhered the paper to the hoop by adding a few glue dots to the back of the hoop and then placing it on the paper.  I trimmed the excess with a craft knife.

Pom Pom Wall Hanging 6

I popped up the phrase with three layers of foam dots so it wouldn’t get lost behind all of the big pom poms.

Pom Pom Wall Hanging 2

I hope you are excited to give pom pom making a try.  Once you start, it’s hard to stop!

Happy crafting!



DIY Party Pom Pom Maker
Flower Girl Collection “Finch” 12×12 paper
Flower Girl Collection Card & Frame Kit

DIY Template Studio Easter Basket

Hello We R fans!  Amanda here today.  I think Easter baskets are so much fun.  They can be made out of all kinds of different materials—wicker, fabric, plastic—to name a few.   With the Template Studio, you can make a full size Easter basket out of poster board, too!

DIY Template Studio Easter Basket by Amanda Coleman for We R Memory Keepers

With a quick and easy modification to the Template Studio box and you can create an Easter basket that you can stuff to the brim with sweets and treats.  With the Template Studio, you can create Easter baskets big or…extra big!  And the Designer Poster Board makes it easy to customize your Easter basket, too.

DIY Template Studio Easter Basket by Amanda Coleman for We R Memory Keepers

This Easter basket is about 5 ½”x5 ½”X3 ½” and fits a bunch of large and medium Easter eggs.  You can also stuff it with chocolate rabbits or any of your other favorite Easter treats.

Easter Basket 4

The DIY Party Fringe Tape is perfect for embellishing your Easter Basket and it comes in so many yummy jelly bean colors.

Easter Basket 5

Starting with a piece of 15”x15” designer poster board, follow the Template Studio instructions for the box through Step 11.  This will make a basket that is 5.6”x5.6”x3.6”

Easter Basket 6

Rather than using the scoring tool in Step 12 of the box making instructions, use the cutting blade to cut the flaps off the top of the box.  Use scissors to cut the remainder of the flap completely.  This will leave you with a box with an open top.

Easter Basket 7

This is what your poster board will look like after you have cut the flaps off of the box.

Easter Basket 8

Use a tiny stapler to secure the inside flaps to the inside walls of the box.

DIY Template Studio Easter Basket by Amanda Coleman for We R Memory Keepers

Create a handle by stapling a strip of poster board to the inside of the box.  Trim your basket with fringe or other fun embellishments.

Happy Easter!




Template Studio Starter Kit
DIY Party Fringe Tape
Designer Poster Board

Goodie Bag Notebook

Hello WRMK fans!  Amanda here today.  My 9 year old daughter is in the middle of a notebook hoarding phase.  She writes in them, draws in them, and tapes little mementos in them.  I thought it would be fun to make her a custom notebook full of pockets that she could fill and stuff to her heart’s delight.

Goodie Bag Notebook by Amanda Coleman for We R Memory Keepers

At first glance, this looks like a pretty regular notebook, but it is what’s inside that makes it special.  The Cinch book binding tool from WRMK makes it super easy to create notebooks in all sorts of custom shapes and sizes.

Goodie Bag Notebook 5

Rather than using regular paper for the notebook pages, I made several goodie bags using the Oh Goodie! Goodie bag guide tool and papers and inserted them in the notebook as the pages.  I embellished the pages with ephemera and paper clips to make them both fun and functional.

Goodie Bag Notebook 3

My daughter loves rainbows and bling so a rainbow striped cover with a gold heart and letters was just perfect for her.

Goodie Bag Notebook 6

The goodie bag pocket pages can be used to hold all sorts of things, including notebook paper and pencils.  I bound the notebook with a large spiral so the notebook would have room to “grow” as my daughter stuffs it with her favorite things.

Goodie Bag Notebook 4

Colored pencils fit perfectly inside of a goodie bag pocket page.  You can take your paper and pencils with you in the same notebook!

Goodie Bag Notebook 8

The goodie bag pages can be used to store favorite photos, too.

Goodie Bag Notebook 7

The ombre glassine goodie bag 12”x12” papers come in all colors of the rainbow.   Embellish goodie bag pages with all kinds of fun doo-dads and ephemera.

Goodie Bag Notebook 9

One piece of 12”x12” Cinch book board is all you need to make the front and back cover for your goodie bag notebook.  The maximum width of a goodie bag is 5.5”, but it is easy to make them smaller, too.  Trim your covers to size depending on how tall you make the bags.

Goodie Bag Notebook 10

Use the glassine goodie bag paper to cover the front and back covers of your notebook just like you would any regular scrapbook paper.  Since the back side of the glassine paper is waxy, be sure to use an adhesive that will stick to the slick surface.

Goodie Bag Notebook 2


Happy March!





Oh Goodie! Goodie Bag Guide Tool
Oh Goodie! Decorative Paper Clips
Oh Goodie! Glassine Paper Pack
Oh Goodie! Glassine Paper Pack Ombre
Cinch Book Binding Tool V2
Cinch Wires 1”
Cinch Book Board 12”x12” 
Clearly Posh Ephemera Bits Acetate Die Cuts

Washi Tape Card Set

Happy Tuesday, WRMK fans!  Amanda here today.  I am head over heels about the Scottie dog and rhino shaped washi tape dispensers from WRMK.  They are by far the cutest accessory I have in my craft room.

Washi Tape Cards by Amanda Coleman for We R Memory Keepers

Do you ever need to make cute cards in a snap?  Washi tape is your answer.   A few strips of washi tape placed strategically on a card really packs a punch.  Layer colorful strips of washi tape at the top or bottom, keep the strips straight or put them at an angle.  The versatility of washi tape on a blank card base is endless.

Washi Tape Cards 6

Cute, right?  The washi tape dispensers are so cute I can hardly stand it.  And all of the cuteness is super functional, too.  Each dispenser comes with four rolls of washi tape.  Between the two dispensers, you will have all of the colors of the rainbow and some fun, coordinating neutrals.  They are also easy to assemble and disassemble so you can rotate your washi tape as needed.

Washi Tape Cards 3

Classic rainbow stripes are always on trend and are perfect for any type of card.  The variety of widths and prints on the washi tape adds variety and interest to the card, too.

Washi Tape Cards 7

The individual sentiments from the Next Level embossing folder collection are versatile and easy to use.  Each sentiment embossing folder has lines printed on the outside so you can line up your card perfectly before you run it through your embossing machine.

Washi Tape Cards 4

Add some punch to your white card bases by adhering color coordinated cardstock to the inside of the card.

Washi Tape Cards 5

Don’t forget the back of the card!  Fold the washi tape right over the top of the card to add some interest to the back of the card.  (And speaking of cute backsides, how adorable are those chubby rhino legs?)

Washi Tape Cards by Amanda Coleman for We R Memory Keepers

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Rhino Washi Tape Dispenser with tape
Scottie Dog Washi Tape Dispenser with tape
Phrase Embossing Strips
Evolution Advanced Die Cutting Machine

Honeycomb Hearts Light Strand

Hello everyone!  Amanda here today.  I love Valentine’s Day parties partly because the décor is so easy.  Slap a few hearts on the walls and you’re good to go.  But this year, Valentine’s Day party décor can be kicked up a notch with some super fab We R Memory Keepers DIY Party supplies.

Honeycomb Hearts Light Strand by Amanda Coleman for We R Memory Keepers

I’m normally a traditionalist when it comes to Valentine’s Day party colors, but there’s something extra fun about the purples, yellows and greens in the conversation heart color palette.  The conversation heart colors on this honeycomb hearts light strand are festive and fun and will work for any Valentine’s Day party.

Honeycomb Hearts Light Strand 4

The bright colors on these honeycomb hearts make them look good enough to eat!  Each bulb on the light strand has a little post that you wrap the honeycomb around making them fit perfectly.  The lights peeking through the honeycomb is so much fun!

Honeycomb Hearts Light Strand 7

These honeycomb hearts require two pieces of honeycomb paper to make a complete 3D shape.  Trace and cut two hearts, with an opening in the middle for the lights, and adhere together.

Honeycomb Hearts Light Strand 8

After you have adhered the two honeycomb sheets together, adhere a folded cardstock backing to both sides of the shape.  TIP: Let liquid adhesive dry completely before opening up honeycomb shape.  Your shape may be weird and wonky if you open it up while wet (trust me).  I also placed my hearts under a heavy object so they would be nice and flat.

Honeycomb Hearts Light Strand 6

After the cardstock backing has dried, open up your heart and attach the two sides of the heart together.

Honeycomb Hearts Light Strand 5

Mini paperclips are perfect for holding 3D honeycomb shapes together.  It only takes a couple to hold each heart together.  Plus, you can easily remove your honeycomb hearts and use them again next year.  Bonus!

Honeycomb Hearts Light Strand by Amanda Coleman for We R Memory Keepers

Happy Valentine’s Day!




DIY Party Honeycomb Light Strand
DIY Party Honeycomb Pads 3”x8” Purple
DIY Party Honeycomb Pads 3”x8” Orange/Yellow
DIY Party Honeycomb Pads 3”x8” Green
DIY Party Honeycomb Pads 3”x8” Red

Ruler Studio Heart Frame

Hello!  Amanda Coleman here today.  I am beyond excited to be sharing my first project with you on the WRMK blog.  WRMK’s new products are fantastic and versatile.  If you aren’t excited already, you will be soon!

Ruler Studio Heart Frame by Amanda Coleman for We R Memory Keepers

The new Ruler Studio foldable rulers and accessories are positively irresistible.  I love that they are both fun and functional.  I sat at my desk a while ago and started playing around with the 6” natural ruler and experimented with the shapes I could make.  Eventually I ended up with a heart shape and I fell in love.  Quirky and whimsical, I thought this wooden ruler heart would make a fun frame.

Ruler Studio Heart Frame 5

Rather than leave the frame empty, I decided to back it with a piece of patterned paper.  This is an easy way to customize your frame for your space.  I used coordinating die cut frames and hung some photos to some natural string with the metal clips.  So easy.

Ruler Studio Heart Frame 6

This is the first photo frame in my home to be embellished with lights.  Now I want to put lights on all the things!   The Ruler Studio Bulb Strand is powered with batteries so you can put them anywhere in your house.

Ruler Studio Heart Frame 1

Folded into a heart shape, the 6” folded ruler fits perfectly over a 12”x12” piece of patterned paper.  After you have shaped your frame, adhere the ruler contact points to the paper with a strong adhesive.

Ruler Studio Heart Frame 3

Trim the excess paper with a craft knife.  The wide ruler is pretty forgiving so your cut lines don’t have to be perfect.

Ruler Studio Heart Frame 2

Experiment with the arrangement of embellishments, strings, lights and clips until you find the arrangement that suits you perfectly.

Ruler Studio Heart Frame 8

What would you put in a Ruler Studio frame? Happy Crafting!



Ruler Studio 6” Folded Ruler Natural
Ruler Studio Bulb Strand
Ruler Studio Picture Clips
Ruler Studio Natural String
Honey I’m Home Love and Laugh 12”x12” patterned paper
Honey I’m Home Wood Veneers
Honey I’m Home Ephemera

All About Aly & Amanda!

We’re so excited about our new designers this year and we can’t wait for you to see what they’ve been working on. In the meantime, for the next several days we’ll be introducing our 2016 We R Memory Keepers Design Team and sharing some fun facts about them. Today you’ll get to know Aly and Amanda better.



Aly Dosdall

Hello friends! I’m Aly Dosdall, and I’m thrilled to be back again this year as We R blog hostess and design team coordinator. I also film project videos for our YouTube channel, and count myself so blessed to work with such wonderful and talented people using the most innovative products on the market. I’ve been married to my best friend for 19 years, and we’re raising our five kids (ages 6-18) in beautiful Utah. I love music, running, and spending time with my family.

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Looking forward to: A fabulous 2016

Favorite We R tool or paper collection: Do I have to pick one? 123 Punch Board and Wildflower

Favorite crafting tip: Less is usually more. Often when I’m not quite happy with a project, I try removing an embellishment or two and then I’m happy with it.

Craft room photo:

Aly Dosdall Craft Room Re-Do 2015



Amanda profile pic square 640

My name is Amanda Coleman and I am a lover of paper and all types of crafts.  I am also a wife to Rob and mom to two kids, ages 9 and 11.  When I am not busy helping tend to my family and our small Idaho farm (goats and chickens included), I can either be found in my craft room getting all gluey and glittery, or taking a nap.   I started making cards in 2010 shortly after I discovered patterned paper at my local craft store.  I also love making 3D and altered paper crafts.  I am delighted to be part of the We R Memory Keepers design team

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Favorite We R tool or paper collection:  Pom Pom makers!

Favorite crafting tip:  Embrace the mess! A hodge-podge pile of craft supplies can inspire loads of creativity!

Recent We R project:

Mini Wreath Pinatas DIY