Baby Shower Decor

Happy Friday We R fans! Aly Dosdall here again to share some baby themed decor that I made with a few of my favorite new tools. This simple banner and cake topper set would be perfect for a baby birthday party, a baby shower, or any other baby themed event. You could also change out the words to fit any celebration or event you’re hosting. Check out what I made with my Happy Jig, Tag Punch Board, and a few other handy tools!

Baby Shower Decor by Aly Dosdall for We R Memory Keepers featuring the Happy Jig and the Tag Punch Board

The pretty pastel papers I used for the tag banner are from the new DCWV Inc Okey Dokey and Journaling Stacks which you can find at JoAnn stores.

Baby Shower Decor by Aly Dosdall for We R Memory Keepers featuring the Happy Jig, the Square Punch Board, the Staple Board and the Tag Punch Board

Let’s start with making the tag banner! First I made my letters with the Happy Jig tool and the gold wire that comes with the kit. You can find instructions for making all the capital letters of the alphabet (plus dozens of other cool designs) on our dedicated Instagram feed here: @werhappyjig.

After I made the letters, I measured their size to determine how large to cut my DIY tags. I used my Square Punch Board to punch out five 2 3/4 x 4 inch rectangles. If you haven’t gotten a Square Punch Board I highly recommend it. I use it all the time for punching out bulk rectangles and squares for all kinds of paper craft projects!

Then I created the tags with my Tag Punch Board, layering a 7/8 inch paper over them that I cut off of the top of a same size tag made with some coordinating paper.

Baby Shower Decor by Aly Dosdall for We R Memory Keepers featuring the Happy Jig and the Tag Punch Board

Once I finished making all my letters and tags, I stapled them together with small staples using the Staple Board. I finished off my banner by adding some pink Stitch Happy Twine to the tops of the tags, and then taping them to a length of twine for hanging.

After finishing the banner, I made the word “baby” with my Happy Jig for a cake topper. I copied the letters from other words on the Instagram feed and in the included instruction booklet to get “baby”. You can totally create your own words by using the letters from other word designs and linking them together. It’s fun to play around and experiment with making your own words.

Baby Shower Decor by Aly Dosdall for We R Memory Keepers featuring the Happy Jig

Here’s a close up shot of which pegs you’ll need to make the word “baby” and where you need to place them.

We R Memory Keepers Happy Jig: Baby

I left a few extra inches on both ends of the word so I could attach it to my bamboo skewers before adding it to the cake. I twisted the excess wire around the skewers, but you could tie yours with twine, use a bit of hot glue, or some mini glue dots.

Baby Shower Decor by Aly Dosdall for We R Memory Keepers featuring the Happy Jig

I love how the wire designs add some unique texture and a fun flare to my baby shower decor. I can tell I’m going to get a ton of use out of my Happy Jig!

Baby Shower Decor by Aly Dosdall for We R Memory Keepers featuring the Happy Jig and the Tag Punch Board

Thanks for stopping by, and have a wonderful craft-filled weekend friends!

Happy Jig Kit
Square Punch Board
Tag Punch Board
Staple Board
Stitch Happy Pink Twine
DCWV Inc Paper Stacks: Journaling, Okey Dokey

Baby Mini Book with the Happy Jig

Hello everyone!  It’s Eva here today sharing with you a baby mini album embellished with the new Happy Jig

Baby Mini Book with the Happy Jig by Eva PIzarro for We R Memory Keepers

I love this new tool! It is so innovative and something you haven’t since in the industry so far! Plus, it is very easy to use and you can make shapes to embellish mini albums, layouts, cards or any craft project.

To make the mini album, start by cutting 2 paper strips of 4 ¼ inch height. I used my Mini Score Board to score my paper every 3 ¼ inch.

Mini Score Board by We R Memory Keepers

I also wanted to include a confetti shaker on my mini album so I filled a small photo sleeve with stars and sequins and I closed it with my Fuse Ruler and the new USB Heat Tool with the Fuse tip.
USB Power Heat Tool with Fuse Tip by We R Memory Keepers

To create the shaker I used my Clear Cut Punch to cut two hearts on the edges of the strips, one on the left and one on the right.

Clear Cut Heart Punch by We R Memory Keepers

I glue the two ends together with double sided tape and put the confetti shaker inside.

Clear Cut Punch Shaker Pocket by Eva Pizarro for We R Memory Keepers

I used my Sticky Piercer to make holes all over my heart and the paper’s edge, the key is to make the same amount of hearts on one shape and on the other one!

Using your twine from the Happy Jig join the outer and the inner holes together.

Crafter's Essentials Hand Tools by We R Memory Keepers

Now for the Happy Jig embellishments. This tools comes with a manual with lots of shapes and you can also see other designs on the We R Happy Jig dedicated Instagram account (@werhappyjig). But I assure you it is very easy to make your own shapes! I created this wire frame in no time!

Happy Jig by We R Memory Keepers

Here are the Happy Jig coordinates in case you want to make one:

Start: D21

Small Pegs: E14, C14, B13, C16, C28, C30, B31, E30, Q30, S 30, T31, S28, S16, S14, T13, Q14.

Happy Jig Wire Frame by Eva Pizarro for We R Memory Keepers

To make my journaling lines I used my Magnetic Mat! It is perfect because the ruler holds the project in place and you have perfect lines all the time!


Baby Mini Book with the Happy Jig by Eva PIzarro for We R Memory Keepers

I also did a “boy” shape for my title. The dimension it adds is amazing! To hold your shape in place you can use a strong liquid adhesive or a few stitches.

Here are the “boy” coordinates:

Start: L9

Small Pegs: K11. N12. N16, K21. J24, P25

Medium Pegs: G12, M14, M23

Big Pegs: M18, Q22

Baby Mini Book with the Happy Jig by Eva PIzarro for We R Memory Keepers

You can also use your wires to contour a paper shape or to embellish free hand like I did here on the sea waves.

Baby Mini Book with the Happy Jig by Eva PIzarro for We R Memory Keepers

See how cute that little frame looks? It is perfect for a 2 inch photo. Did you notice all the 1 inch squares on the next page? I used my Square Punch Board and did it in no time!

Baby Mini Book with the Happy Jig by Eva PIzarro for We R Memory Keepers

I also used my Happy Jig to make a letter “L” for Lorenzo, you can find the instructions for all the letters on the Happy Jig Instagram feed. The letters are great to create personalized gift tags!

Baby Mini Book with the Happy Jig by Eva PIzarro for We R Memory Keepers

And here you can see my shaker pocket. The twine thread gives it a great look and poking the holes with the Sticky Piercer was a breeze!

Baby Mini Book with the Happy Jig by Eva PIzarro for We R Memory Keepers

I love the dimension the wire words add to any project, the y are simple and fun and you have tons of colors to choose from.

Baby Mini Book with the Happy Jig by Eva PIzarro for We R Memory Keepers

How would you use your Happy Jig? What words or shapes would you like to see? I am definitely going to work on some Spanish or Italian words for my projects!

Baby Mini Book with the Happy Jig by Eva PIzarro for We R Memory Keepers

Baby Mini Book with the Happy Jig by Eva PIzarro for We R Memory Keepers


Have a great day!




Happy Jig
Happy Jig wire
Clear Cut Punch
Mini Score Board
Square Punch Board
Sticky Piercer
Stitch Happy Twine
USB Heat Tool
Magnetic Mat
Night Night Collection by Pebbles Inc

Shaker Baby Cards

Happy Friday We R friends! I hope you’ve enjoyed all the baby inspiration this week. Today I’m going to finish things off with a set of boy & girl shaker baby cards that I made with my Photo Sleeve Fuse, along with some FUSEables plastic paper and embellishments.

Shaker Baby Cards by Aly Dosdall for We R Memory Keepers


Shaker Baby Cards by Aly Dosdall for We R Memory Keepers

I started by heating up my Fuse tool for 10 minutes. It’s important to let it heat up long enough to get the best results. Then, I used some 2 inch plastic pouches to create shaker pockets, filling them with sequins, and fusing the four sides to the back of the FUSEables card windows. Then I fused the back flap of the card front closed, for a more finished look on the inside of the card.

For the girl card, I added some FUSEables plastic ephemera to the card front with my Fuse tool. No adhesive necessary with the FUSEables plastic paper and Fuse tool! And, I love the way the fused lines look like stitching.

Shaker Baby Cards by Aly Dosdall for We R Memory Keepers

I added a small self-adhesive label where I had typed the word “BABY” with my Typecast typewriter. I love how easy it is to add text to my projects with the Typecast!

To make the boy card, I made the circle window into a baby rattle by cutting a handle from some FUSEables paper with my Cameo.

Shaker Baby Cards by Aly Dosdall for We R Memory Keepers

For a tutorial on how to cut plastic sheets with the Cameo, CLICK HERE.

Next, I cut a ring out with my circle cutter to go around the shaker window and glued it to the card front.

I finished it off with some FUSEables ephemera, again with only my Fuse tool and no adhesive!

Shaker Baby Cards by Aly Dosdall for We R Memory Keepers

Thanks for joining me today. I hope you’ve found some helpful project inspiration. Enjoy your weekend, and be sure to check back next week!


Photo Sleeve Fuse
Heat Resistant Mat
FUSEables card kit

Baby Boy Cupcake Wraps

Hello, We R friends! Tessa Buys here with a dapper set of cupcake wraps that I made for a new, sweet nephew:

Baby Boy Cupcake Wraps by Tessa Buys

Recently, the family gathered to celebrate little Paul’s baby blessing. I offered to decorate the cupcakes and between Bazzill’s gorgeous plaid cardstocks (in masculine shades of gray and white) and the We R Memory Keepers Party Board, it was so easy!

DIY Party Board by We R Memory Keepers

Making the cupcake wraps was a breeze, but I do have a helpful tip for you. Bazzill cardstock is so wonderfully sturdy, your regular tape runner will probably not be enough to keep the wraps securely fastened. I suggest using Sticky Thumb red tape.

Baby Boy Cupcake Wraps by Tessa Buys

While the wraps themselves were handsome enough, I couldn’t help but add die-cut renditions of my handsome nephew. Again, Bazzill cardstock is the best! And yes, this little man actually has a lot of dark, crazy hair, just like these cupcake toppers!

Baby Boy Cupcake Wraps by Tessa Buys

If you don’t already have the DIY Party Board on hand, it is the best investment! I’ve now used it for four family gatherings, and everyone is so impressed with how “custom” my décor is. From birthdays to baby boys, you will impress, too! Happy creating!

Supplies Used:

DIY Party Board

Hot Air Balloon Baby Decor

Hello We R Fans! Kimberly here today with some fun décor that could be used for a baby shower, and then once the shower is over, for the baby’s room! I am long removed from the world of babies (as mine is now 11), but as I scrolled through Pinterest, hot air balloons kept popping up. I knew I had all the supplies and tools I needed to create some fantastic balloons with my We R Memory Keepers stash!

Hot Air Balloon Baby Decor by Kimberly Crawford for We R Memory Keepers

First to be created was the balloons. Immediately the Honeycomb pads came to mind, along with a great balloon-shaped stencil in the DIY Party Honeycomb Stencil pack.

Hot Air Balloon Baby Decor by Kimberly Crawford for We R Memory Keepers

I placed the template on the sealed edge of the Large Honeycomb Ocean Pads. I traced one large balloon and two smaller balloons.

DIY Party Honeycomb Pads and Stencils by We R Memory Keepers

I used the three different colors in the package. Be sure and slide your template all the way to the bottom of the pad, that way, you can get more shapes from your pad.

DIY Party Honeycomb Pads and Stencils by We R Memory Keepers

Once two of each balloon color and size were cut, I adhered the two similar shapes together using a strong, dry adhesive. Dry adhesive is the only way to go when adhering the thin paper of the honeycomb pads.

DIY Party Honeycomb Pads and Stencils by We R Memory Keepers

Adhesive was placed on the back of the one side. Then the two sides of the honeycomb were pinched together, creating a completely three-dimensional balloon!

Hot Air Balloon Baby Decor by Kimberly Crawford for We R Memory Keepers

Once the balloons were created, banners were added for extra color and fun.

We R Memory Keepers Banner Punch Board

Using the Banner Punch Board, patterned paper was cut into small pieces. I trimmed my American Crafts Oh Happy Life paper to 1 inch strips. I lined the strips up with the center line (marked on the board), and cut with the blade. I find that cutting towards the inside from the right side and then the left side results in a cleaner cut.

The paper banners were glued to a piece of twine. The twine was cut long, allowing me to wrap it around the balloon and tie it to the correct size.

Hot Air Balloon Baby Decor by Kimberly Crawford for We R Memory Keepers

The next item that needed to be created was the basket for the hot air balloon.

We R Memory Keepers 123 Punch Board

Using a piece of Bazzill Dotted Swiss card stock and the 1-2-3 Punch Board, I created small boxes. The box for the larger balloon was 2 ½” on all sides. The small box, of which I needed two, was 1 ¾” on all sides. The punch board has all the dimensions printed on it, for ease of construction. Around the top of each box, I added a piece of different white trim.

Hot Air Balloon Baby Decor by Kimberly Crawford for We R Memory Keepers

To hold up each balloon, paper straws were adhered to the inside of each corner of each box. I trimmed each straw to size. The honeycomb balloons slip easily on the top of the straws to stay in place.

Hot Air Balloon Baby Decor by Kimberly Crawford for We R Memory Keepers

What color hot air balloons would you create?


We R Memory Keepers:

American Crafts:


Baby Project Roundup

Good Monday morning friends, and welcome to Baby Week here on the blog! This week we’re featuring projects that are for babies, baby showers, and soon-to-be mommies. Our design team has cooked up some amazing inspiration for you!

But to get things started, today we’ve got a roundup of past projects for you. Check out the list below of some of our favorite baby themed blog posts!


Hot Air Balloon Baby Shower

If you’re planning a baby shower or baby birthday party this spring, here’s a fun idea for a theme–hot air balloons! And what better way to make those hot air balloons than with our DIY Party Honeycomb Pads and Stencils? CLICK HERE for more photos and details about this fun project.

Baby Shower Gift Idea

Make a baby keepsake album and interactive card with the Frame Punch Board and Photo Sleeve Fuse. The mom-to-be will love this sweet handmade gift, and she’ll get to record all the exciting milestones as well. You can find a full tutorial HERE.

Baby keepsake album and interactive card

Baby Banner

This darling baby banner would be perfect for a baby shower or baby birthday party! You can learn how to make your own with the Alphabet Punch Board and Banner Punch Board by clicking HERE.

Baby banner

DIY Baby Animals Board Book

Get out your Cinch binding tool and some book board to make this darling baby gift idea. CLICK HERE for more photos, details, and instructions.

Baby board book

Letterpress Baby Announcement

The unique and beautiful look of letterpress is the perfect way to announce the arrival of your little one. Learn how to make your own letterpress baby announcements with the Evolution Advanced and Letterpress Kit HERE.

Letterpress baby announcement

Cinch Baby Album

Record the changes in your baby during the first year in a special mini album. Take a photo each month, and record the exciting milestones, then bind all your pages together with The Cinch. You can find more photos and details HERE.

Cinch Baby Book

Pregnancy Keepsake Album

Pull out your Photo Sleeve Fuse to make a beautiful pregnancy keepsake album for the mom-to-be. Fill it with 4×6 photo sleeves and journaling cards so she can include monthly photos of her growing belly, plus her feelings about the exciting events to come. CLICK HERE for full instructions.

Pregnancy keepsake album

Thanks so much for joining us today. We hope this roundup has provided some helpful inspiration for you. Be sure to come back each day this week for more baby themed project ideas from our design team. Crafty cheers!

Guest Designer Audrey Petit

Today we’re so happy to have another guest designer, Audrey Petit, who’s sharing some projects for our final day of Baby Week. First, take a minute to get to know more about Audrey, and then enjoy her beautiful projects below. You’re going to love what she’s created!

AudreyPettit Headshot

Hello All! My name is Audrey Pettit. I live in Cary, North Carolina and have two wonderful kiddos, Peter and Nicole. I started scrapbooking and card-making about fifteen years ago after being invited to a friend’s house for a stamping party. That party opened my eyes to a whole new world of paper-crafting, and I have never looked back. I currently design for Sizzix and Therm O Web. And just this past year, I opened up a little online shop called AudOnes Prims, where I sell my own handcrafted primitive and folk art creations.

AudOnes Prims Shop:

Favorite WeR Product:
I love the tools! One of my top favorites has to be the envelope punch board.


Hello Pretty Baby Gift Set

AudreyPettit WRMK BabySet

This week is baby week here on the We R Memory Keepers blog, and so today I have a sweet and girly baby gift set to share with you, made with the adorable new Flower Girl collection.

Hello Pretty Baby Card

AudreyPettit WRMK BabyCard

I am a huge fan of creating scenes for the focal point on my card designs. For my Hello Pretty Baby card, I made a fun garden party scene using a mix of Accent Stickers and die cuts from the Ephemera Pack. Foam adhesive between the layers helps add definition between all the pieces and adds a sense of depth to the scene. The sentiment was made using a combination of a die cut banner and a second banner fussy cut from the patterned paper. I added a simple baby word stamp from the stash to complete the scene. I think this card is so cute for a new baby gift, or would work great for a baby shower, too.

AudreyPettit WRMK BabyCard2

4 Baby Tag

AudreyPettit WRMK BabyTag

I think my favorite pieces from the Flower Girl collection have got to be the adorable ducks I used on my tag. Absolutely love them, and since I had used some birds on the card, I noticed a theme starting. I do love animals on baby projects. To keep the set looking cohesive, I decided to repeat some of the same elements from the card. So once again, I created a fun little scene for the tag using die cuts and stickers, pulling in some of the flowers and papers from the card.

AudreyPettit WRMK BabyTag&Box

You Look So Cute Gift Box

AudreyPettit WRMK BabyBox

Since I had used adorable die cut birds on my first two projects, of course I had to add one final bird to the gift packaging to complete the set. For this fun pillow box package, I recycled some old plastic packaging for the base, and dressed it up with matching papers and tag. It’s really easy to slip a piece of patterned paper inside the clear box, and a simple belly band sleeve keeps everything closed. Then just tie up your package with ribbon and a fun hang tag. So quick and easy. And I love how everything coordinates.

Thank you so much for stopping by! Wishing you all a wonderful day!

Baby Banner

Hello, We R fans! Laura here showing you a cute baby banner that would be perfect for a baby shower or birthday party. A little fringe and some simple letters are all you need to make this banner shine.

Baby Banner by Laura Silva

Start by trimming a piece of white textured cardstock four inches wide. Using the Banner Punch Board, cut a flag shape on one end of the banner. Trim the overall banner length to seven inches long. Punch holes in the top of the banner piece. You will need four of these banner shapes.

Baby Banner by Laura Silva 2

Cut a piece of plain white cardstock four inches wide. Again, using the Banner Punch board create a flag shape on one end of the banner. Trim the overall banner length to five inches long. You will again need four of these.


Starting at the bottom of your five inch banner shape, begin layering rows of fringe tape to cover the banner shape. Trim the ends with scissors.

Baby Banner by Laura Silva 3

Once you reach the top, trim the excess fringe from the bottom of the banner. Punch holes in the top of the banner shape. Fluff the fringe a little before proceeding to the next step. I did two with Blossom fringe and two with Ocean fringe.

Baby Banner by Laura Silva 4

Start stringing your banner together. Use a piece of ribbon and a piece of coordinating twine and tie the banner pieces together using a double knot. Alternate pink and blue ribbons. On the ends, simply tie a knot at either end.

Baby Banner by Laura Silva 5

Using the Alphabet Punch Board and the 3 x 5 in Basics Paper pad, cut out the word BABY, alternating pink and blue papers.

Baby Banner by Laura Silva 6

Attach the letters to the banner using adhesive foam squares.

Baby Banner by Laura Silva 7

This banner would be wonderful for a gender reveal party since it is both pink and blue. However, the general design of the banner could be easily altered with all of the options for colors of Fringe Tape to suit any party decor.

Baby Banner by Laura Silva 8

Baby Banner by Laura Silva 10

Baby Banner by Laura Silva 9



Banner Punch Board
Textured White Cardstock
White Cardstock
Ocean Fringe Tape
Blossom Fringe Tape
Alphabet Punch Board
3 x 5 in Basics Paper Pad

Baby Animals Board Book

Hi Everyone! Amanda here today. Although my kids, ages 9 and 11, are not into baby board books anymore, a fun way to capture memories is by creating a baby board book. The fun pictures and bright colors will make story time fun and easy.

Baby Animals Board Book by Amanda Coleman
If you don’t have photos of animals, you can make a baby board book with pictures of family members, or even a trip to the zoo. The possibilities are endless! Think letters and bright colors, too. And since each page is made using a 6”x6” Cinch book board, the baby book is nice and sturdy in little hands.

Baby Animals Board Book 2

This book is filled with photos of baby animals we have had at our little farm over the past few years, and although I am not having to teach them animal names and sounds, my kids still enjoy flipping through these little books.

Here are some more cute pictures of other baby farm animals:

Baby Animals Board Book 3

Baby Animals Board Book 4

Baby Animals Board Book 10


Baby Animals Board Book 13

Baby Animals Board Book 12

Baby Animals Board Book 11
Baby Animals Board Book 6

Creating a title using dimensional Thickers is not only an easy way to create a title for your book but will also add some bumps and ridges for baby’s hands to run over.

Baby Animals Board Book 5

You can also use Thickers to create the words for your book. While they look great on the cover, the thickness of the Thickers may add unwanted bulk to your book. I came up with a little trick for getting all of the convenience of Thickers, but without all of the bulk.

Baby Animals Board Book 9

You know that moment when you peel a chipboard Thicker from the sheet and the top of the Thicker comes off but the sticky part remains? Well, it’s time to put that skill to good use. Using a pair of tweezers, gently separate the top few layers of the Thicker from the bottom portion and voila! You have a nice, thin alpha to use in your book. Simply adhere with some liquid glue and you’re good to go.

Baby Animals Board Book 14

The types of board books you could make with the Cinch are endless. Have fun!

Thanks for stopping by today!


Cinch Wires 1”
Cinch Book Board 6”x6”
Cinch Book Binding Tool
Flower Girl Collection
Black Thickers

Welcome Baby Tags

We’re celebrating sweet little ones all week long on the blog with Baby Week! Our team has created some adorable inspiration for gifting, party decor, DIY projects and more. So, be sure to check in often this week so you don’t miss out!


Hello everyone, Wendy here today to a few tags I created to welcome a new baby, boy or girl.  I created a star from the ruler studio to display the tags, or any other fun pieces that seem to accumulate when a baby comes.

Welcome Baby Tags by Wendy Antenucci

I began my tags by cutting out a few bows in boy and girl colors using my Evolution.  The Crush Paper Clips were perfect little additions to add to the bows to allow me to clip a few items together for my tags.

Welcome Baby Tags by Wendy Antenucci-2

My next step was to create some fun little sentiments for my tags.  Using my evolution and the Rise & Shine embossing dies I was able to quickly add sentiments to my tags.  I used some inks to further highlight the sayings.

Welcome Baby Tags by Wendy Antenucci-3

To keep the process simple on my tags, each tag had a sentiment, a bow, a doily (to add a soft baby touch), patterned paper, and a few fun pieces to dress up the tags.

Welcome Baby Tags by Wendy Antenucci-4

My last step in creating my tags was to add in ephemera and stickers as needed to dress up the tags so that they were display worthy on the star ruler studio piece.

Welcome Baby Tags by Wendy Antenucci-5

Each of my kids has a box of little mementos which I have saved for them.  I hope these tags will end up one day being saved for someone else’s mementos and always bring them joy to look back on!


Supply List:

Crush Simply Stated Paper
Crush Ephemera
Crush Paper Clips
Crush Stickers
One Piece Bow Die
Rise & Shine Embossing folder