Craft Storage and Organization Roundup

It’s the weekend friends! Are you excited? We R! (Get it? LOL!) Today we’ve got a roundup of craft room storage and organization ideas for the new year that we think you’re going to love! So sit back, grab something warm to drink and enjoy the inspiration.

1. Store Completed Cards by Theme


Once you complete your handmade cards, store them in the Card and Craft Storage Bin by theme. That way when you need a card they’re easy to find! Bonus tip: Keep envelopes stored with your cards.

2. Store Completed Layouts Safely

661105_wr_12x12craft&photocase_hsn_creativesamples_1 small

If you’re at a craft night, event, or retreat keep your completed layouts safe and sound in the 12×12 Craft and Photo Case until you’re ready to add them to your scrapbook album.

3. Store Paper Supplies by Collection


Keep the guess work out of crafting by using complete paper collections on your projects. Storing your supplies by collection in the Craft and Storage Large Case makes it easy to find what you need.

4. Store Punch Boards and Accessories Together


Some of our Punch Boards have accessories that add to their versatility. Store those boards with their accessories in the Bloom Pouch for easy creating. That way you’ll never have to dig through your stash to find everything you need to get the most out of your punch boards.

bloom storage by aly dosdall 2

5. Keep Small Supplies in Clear Containers

storage jars by eva pizarro 2

Keeping small supplies (sequins, glitter, brads, etc) in clear containers makes it easy to find what you’re looking for! Check out our wide range of clear Storage Bottles to help keep your small bits and pieces in order.

Thanks for stopping by! We hope these organization ideas have inspired you. Have a great weekend, and we’ll see you next week!


Card and Craft Storage Bin
12×12 Craft and Photo Case
Craft and Storage Large Case
Bloom Pouch
Storage Bottles

Craft Supply Storage Tips with Rebecca

Hello!  It’s Rebecca with you today for my first official WRMK post of 2019!  Like many of you, I’m guessing, I’m diving head first into reorganizing my house for a fresh start.  I’ve left a trail of unfinished (and some not even started!) projects behind me as I transition from the holidays into the new year, the contents of which were scattered around the house in shoeboxes, brown paper bags, and plastic bins.  I was more than thrilled to receive a couple of WRMK’s new Bloom Pouches, which made storing some of these project materials incredibly convenient.

We R Memory Keepers Bloom Storage Pouch by Rebecca Luminarias

I definitely found myself wanting to do more DIY projects as 2018 drew to a close.  This was thanks in part to the holiday decorating fever I get every year, but also thanks to acquiring a few new WRMK tools that make DIY easy and fun.  One of those tools was the Jumbo Pom Pom Maker.  Around mid-November I decided to a start a pom pom garland.  I got 3 pom poms in and had to put it aside as the holiday madness closed in.  Yet, I know this is something I still want to have for next year and I can work on it once things settle down, usually around mid-January.  This is where one of my lovely Bloom Pouches comes in.

We R Memory Keepers Bloom Storage Pouch by Rebecca Luminarias

I can store my skeins of yarn and the Jumbo Pom Pom Maker in the pouch!  The pouch opens up flat so I can see all of my supplies and grab them quickly.

We R Memory Keepers Bloom Storage Pouch by Rebecca LuminariasWe R Memory Keepers Bloom Storage Pouch by Rebecca Luminarias

Then it cinches closed and I can tuck my large fabric scissors under the closure flap for transport.  (I tend to need those scissors often, so I don’t want to close them up in the pouch.)  I can carry the pouch from the dining room table to the couch to the car.  It’s easy to bring this lot to the park, too, so I can work on the pom poms while my kids play.  When we’re done, or if we have to make a quick bathroom run, everything closes back up quickly and simply.

We R Memory Keepers Bloom Storage Pouch by Rebecca LuminariasWe R Memory Keepers Bloom Storage Pouch by Rebecca Luminarias

This won’t be a project I can work on every day so I also appreciate that the pouch closes up neatly and can be tucked away in a closet or in a basket until I’m ready to get back to it.

We R Memory Keepers Bloom Storage Pouch by Rebecca Luminarias

Another project I wanted to make but ran out of time for was a felt ball garland.  I bought all the felt balls to create it, with visions of quiet nights in front of the Christmas tree, a candle burning, a podcast playing…and then reality hit and there were almost ZERO quiet nights in December!

We R Memory Keepers Bloom Storage Pouch by Rebecca Luminarias

I decided that I’d still like to make a garland, but I’ll make it suitable for keeping up year-round.  This, too, will be a project to visit once life returns to normal, post-holiday.  It’s all stored conveniently in my pink Bloom Pouch, too!

We R Memory Keepers Bloom Storage Pouch by Rebecca Luminarias

This folds up and transports just as the other pouch does and I do plan for some quiet nights later this month.  With the felt balls, as well as the twine on which I’ll string them, all snug inside the pouch, I can take this to the living room or the park, as well.

We R Memory Keepers Bloom Storage Pouch by Rebecca Luminarias

I’ve utilized the small interior zipper pockets to store my needles and a pair of scissors.  It’s so handy, especially for the needles so they don’t get lost.

We R Memory Keepers Bloom Storage Pouch by Rebecca Luminarias

I have a feeling that this may not be an activity that I can finish in one sitting, but there’s plenty of room in the pouch for the work-in-progress garland, and that means I can keep this with my pom pom project pouch, both in a basket next to the couch to pull out when I have some free time.

We R Memory Keepers Bloom Storage Pouch by Rebecca Luminarias

If you can’t tell, I’m smitten with the Bloom Pouches!  I can see using them for all kinds of things, too, not just craft projects.  For now, though, they’re making my life a little bit easier and a lot more organized, corralling some fun projects I can’t wait to finish up.

Bloom Pouch

Jumbo Pom Pom Maker

December New Releases!

We’ve got some news to get your weekend off to a great start. It’s time again for another exciting set of new releases! Whether you’re crafting, or looking for a stylish way to store your supplies when you’re not crafting, we’ve got you covered.



The Bloom Pouch is the perfect accessory for the on-the-go crafter! This pretty pouch comes in pink and mint, and opens up into a 20×20-inch circle so you can view all your supplies at once.



Toss in crafting supplies, makeup, office supplies, toiletries and so much more. The Bloom Pouch also has two zippered pockets for storing small, loose items, and a drawstring closure for quick and easy cleanup.



Its unique design and large space make the Bloom Pouch by We R a must-have pocket pouch for all your crafting storage. Shipping to retailers in December 2018.


Add a little something special to handmade projects with the Ribbon Stitching Tool by We R Memory Keepers! This unique tool adds beautiful ribbon strands to homemade cards, scrapbook pages, and home décor pieces.

We R Memory Keepers Ribbon for Ribbon Stitching Tool

Simply use the punch tool to cut out perfectly spaced slits, then thread your favorite color and style of ribbon through using our ribbon needles. Mix and match ribbons to fit the style of any piece, and tie it all up with a bow! Starts shipping to retailers in December 2018.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing in our exciting news! Which of these new releases are you most excited about? Tell us in the comments below.