Giant Flower Party Backdrop

Hello there We R friends! It’s Aly here with you again to finish off Flower Week with a larger-than-life party backdrop idea. Create a giant flower backdrop with the Template Studio Starter Kit, Flower Template Guide, and some Designer Poster Board!

Giant Flower Party Backdrop by Aly Dosdall for We R Memory Keepers

This giant flower backdrop is perfect for a luau, summer pool party, a bridal shower, a wedding, a baby girl shower, a tea party, and more.

Giant Flower Party Backdrop by Aly Dosdall for We R Memory Keepers

All you need to do is select poster board colors and/or patterns that fit with your event or theme.

Giant Flower Party Backdrop by Aly Dosdall for We R Memory Keepers

To make your own giant flower backdrop, start by trimming your poster board to the size shown in the instruction manual based on the flower size you’ve selected. Then follow the directions to cut out and score your flower petals using the flower template guide.

Fold the score lines as explained in the instructions, and secure the petals with a strong adhesive. I recommend hot glue for this project, and the American Crafts Sticky Thumb Cordless Glue Gun is my favorite. No limiting cord to worry about!

This is what your flower will look like once you’ve finished. (For a video tutorial on making flowers with the Template Studio, visit our YouTube channel HERE.)

Layer multiple flowers for more dimension and color.

Then add a loop of twine to the back for hanging.

To create the flower center, cut a 12 inch long strip of paper that’s 3-4 inches wide, and cut some fringe into it.

Roll up the paper and secure it with hot glue or another strong adhesive.

Then curl back the fringe to add some dimension and texture, and then hot glue it to the center of the flower.

Make several flowers in different sizes and styles for a show-stopping backdrop for your next event!

Giant Flower Party Backdrop by Aly Dosdall for We R Memory Keepers

Giant Flower Party Backdrop by Aly Dosdall for We R Memory Keepers



Template Studio Starter Kit
Flower Template Guide
Designer Poster Board



DIY Ephemera File Folders

Hello We R friends! It’s Aly Dosdall with you again today. Often when we think of memory keeping as crafters, we think of photos and albums. But memories aren’t just preserved through photos. Memorabilia helps preserve our memories as well. Including ticket stubs, pamphlets, receipts, notes, etc tells our stories just as well as including photos does. I love to keep bits and pieces from travels, school, etc and I keep them in a large archival safe box. But they’re really not well organized and I often struggle with remembering to include them in my album. Enter the Template Studio File Folder Guide!

DIY Ephemera File Folders by Aly Dosdall 1

I sorted through my ephemera and determined what size folders I needed. The largest size paper in my ephemera box is 8 1/2 x 11 inches, so I made my folders that size. I divided my ephemera into three basic groups–School, Church, and Travels. You can adjust your categories according to the type of ephemera you have.

DIY Ephemera File Folders by Aly Dosdall 2

To make the file folders I used three different colors of Bazzill Dotted Swiss Poster Board, the Template Studio Starter Kit, and the Template Studio File Folder Guide. I started by trimming the poster board down to the size specified in the instruction booklet.

template studio file folder 1

Then, as described in the included instructions, I used the File Folder Guide to cut the tabs and indents into my folders. The File Folder Guide allows you to make traditional and round tabs either on the side or the middle. You can visit our YouTube channel to watch an instructional video HERE.

template studio file folder 2

Then, instead of following the directions for scoring, I double scored the middle line to allow room for all the bulk from LOTS of ephemera.

template studio file folder 3 template studio file folder 4

That way I don’t have to worry about an over-bulky folder since I have so much ephemera to include in this one.

template studio file folder 5

DIY Ephemera File Folders by Aly Dosdall 4

I made the other two folders following the scoring instructions since I didn’t have as much ephemera to include in those. I staggered the tabs on all three folders for easier viewing.

DIY Ephemera File Folders by Aly Dosdall 5

To finish off I added the category to each folder using my Typecast typewriter and the labels included in the paper collection.

DIY Ephemera File Folders by Aly Dosdall 3

The Typecast labels were the perfect size for these folders, plus the black and grey colors fit perfectly with my color scheme.

template studio file folder 7

I love that the collection includes multiple colors of typewriter ribbon! I changed the ribbon to the Teal/Black color and then moved the switch on the typewriter to “CLR” so that the teal color showed instead of the black. (For an instructional video on how to do this CLICK HERE to go to our YouTube channel.)

template studio file folder 6

I’m so excited that I’ve finally got all my ephemera sorted and organized so it’s easier to find when I want to include it in my scrapbook album. And I love that I can create custom file folders in whatever color and size I want using the Template Studio.

DIY Ephemera File Folders by Aly Dosdall 6


Template Studio Starter Kit
File Folder Guide
Typecast Typewriter
Typecast Labels
Bazzill Dotted Swiss Poster Board

Template Studio Wedding Gift Bag

Hello We R Fans! Kimberly here today to share a beautiful wedding gift bag, that is handmade, using the Template Studio. Yes, that bag is handmade! I am so excited about how this project turned out! And I cannot wait to create more custom gift bags because it was so simple to do!

love gift bag Kimberly Crawford

After laying out the cutting mat on my table, I followed the direction cards included in the Template Studio Starter Kit. The directions and measurements for several different projects are kept on a loose-leaf ring for easy use while working.

love gift bag 2 Kimberly Crawford

The template guides have pegs on the end, that fit into the cutting mat surface, keeping the guides perfectly in place while cutting and scoring. I love how the cutting and scoring blades have small peg that fit into the rail of the guides. After following the directions and measurements for cutting and scoring, my bag was complete!

love gift bag 3 Kimberly Crawford

To add a special touch, I added handles to my wedding gift bag.

love gift bag 4 Kimberly Crawford

I used my Crop-A-Dile to punch two holes on each side of the bag. About 15” of ribbon was cut and fed through one hole. A knot was tied to the end and the excess ribbon was trimmed away. I repeated the same process by feeding the other end of the ribbon through the second hole and knotting it. To feed the ribbon more easily through the opening, I cut it at an angle.

love gift bag 5 Kimberly Crawford

These last two additions to my gift bag really made it special. The flower embellishment is from the Wildflower Collection and it has a touch of gold foiling on it. The chipboard gold word “love,” also from the Wildflower Collection, was placed over the top. It looks like a gift bag I bought at a boutique, but I made it!

love gift bag 6 Kimberly Crawford

It was a ton of fun to create my own custom wedding gift bag with the Template Studio! What special event do you have coming up that needs a special gift bag?

love gift bag 7 Kimberly Crawford



Template Studio
Designer Poster Board – Gold Stripe
Wildflower Collection-Embellishment Pack, Chipboard Stickers


Pillow Box Gift Wrap

Hey, We R fans, Laura here with a fun gift wrap idea for you this week. Today, I am going to show you how to use the Template Studio with the Pillow Box guide to create adorable pillow boxes you can use to wrap up the perfect gift for your best friend. Pillow boxes are great because they can accommodate gifts that are oddly shaped and would be hard to wrap with traditional wrapping paper.

Pillow Box Gift Wrap by Laura Silva 1

To start, you need to trim your paper to the measurements shown on the Pillow Box Guide instructions. I chose to make the smallest size box, so I needed to trim my paper to 13” x 10”. You use the A and B or B and C guides to cut or score straight lines with your template.

Pillow Box Gift Wrap by Laura Silva 2

Once you have cut your paper to the correct size, follow the instructions that came with the Pillow Box guide. You will need both the cutting blade and scoring blade to create your box.

Pillow Box Gift Wrap by Laura Silva 3

Assemble your box using adhesive along the folded edge. Then, decorate it however you like. I found it easier to decorate the box before folding the flaps down on each side.

Pillow Box Gift Wrap by Laura Silva 4

To decorate the first box, I cut a thin strip from the Flower Girl Collection papers and used adhesive to apply it around the middle of the box.

Pillow Box Gift Wrap by Laura Silva 5

Next, I created a flag piece using the Banner Punch board. I cut out two separate strips of patterned paper, with one being a little wider than the other. I used the punch board to cut the flag shape out of the bottom of each strip. I folded the strips in half and used adhesive to attach them to the top of the box.

Pillow Box Gift Wrap by Laura Silva 6

I finished off the box by adding a wooden veneer banner shape from the Flower Girl collection.

Pillow Box Gift Wrap by Laura Silva 7

I wanted the second pillow box to look like a purse. I started by creating a slightly larger pillow box than the first one. Once the box was assembled, I cut a decorative floral shape using the Evolution Advanced and leftover pink paper from the first box.

Pillow Box Gift Wrap by Laura Silva 8

Fold the shape in half and adhere it to the top of the pillow box. Then, I cut a ¾” strip of the pink paper to create a “strap” for the purse. I cut slits in the top of the box and slid the straps into the box.

Pillow Box Gift Wrap by Laura Silva 9

To make it look like the purse flap has a snap, I used the Crop-O-Dile and a wide eyelet on the front part of the pink flap.

Pillow Box Gift Wrap by Laura Silva 10

The pillow box gift wrap is the perfect way to add a little something special to a gift for your best girlfriend.

Pillow Box Gift Wrap by Laura Silva 11



Template Studio
Pillow Box Guide
Designer Poster Board
Banner Punch Board
Evolution Advanced
Flower Girl Collection
Wide Eyelets

Throwback Thursday: Father’s Day Mini Books

Today we’re throwing it back to last year, and sharing a couple of past mini book gift ideas for Father’s Day. Nothing says “I love you” like a handmade gift for Dad or Grandpa, and we’ve got some cute ones to show you!

Template Studio Folded Album

This album was made with our Designer Poster Board and Template Studio. It includes a photo of each child, plus their answers to the question, “What do you love most about Dad?” For full instructions, visit the We R blog HERE.

Template Studio Accordion Fold Fathers Day Album by Aly Dosdall 3


Accordion Pocket Coupon Book

Use our fun Accordion Pocket Die to create this interactive coupon book. The pockets are filled with journaling cards that have acts of service and love for Dad or Grandpa that can be redeemed at their request.

fathers day accordion pocket coupon book 5

If you’d like to learn how to make one of these darling coupon books for the man in your life, you can find full instructions on the We R blog HERE.

fathers day accordion pocket coupon book 3

We hope you enjoyed our special Father’s Day Throwback Thursday today. Stay tuned for tomorrow when Wendy shares a beautiful Father’s Day layout. Creative cheers!



Template Studio
Designer Poster Board
Hello Darling Collection
Accordion Pocket Die
Journaling Cards

Disney Dream Album

Hello everyone, Wendy here today with a fun file folder mini I put together for my little boy to hold his memories of Disney.  I knew this album would be experiencing a lot of wear and tear, so I used the sturdy Designer Poster Board to make the base of the album in the perfect “Mouse” colors. It was easy to put this album together using the Template Studio Starter Kit and File Folder Template.

Disney Dream album by Wendy Antenucci

I began by making 3 file folders, since I decided I wanted them to cascade I chose to cut off an additional ¼ and ½ inch before making the edges to allow each edge to be seen.  My thought was each little folder could hold different park pictures.  To create the outer folder, I actually created the same size, but when I scored the folding line I chose to make two score lines to form a larger seam for my book.

Disney Dream album by Wendy Antenucci-2

I chose some of the Clearly Posh embellishments to dress up my cover and I punched a G for my son’s name using the Alphabet punch board.

Disney Dream album by Wendy Antenucci-3

I used some of the 4×6 and 3×4 cards from the Crush collection to decorate each section of the folders and to add a place my son can write down his thoughts (or mommy can).

Disney Dream album by Wendy Antenucci-4

I wanted to add in places to put some pictures which I was able to do using my Fuse and the 4×6 waterfall sleeves.  I chose to fuse 2 or 3 sleeves in each folder depending on the size of the folder.  I punched holes in my photo sleeves using my Cinch.

Tip:  Make sure you use a template that you have created for the hole placement when punching holes in different size pieces.  My 4×6 sleeves were smaller than my folder, but I was able to line up my sleeves with my template and punch holes in the exact locations needed.

Disney Dream album by Wendy Antenucci-5

Different pieces of ephemera either stapled, glued, or clipped down added the perfect touches to decorate this album.

Disney Dream album by Wendy Antenucci-6

And finally I added in a Goodie Bag to allow all those extra pictures my son picked to be stored for his enjoyment.

Disney Dream album by Wendy Antenucci-7

My son is thrilled with his little album, which only took a few short hours to assemble.  The designer poster board and template studio made a wonderful fun album which is sturdy enough for little hands!

Disney Dream album by Wendy Antenucci-8


Supply List:

Crush Paper
Crush Ephemera
4×6 waterfall sleeves
Alphabet Punch Board
Template Studio Starter Kit
File Folder Guide
Designer Poster Board (black, red, yellow)
Clearly Posh Foil Bows
Clearly Posh Ephemera

Teacher Appreciation Gift Box

The end-of-the-school-year is almost upon us!  Hi there WeR friends, Shellye McDaniel here with a fun sort of “explosion” gift box that you can fill with loads of goodies for a teacher!  I’m using the Template Studio Starter Kit along with the Mint Designer Poster Board and the Gift Box template that comes with the Starter Kit.

Shellye McDaniel-Teacher Gift Box for We R Memory Keepers

To begin, I cut the poster board down to the correct measurement for the 7X7X7 gift box.  The poster was then placed onto the tri-fold mat and the cutting/scoring guides were snapped into place as noted on the instruction card.  After completely following the step-by-step instructions for the box, it was assembled and secured with high tack adhesive.

Shellye McDaniel-Teacher Gift Box7

I decided to leave the top flaps open so that the box resembles more of an “explosion box” style.  I traced around the flaps onto the Bouquet Patterned Paper from the “Flower Girl” Collection. The paper was then trimmed out and attached to each of the four flaps.  I added some mini red pom-pom trim around the edges of the flaps to give the box extra detail.

Shellye McDaniel-Teacher Gift Box3

Using the “Blossom DIY Party Honeycomb Pad” I cut a small section from the red honeycomb pad.  Next, I cut the section into a semi-circle, adding a small indentation at the top.  When the honeycomb paper was opened up, I had a 3”W X 2.5”H apple shape. I secured it to the front flap with glue and then added a paper straw for the stem.

Shellye McDaniel-Teacher Gift Box6

I took a left-over piece of the poster board and cut a strip to measure 11”W X 5”H. Two flaps were made by scoring the strip 2” from both ends.  The flaps were then adhered to the inside/center of the box.  You will need to make adjustments depending on the width of your box.

Shellye McDaniel-Teacher Gift Box4

Now to dress up the inside of the box!  I used the Alphabet Punch Board and three sheets each of the powder blue and Kelly green from the “Basic Cardstock 3X5 Pad”.  The letters Y, O and U were punched from both of the paper colors and then layered together with foam adhesive to give a ‘shadow’ effect.  The letters were then adhered to a standard paper straw and then glued to the inner strip that we created in the step above.

Shellye McDaniel-Teacher Gift Box5

I used various pieces from the “Flower Girl Collection” to embellish the alphabet letters and sticker letters to personalize it!

Shellye McDaniel-Teacher Gift Box1

Fill the box with tissue paper or shredded paper and then add your treats.  This particular size is great for holding larger items; again, just make adjustments depending on what sized box you’d like to end up with J


Template Studio Starter Kit
Mint Dot Designer Poster Board
Flower Girl Collection- 662873 Bouquet Paper; 662878 Wood Veneers; 662881 Sticker Sheet; 662879 Ephemera Pieces
DIY Party Honeycomb Pad-Blossom
Alphabet Punch Board
660897 Basic 3X5Cardstock Pad

Teacher Appreciation Banner

Good Monday morning We R friends! It’s your blog hostess, Aly Dosdall here to welcome you to Teacher Appreciation Week. As the school year comes to a close for many kids, we thought it would be fun to share some teacher thank-you ideas. We can’t wait to show you the fabulous gift, card, and decor projects from our design team. They’re perfect for letting your child’s or grandchild’s teachers know just how special they are!

Many schools host a special thank-you luncheon for teachers to show appreciation for all their hard work. It’s a great way for the teachers to take a minute away from the chaos of the classroom to enjoy some yummy food and some down time. Here’s an idea for a banner and some simple table decor for a teacher appreciation luncheon. I used some of my favorite We R tools–the new Staple Board, the Alphabet Punch Board, the Banner Punch Board, and the Template Studio Star Guide.

Teacher Appreciation Banner by Aly Dosdall

Teacher Appreciation Banner by Aly Dosdall 1

Once I decided on a “star” theme, I started by creating the banner. I used the Alphabet Punch Board and the 3×5 Metallic Paper Pad to create the letters for the banner. I love that the pre-cut paper pad saved me some time, but you can also cut your own paper to 3×5 inches before punching your letters.

alphabet punch board

Then I made some flag banners with my Banner Punch Board. I cut one 3.5 x 6 inch piece of patterned paper, and one 4.5×6 inch piece for each letter. I used contrasting colors of some of my favorite papers from our sister brand, Heidi Swapp, so that the letters and banner layers would pop.

banner punch board

Using banner pieces that are the same height but different widths creates a nice staggered look at the ends. I punched holes in my flag banners with the reverse punch on the board, and then threaded some DIY Party Raffia through the pieces for hanging.

layered banner ends

Next, I used the Template Studio Star Guide to create some dimensional stars for wall decor. This darling constellation designer poster board was perfect for that!

template studio

It was easy to follow the included instructions for making the stars, and I love how they pop out from the wall.

Teacher Appreciation Banner by Aly Dosdall 5

Teacher Appreciation Banner by Aly Dosdall 4

In addition to the included instruction booklet, you can check out this Template Studio Star Guide video tutorial from our YouTube channel below.

For the final touch to my Teacher Appreciation Luncheon decor, I made some simple cupcake and drink picks with a circle punch, my electronic die cutting machine, and the new Staple Board. I love the gold foil cardstock from our sister company, Bazzill–it’s just gorgeous on these picks!

Teacher Appreciation Banner by Aly Dosdall 2

Teacher Appreciation Banner by Aly Dosdall 3

I attached the printed sentiments with some small blue staples. I love all of the options that the Staple Board gives to crafters. You can choose from large, medium, and small staples in multiple colors, and you can attach your staples anywhere on your project. Awesome!

staple board

Teacher Appreciation Banner by Aly Dosdall 6

I hope this project inspires some ideas for ways you can express your appreciation to the teachers in your life.

Teacher Appreciation Banner by Aly Dosdal 7

Creating something handmade for them is a great way to put your craft supplies to use for a good cause. How would you use your crafts supplies to thank a teacher?


Alphabet Punch Board
Banner Punch Board
Staple Board
DIY Party Raffia
Bazzill Gold Foil Cardstock
Heidi Swapp Wanderlust 12×12 Paper Pad

Flower Girl Stationery Folder

Hello again! Chantalle with you today, to share this stationery folder I made for my little girl, using the gorgeous new Flower Girl collection. My Daughter absolutely loves to write letters and cards to all her friends. I have seen lots of different types of snail mail packs on the net and I thought a special folder, made just for her, would delight her!

Stationery Folder by Chantalle McDaniel for We R Memory Keepers

I’ve kept the design very simple, as she’s only five years old. An A3 size folder, held closed by some hot pink string, which has been tied to a fastener. One could also use a large elastic band or pop some self-adhesive Velcro on the inside flap.

Stat Folder_2

On the cover, I have used some Flower Girls stickers and a few elements which I have hand cut, like the ‘Chit Chat’ speech bubble from the Flower Girl Card & Frame Kit. There is also a large letter ‘E’ which I punched using my Alphabet Punch Board and some blue cardstock from the multi-colour Alphabet Punch Board pad.

Stat Folder_3

The folder opens to reveal some pre-cut cards, some matching envelopes, coloured pens, stencil, stickers and a note/drawing pad.

Stat Folder_4

It’s so easy to put something like this together for your kids.

To start, I cut an A3 piece (420mm x 297mm OR 11.69 x 16.53 inches) from a sheet of Pink Designer Poster Board. I scored and folded it in half to create the folder. I’ve left the dotted print on side inside so I have a base pattern to work with.

I then covered the outside of the folder with Flower Girl pattern paper. The front uses an A4 (297 x 210mm OR 8.27 × 11.69 inches) section and on the back I have used a slightly longer piece so I could create the fold which closes the folder. The back section was roughly 297 x 250mm (8.27 x 9.84 inches).  You can see on the middle and far right picture below how the little fold sticks out further than the edge of the folder. While closed, I used my Crop-a-Dile to punch two holes down the lefthand side, through which I have added a book ring each. These will hold my stencil and a pen pouch.

Stat Folder_5

Once I had covered the folder, I had heaps of fun creating all the bits for the inside! I made good use of my 123 Punch Board on this project, using it to create the cute envelopes and the box envelopes, which I’ve used to store the cards etc.

Stat Folder_6

I’ve kept the cards small (89mm x 89mm or 3.5inch x 3.5 inch) this way, I can create four little envelopes from one sheet of 12×12 paper, as each envelope uses a 6×6 inch piece of paper.

Stat Folder_7

So many gorgeous colours and bold geometric prints in this collection! I especially love the macarons.

Stat Folder_8

You could pop a whole range of items in the box envelope. I’ve included some bright paperclips and some foil stickers from the ‘Oh Goodie’ range.

Stat Folder_9

Stat Folder_10

A peg glued on one side is very useful for holding some die cuts and a bulldog clip provides a strong grip for heavier items.

Stat Folder_11

On the opposite side, I’ve added the notepad with writing implements.

Stat Folder_12

One of my very clever fellow Design Team members, Amanda Coleman, shared an awesome idea to include pencils into a notebook she created. I’ve taken inspiration from that and used my Fuse Tool to create a sleeve for the pens. I’ve simply punched some holes in the sleeve and attached the pouch to the book ring.

Stat Folder_13

I’ve included this stencil as a loan! hehe. It’s actually a Heatwave stencil, so I will be on the lookout for a more permanent option to include in the folder 😉 By adding it to the rings, she can just flip it over when not in use.

Stat Folder_14

The little pad is just attached with some removable sticky dots. I’ve chosen these as it will be easy to replace the pad once it’s been used up.

Stat Folder_15

The pad has been framed with some more Flower Girl pattern paper. I think it looks so much nicer than just being adhered straight to the poster board.

Stat Folder_16

Needless to say, the folder was a massive hit!

Stat Folder_17

She couldn’t wait to look at all the details and give it a try straight away!

Stat Folder_18

A note to her BFF… I couldn’t love that handwriting any more!

Stat Folder_19

A cute card, decorated and filled with confetti which she punched herself using my DIY Party Confetti Punch.

Stat Folder_20

I hope you will give this idea a try. There are so many possibilities! Adjust the size and/or contents and it could be such fun for a long journey or a thoughtful gift for a friend.

Stat Folder_21

Until next time, wishing you lots of happy crafting!





Designer Poster Board ‘Pink’

Alphabet Punch Board

1-2-3 Punch Board

DIY Mini Pinata Pull Tabs Silver


Flower Girl 12×12:






‘Garden Path’



Flower Girl Ephemera

Flower Girl Wood Veneer Shapes

Flower Girl Card & Frame Kit

Flower Girl Puffy Stickers

Flower Girl Accent Stickers


Corner Chomper


Fuse Tool


DIY Rosette Bunting

Hello, everyone!  Shellye here with a celebratory project using the DIY Fringe And Score Board and Rosette Punch. This single bunting piece is quite large, so adjust it to the size you need and string several together to create a fun length of bunting to decorate with!

Shellye McDaniel-DIY Party Fringe Board Rosette Bunting1

To get started, I used four sheets of 12X12 Black Cardstock.

Shellye McDaniel-DIY Party Fringe Board Rosette Bunting4

Before placing the score tool onto the track of the Fringe Board, I selected the 1” option.

Shellye McDaniel-DIY Party Fringe Board Rosette Bunting2

Next, I placed the edge of the paper up to the 1” mark on the board and began scoring.  For heavier papers it may be necessary to score two or three times.

Shellye McDaniel-DIY Party Fringe Board Rosette Bunting3

Once that line of scoring has been completed, move the last score line so that it lines up with the 1” mark; repeat the scoring over the remainder of the paper.

Shellye McDaniel-DIY Party Fringe Board Rosette Bunting5

For the top layer of the bunting, I chose the “Romance” 12X12 paper from the Crush Collection.  I used three pieces of the patterned paper that measured 6”X12”.  The paper was then scored in the same fashion as the black cardstock.

Now to add design to the edging of the paper: use the Rosette Punch  and align the score line up with the arrow on the punch.  Move the paper so that it skips the very next score line and punch on the next line.  Accordion fold the papers and adhere edge to edge with the following paper.

Shellye McDaniel-DIY Party Fringe Board Rosette Bunting7

Because this is half of a rosette, you will need a strip of paper or ribbon to secure the bunting /fan shape.  I cut a strip of the Pink Designer Poster Board to 1”X 22” and attached to the top flap.  The smaller bunting piece was then adhered to the top inside flap of the bottom bunting piece.

Two holes were punched at the top with the Crop A Dile and a length of ribbon was strung through for hanging.

Shellye McDaniel-DIY Party Fringe Board Rosette Bunting6

Shellye McDaniel-DIY Party Fringe Board Rosette Bunting8

An 8” circle was also cut from the Pink Designer Poster Board and used to cover up the center of the bunting.  It was embellished with Crush Alpha Stickers and gold Sequin Stickers.

This would also make a cute door hanger to greet baby or again, make several to string together and create a festive bunting!


DIY Fringe And Score Board
Rosette Punch
12X12 Black Cardstock
Crush Romance 12X12 Paper
Crop A Dile
Crush Alpha Stickers
Gold Sequin Stickers
Crush Die-Cut Ephemera