Five Fun Kids Crafts

Hey there We R friends! Thanks for stopping by today. Since this week is Kids Crafts Week, we wanted to share some of the most popular past kids crafts from our blog. We figure the more ideas you’re armed with over summer vacation, the better…right? So here are Five Fun Kids Crafts!

5 Fun Kids Crafts by We R Memory Keepers

DIY Board Game

Use your paper craft supplies to make your own board game to keep the kiddos busy this summer. Stickers, ephemera bits, and die cuts are perfect as decorations, markers, or other game elements. You can even use the Power Punch or Crop-A-Dile to make your own spinner! CLICK HERE to learn how to make your own.

DIY Board Game by Chantalle McDaniel for We R Memory Keepers

Reading Center

Get your little ones excited about summer reading with their own reading center. Use your favorite We R tools to customize their quiet area so it’s their own special space. Between the Banner Punch Board, the Alphabet Punch Board, and the Garland Punch, we’ve got you covered! More photos and details on the blog HERE.

Classroom decor ideas by Eva Pizarro for We R Memory Keepers

DIY Confetti Poppers

Your patriotic summer celebrations will be extra fun with these easy DIY Confetti Poppers. Grab an empty toilet paper tube, a balloon, some patriotic paper, and some of our DIY Party supplies–Mini Piñata Pull Tabs and Confetti–and you’re good to go. Find a step-by-step tutorial on our blog HERE.

DIY Confetti Poppers by Kimberly Crawford for We R Memory Keepers

End of the School Year Piñatas

Make the last day of school a special one with individual mini piñatas that mark the next grade for your kids or grandkids. CLICK HERE to learn more about these fun party favors!

DIY Teepee Kit

You kids will love having a place to call their own this summer. Whether it’s for indoors or outdoors, reading or playing house, the DIY Teepee Kit is perfect for keeping small people happy and entertained. CLICK HERE to learn more about how to customize your own.

DIY Teepee Kit by We R Memory Keepers

Thanks for joining us today! We hope you’ve found some inspiration for some fun kids crafts to try this summer. Creative cheers!

A DIY Teepee: 10 Techniques to Try

Hello We R friends, and welcome to Kids Craft Week! We know that for some of you school’s out and there are little people in your life that need some summer crafting time, so we thought we’d share some kids craft ideas this week. Our team has put together some awesome projects that you can make for kids to keep them entertained, or with kids to keep them busy. So, grab your notebook and get ready to write down some fabulous ideas!

First off, we’re thrilled to welcome our June guest designer, Megan Hoeppner. Megan has worked in the craft industry extensively as an editor, writer, teacher, author, blogger, crafter, and in public relations. She currently works as editor-in-chief for Scrapbook & Cards Today magazine, the industry’s leading publication; teaches live and online classes; blogs for Gardner Village, a group of locally-owned specialty retail shops and restaurants in Utah; and makes regular television appearances on Studio 5, the leading local Utah lifestyle program. Get to know Megan through her social media accounts, and then check out her amazing kids craft project below.


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Say, say, oh playmate. Won’t you come out and play with me? Bring your scissors, three. Climb inside my teepee.


When it comes to crafting, there’s not much I like more than making decor for my girls’ rooms. There’s just something about the whimsy of it all I find extra enchanting. So when We R asked me to join their Kids’ Crafts week, you bet I was all in. Especially when it meant playing with the fab new teepee kit. Swoon!


The teepee is available in white and cream—perfect for the monochrome (black and white) look I’ve been adding to my daughter’s room!


The kit comes with an awesome assortment of embellishments, but some don’t fit my black/white/pop-of-green color scheme. No worries! I simply used them as patterns to fashion my own coordinating elements (including some of the pieces shown here).


Here are ten techniques for building your own unique teepee. I included a variety of options and approaches so you can pick and choose the ideas that most appeal to you. Let’s do it to it!



My mad sewing skillz leave much to be desired, so I didn’t want to stitch pieces onto my teepee. Instead, I turned cotton into iron-on transfers by treating it with fusible webbing (Heat-n-Bond Ultra Hold by Therm O Web). This also gives fabric rigidity and keeps it from fraying.

Tip: Once you’ve added the webbing, don’t remove the paper backing from the fabric until it’s time to adhere your elements to your teepee.



The kit’s felt pieces are sturdy and thick, making them awesome tracing templates. I used the flag to create banner pieces and mountains.


Tip: Make your fabric double-sided (for the banner) by ironing two pieces together. Don’t worry about putting iron-on webbing on the back of both. Instead, save on materials and iron a treated piece (piece with webbing) to an untreated piece and trim around the edges.

I used a feather from the kit to make my own. I added some stitching to give it added feather feel and sewed a loop at the top so it would wrap around the teepee poles.




I {heart} the included foam stamps. Isn’t this a great heart? If the idea of stamping directly on your teepee freaks you out, try stamping on fabric using acrylic paint. Then cut the painted shape out (once dry) and iron it on your teepee.


You can also use the stamps as quick stencils. I found it easier to trace the outer edge of the stamps, which results in a slightly larger image than if you stamp directly.


One reason I love adding my own handmade touches to a project is it allows me to personalize. In this case, I stitched my daughters’ names on two of the hearts and adhered them to the teepee. This teepee belongs to… 🙂




As soon as I laid eyes on this fabric (by Dear Stella and Wee Gallery), I was crushing hard. I bought it a year ago and knew it would make it’s way into Maggie’s room one way or another. At last, it’s found its home! The little friends look so charming along the bottom of the teepee.


Like a game of paper dolls, dressing these playful pals is great fun. There is actually fabric designed with bitty clothes on it that fit these friends. Or you can design your own, following any of these approaches:

Option 1: Make a template by placing see-through paper over your fabric and sketching an outfit, trimming your sketch, and using it to cut clothes.


Stitch clothing. This is by far the most time-consuming option (took me about 45 min. per animal), but the outcome sure is cute.


Draw directly on the fabric using a fabric-friendly marker, such as the Micron pen from Sakura.




Now comes the fun part—dressing up your teepee. With a variety of accents prepared, it’s time to actually add them to your teepee. You’ll want to add them before actually assembling the teepee (inserting the poles). All of these steps are no-sew, so this part comes together fairly quickly. I started by hot-gluing pom pom trim around the bottom of my teepee.





I topped my teepee with more iron-on fabric. I found it easiest to start with a square of fabric and then trim away the sides to fit the teepee’s shape. The spacing isn’t 100% even from teepee panel (side) to panel, which means you’ll want to measure and cut each of your four toppers uniquely. Don’t forget to cut a hole from the grommet.


Once my four panels were ironed on, I added a layer of trim along the bottom seam of each, alternating between white poms and black (white on front and back sides of teepee; black on sides of teepee).


I also added small strips of the same fabric to the space around the door.




Have fun playing with the placement of your fabric pieces. Once you’re satisfied with where they’ll go, iron them on following the directions on the fusible webbing’s packaging.




I draped my teepee in all sorts of happy bits. The cream felt tassel from the kit, my DIY feather, a yarn pom, and a fabric flower went around the poles at the top. (Oh, I also placed a cloud mobil I made from a wire hanger and some yarn on the top, just for pics. I doubt I’ll leave it there.)


The draping continued with the addition of the kit’s cute felt pom garland. And I turned my cut triangles into a banner, which I paired with a pre-made “high five” banner I picked up at a local craft fair. (High Five banner by The Bees Knees Shoppe.)




Let’s talk lights! Lighting adds so much to the finished look. I’m a bit obsessed with lights in my girls’ rooms, so I had many options to choose from. These groovy fabric ball lights are from Target.


The bitty star marquee in Maggie’s hand is from Heidi Swapp. It’s battery operated (love!), so it can go inside the teepee with ease.


And my beloved cloud light is from Fromage la Rue—an Australian company.




Maggie turns four tomorrow, so this was a special surprise for her birthday. I LOVED calling her up to her room and watching her face light up when she ran in and found her special space.



Here baby sister, Lulu, is quite taken with it, too.




The kid crafting continues! Make a mini teepee to match. I’ll show you how on my blog.


I can already tell these girls are going to enjoy much teepee time together. In fact, Maggie asked to sleep in it last night. LOL If you end up adding a teepee to your space and sharing it online, you’ll have to let me know. I’d love to see how you take this fun kit and make it your own.




Happy crafting!

Megan Hoeppner



Spring Banner Wreath

Hey there crafty friends! It’s Aly here again to kick off Banner & Garland Week on the blog. Spring is on its way, and banners and garlands are the perfect way to celebrate it! This week our team will be sharing project inspiration for garlands, banners, and other lovely hanging decor for your home and your celebrations. Be sure to stop back often–you’re going to love what they’ve come up with!

My project is a fun spring-themed door wreath that includes a banner across the center. Banners and garlands can be stand-alone projects, or you can incorporate them into other projects like I did with this wreath.

Spring Banner Wreath by Aly Dosdall_

The base of my wreath is a 9″ Natural Folded Ruler from the Ruler Studio collection. If you’re not familiar with the Ruler Studio collection, check out this video with some great project ideas and inspiration.

The felt banners and wood beads on my wreath are leftovers from the DIY Teepee Kit project I made last fall. Since this wreath is hanging outdoors I thought the felt banners would last longer than paper in the changing weather.

Spring Banner Wreath by Aly Dosdall_outdoors

I tied the felt banners on the folded rulers with twine, and then clipped the twine in place with hanging clips.

Spring Banner Wreath by Aly Dosdall 1

Spring Banner Wreath by Aly Dosdall 4

To create the “Hello Sunshine” text I used a piece of die cut ephemera from the FUSEables collection, and I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut the 12×12 FUSEables Confetti paper to say “sunshine”. The plastic FUSEables paper holds up much better in the elements outdoors than regular paper. To hold the “hello” ephemera piece onto my banner I used a vintage clothespin from the Oh Goodie collection. I just love how it looks–so cute!

Spring Banner Wreath by Aly Dosdall 2

I used some tacky craft glue to attach the die cut “sunshine” word to the felt banners. I placed the letter “i” just underneath the teal bead to serve as the dot.

Spring Banner Wreath by Aly Dosdall 3

I was so excited to discover how to cut the FUSEables paper with my Cameo! That opens up so many possibilities for creating DIY embellishments for layouts, cards, and other projects with my Fuse tool. If you’d like to learn how to cut FUSEables paper with your electronic die cutting machine, you can watch me demonstrate how on my Periscope channel (@AlyDosdall) today, March 7th, at 2pm mountain time.

Spring Banner Wreath by Aly Dosdall 5

The final touch on this wreath is the light strands from the Ruler Studio collection that I added. Of course, lights make everything look prettier! This thing looks so cool at night when guests come to our door! It was easy to adhere the light strand battery packs to the back of the rulers and hide them behind the banners. The foam squares included in the Ruler Studio collection hold them, as well as the light bulb caps, to the rulers securely. Tip: I added two strands and hid the battery packs behind the banners on opposite sides to balance my wreath.

Spring Banner Wreath by Aly Dosdall_IG

I’m so ready for spring and warmer weather, and this outdoor spring banner wreath is the perfect way to welcome them! How do you like to use banners and garlands in your decor?


9″ Natural Folding Ruler
Ruler Studio Hanging Clips
Ruler Studio Light Strand (2)
FUSEables Ephemera
FUSEables 12×12 Paper–Confetti
Oh Goodie Vintage Clothespins
DIY Teepee Kit (felt banners and wood beads)


Polka Dot DIY Teepee

Hello, Samantha here with you today. I am beyond excited to be sharing my version of the We R Memory Keepers + Crate Paper Teepees with my Polka Dot Teepee.

Polka Dot Teepee By Samantha Taylor for We R Memory Keepers #DIYteepee #targetcom

First let me say, if you have littles in your life, they will LOVE this! In fact, my kids (ages 7 and 9) are sitting in it together right now, reading. There’s enough room in there for both of them, a blanket, and a couple of pillows. It’s super fun!

Polka Dot Teepee By Samantha Taylor for We R Memory Keepers #DIYteepee #targetcom

The easiest way to customize this teepee and make it your own is to paint it. The teepee comes with black paint, and I picked up some bright green and aqua blue paint to add to the mix as well. The teepee also comes with 3 different stamps. I decided to go with just the circle stamp.

Polka Dot Teepee By Samantha Taylor for We R Memory Keepers #DIYteepee #targetcom

Stamping with paint is a lot like stamping with ink. Just spread your tee pee out as flat as you can in a well-lit area (I used the floor in my craft room), ink up your foam stamp (in this case you’ll be inking it up with paint), and press your stamp to the fabric with firm but even pressure. I suggest placing cardboard under the layer that you will be stamping on to give you a firm foundation to stamp on and to protect the rest of your project if any of the paint seeps through.

Polka Dot Teepee By Samantha Taylor for We R Memory Keepers #DIYteepee #targetcom

I started by stamping dots all over the front of the teepee randomly, and then I carried those dots around the sides of the teepee, just at the bottom. Carrying the dots along the bottom of the sides helped give a continuity of design without the business of an all over polka dot pattern.

Polka Dot Teepee By Samantha Taylor for We R Memory Keepers #DIYteepee #targetcom

I used most of the included flags, felt feathers, pompoms, and tassels to decorate the top of the teepee.

Polka Dot Teepee By Samantha Taylor for We R Memory Keepers #DIYteepee #targetcom

Don’t forget you have an entire inside you can decorate, too! I thought it would be so much fun to create some polka dot lights for inside the teepee.

Polka Dot Teepee By Samantha Taylor for We R Memory Keepers #DIYteepee #targetcom #DIYParty #honeycomblights

I used honeycomb paper from the DIY Party collection and a string of lights from the Honeycomb Light Kit to create a battery powered string of globe lights for inside the teepee. I used paper from the black, meadow, and ocean honeycomb pads to incorporate the same colors from the polka dots on the outside of the teepee. I cut the paper into sphere shapes, so it looks like there are polka dots hanging inside the teepee. It really adds some extra magic to the space!

Polka Dot Teepee By Samantha Taylor 9


This teepee is such a fun space for my kids (and to be honest, I’ve spent some time in it with them, too). It’s so easy to set up and customizing it with paints and decorations makes it such a special place to read and hang out. How would you customize a teepee?



Teepee Kit
DIY Party Honeycomb Lights Kit
DIY Party Honeycomb Stencils
DIY Party Small Honeycomb Pads Black
DIY Party Small Honeycomb Pads Meadow
DIY Party Small Honeycomb Pads Ocean



Southwest-Inspired DIY Teepee

Hello We R friends! It’s Aly Dosdall, and I’m so excited to share how I personalized the DIY Teepee kit today! This teepee is going to be a Christmas present for my 6 year old daughter…shh…don’t tell. To help keep it a secret (and because her house had the perfect corner for a photo shoot) my talented neighbor Brooke let me borrow her darling daughter and home. Thank you Brooke!

Southwest DIY Teepee by Aly Dosdall for We R Memory Keepers #DIYteepee #targetcom

My daughter’s favorite colors are pink and turquoise, so I decided to go with those colors plus a touch of metallic yellow-gold.

Southwest DIY Teepee by Aly Dosdall for We R Memory Keepers #DIYteepee #targetcom

I chose a southwest-inspired theme, and cut some pink felt triangles which I sewed onto the front of the teepee.

Southwest DIY Teepee by Aly Dosdall for We R Memory Keepers #DIYteepee #targetcom

I painted some metallic yellow-gold stripes using masking tape as my guide, and then paint-stamped some turquoise arrows using the foam stamps that came with the kit. For best results when painting, place a hard surface (like a glass cutting mat or smooth cutting board) under the teepee fabric. Place a single layer of paper towels over the hard surface to avoid paint leaking through onto your surface.

Southwest DIY Teepee by Aly Dosdall for We R Memory Keepers #DIYteepee #targetcom

I made a custom pom pom garland to coordinate with my color scheme using the new DIY Party Pom Pom Makers. Then I strung them together and hung it around the top of the teepee.

We R Memory Keepers DIY Pompom makers

Southwest DIY Teepee by Aly Dosdall for We R Memory Keepers #DIYteepee #targetcom

Southwest DIY Teepee by Aly Dosdall for We R Memory Keepers #DIYteepee #targetcom

I also made a pink felt banner and added it to the tassel garland to hang around the top.

Southwest DIY Teepee by Aly Dosdall for We R Memory Keepers #DIYteepee #targetcom

Then I paint-dipped the tips of the wooden poles to add some fun color at the top of the teepee.

Southwest DIY Teepee by Aly Dosdall for We R Memory Keepers #DIYteepee #targetcom

Southwest DIY Teepee by Aly Dosdall for We R Memory Keepers #DIYteepee #targetcom

I can’t wait for my daughter to open this Christmas morning. It’s the perfect place for her to read, play with her toys, take a little  nap, or just hang out. She asked Santa for a tree house, and since we don’t have any trees in our yard that would fit a tree house, this is a perfect solution! She’ll be thrilled!


DIY Teepee Kit
DIY Party Pom Pom Makers
Felt Sheets
Acrylic Paint

1950’s Peter Pan Inspired DIY Teepee

Get excited friends! Jen McDermott’s here to share the DIY Teepee she created using our brand new kit. While this fun play space will no doubt be used again and again for adventure of all kinds over the years, it’s the perfect place for her darling son to spend some quiet reading time over the Thanksgiving break, don’t you think?


I have a real treat for you this morning, We R fans! Jen McDermott here, and I am SO EXCITED for you to get a look at the brand new DIY Teepee kit from We R and Crate Paper! (A match made in crafty heaven!)  I had so much fun putting the teepee together and the kit made it super easy.

DIY Teepee Kit by Jen McDermott for We R Memory Keepers #DIYteepee #targetcom

The poles in the kit come in two pieces, connected by a plastic connector. It took no time at all to put the poles together and slip them through the sleeves.  The fabric is a great weight, and it was easy to tie the cording through the pre-drilled holes in the top. All together, it took about 5 mins from the box to teepee assembly completion.

DIY Teepee Kit by Jen McDermott for We R Memory Keepers #DIYteepee #targetcom

The kit comes with cute garlands, felt accessories and beads to decorate, as well as some black paint and foam stamps. I was really feeling like turning this into a 1940’s/50’s/Peter Pan kind of  theme, so I grabbed some themed fabric scraps I had laying around and turned them into a tassel garland, using the cording included in the kit.  The colors of the feathers and beads in the kit were perfect for the fabric and vibe. I definitely thought distressed/vintage-inspired navy stars would be perfect for the front of the tent.

DIY Teepee Kit by Jen McDermott for We R Memory Keepers #DIYteepee #targetcom

DIY Teepee Kit by Jen McDermott for We R Memory Keepers #DIYteepee #targetcom

My kids are really enjoying using this as a fort/reading tent/”hideout”. It’s a great size for throwing in a few blankets and toys and having a chill morning at home.

DIY Teepee Kit by Jen McDermott for We R Memory Keepers #DIYteepee #targetcom

DIY Teepee Kit by Jen McDermott for We R Memory Keepers #DIYteepee #targetcom


I foresee this tent getting LOTS of use in the coming colder months when we’re trying to get creative with our indoor play: this can be a rocketship, a camping tent, a reading/resting space…and I’m sure my kids will think of even more ways to play with it!

How excited are you for this kit? How are you going to decorate yours?? Share with us on our Facebook page, or leave us a comment here!

New Release: DIY Teepee Kit

Happy Monday We R fans! We are so thrilled to announce a unique new release! We R Memory Keepers and Crate Paper have teamed up to bring you the DIY Teepee Kit!

We R Memory Keepers + Crate Paper DIY Teepee kit #DIYteepee #targetcom

This amazing kit contains everything you need to create a custom DIY teepee for your child or grandchild. Included are wood poles, connectors, a sewn teepee, cording, rope, playful embellishments, foam stamps, and a black bottle of paint.

We R Memory Keepers + Crate Paper DIY Teepee kit #DIYteepee #targetcom

Use the included cording, pom pom garland, felt tassels, felt feathers, beads, and felt banners to decorate and personalize your DIY teepee. You can also use the included paint and foam stamps to add fun patterns and designs. Or, you can add your choice of paint colors, shapes, patterns, and embellishments to create a unique look.

We R Memory Keepers + Crate Paper DIY Teepee kit #DIYteepee #targetcom

There are two kits to choose from–a light kit, and a dark kit. Both include everything mentioned above, though the colors of the embellishments vary.

We R Memory Keepers + Crate Paper DIY Teepee kit #DIYteepee #walmartcom

This fun DIY teepee is the perfect play place for your kids and their friends or cousins to hang out over the Thanksgiving break. It would also make a pretty amazing gift for the holidays, don’t you think?

We R Memory Keepers + Crate Paper DIY Teepee kit #DIYteepee #walmartcom

So, what do you think about this exciting and unique new release? How would you personalize your DIY Teepee?

P.S. Stay tuned for more teepee inspiration from our design team!