Halloween Witch Hats with the DIY Party Board

Hello We R Fans! Kimberly here today with some fun Halloween décor. When you think of the We R Memory Keepers DIY Party Board, you probably are not thinking you can make decorations with it. But check out how easy it made creating these witch hats!

DIY Party Board Witch Hats for Halloween by Kimberly Crawford for We R Memory Keepers

Each of these witch hats was made from the Mini Party Hat setting on the DIY Party Board.

DIY Party Board Witch Hats for Halloween by Kimberly Crawford for We R Memory Keepers

Once again, We R Memory Keepers does an amazing job of labeling their tools! The size of paper needed to create a Mini Party Hat is listed on the board. In this case 6×6.”

DIY Party Board Witch Hats for Halloween by Kimberly Crawford for We R Memory Keepers

It also lists which cutting guide to use (C). And which notches to place the guide inside. I could not get any simpler. The paper will need to be cut twice. Align the guide and make your cut by sliding the blade in the grooves. Repeat for the second cut. I have found that the smaller, second cut, does need more help in holding the paper in place because the guide is covering much less of the paper. Use your other hand to keep the paper in the bottom corner when making the smallest cut.

DIY Party Board Witch Hats for Halloween by Kimberly Crawford for We R Memory Keepers

A sturdy adhesive will need to be used to hold the party/witch hats together. The Red Tape works really well. I placed a strip of adhesive on the edge of the front. Then a second strip of adhesive on the other edge, but on the back side of the paper. When you roll your paper together, the adhesive will help keep both sides in place.

DIY Party Board Witch Hats for Halloween by Kimberly Crawford for We R Memory Keepers

Roll the paper together, keeping it flat on the table. By doing this your witch hat will sit flat.

DIY Party Board Witch Hats for Halloween by Kimberly Crawford for We R Memory Keepers

Cut a strip of patterned paper to ½” by 6.” Apply this to the bottom of the witch hat, once again, holding everything flat to the table. I found that placing the adhesive strip along the bottom helped keep it in place. The paper you wrap around the bottom will not lay flat against the cone of the hat. But its ok.

Patterned paper was cut into a circle. I then glued the cone to the base of the hat with a hot glue gun.

DIY Party Board Witch Hats for Halloween by Kimberly Crawford for We R Memory Keepers

Each of the hats was decorated with various stickers and ephemera from the Pebbles Midnight Haunting collection.

DIY Party Board Witch Hats for Halloween by Kimberly Crawford for We R Memory Keepers

DIY Party Board Witch Hats for Halloween by Kimberly Crawford for We R Memory Keepers

The mix of flat stickers and puffy stickers added fun dimension to each witch hat.

DIY Party Board Witch Hats for Halloween by Kimberly Crawford for We R Memory Keepers

Where will you use your handmade witch hats this Halloween?



We R Memory Keepers:

Pebbles- Midnight Haunting Collection

American Crafts:

DIY Perforated Notepads for Teacher

Hello there friends! It’s Aly here today sharing a quick and easy gift idea for your child’s new teacher this year.  Since my daughter spends so much time at school, and her teacher works so hard, I like to let her teacher know how much I appreciate everything she does at the start of the school year. Check out how I made these DIY Perforated Notepads with my new Dial Trimmer.

To create these teacher notepads, I had to cut several sheets of paper to size, score the covers, and perforate the pages inside. I was able to do all of this with just one tool. So easy!

The Staple Board made it easy to bind the notepad pages together with the covers. I love the copper staples–so chunky and pretty!

To make these back-to-school teacher gifts, I started by trimming the covers to 3×12 inch strips using my Dial Trimmer. That will make (3×6 inch notepads.) All I had to do was align my paper in the guide, turn the dial to the straight blade, then pull it down.

Then I rotated the dial to the scoring blade, and scored the covers at 6 inches and 6 7/8 inches.

I folded the 6 inch score line so that my cover pattern was on the outside, then I folded the 6 7/8 inch score line the opposite direction. This is what the cover should look like after scoring and folding:

Next I trimmed some lined paper to 3×5 7/8 inches (to make sure the bottom edges of the lined paper don’t peek out passed the edges of the cover). I perforated the top of each one at 7/8 inch–it was easy to turn the dial and do with the same tool! Yes!

After perforating the lines pages, I assembled the notepads.

I used the Staple Board to bind the covers and pages. I recommend using thin text weight paper inside. Depending on the thickness of your paper, you can staple between 7-10 pages inside your cardstock cover with the large staples. Test out how many you can do with scraps of the paper you will be using.

Use the guides on the board to align your staple perfectly, and then press down on a hard stable surface using your bodyweight to help.

Once I stapled the notepads, I added a few embellishments from the Maggie Holmes Chasing Dreams collection to the front to match the covers from the same collection. I chose sentiments that I hope will inspire the teacher.

I love that you can pull each page out if needed. I love the perforating feature of the Dial Trimmer–so many possibilities!

This project is a great teacher gift, but would also be perfect for your student, friends, neighbors, or coworkers. Everyone can always use another notebook. Especially when it’s handmade with love.

This project took minutes with my new Dial Trimmer, and I hope my daughter’s second grade teacher enjoys them and will put them to good use. Thanks for joining me, and happy back-to-school crafting friends!


Dial Trimmer
Staple Board
Maggie Holmes Chasing Dreams Collection

Beach Bag with the Stitch Happy

Hello and welcome, Chantalle with you today! The Winter solstice has come and gone here in the Southern Hemisphere (not that we can really complain about our winter temps in Queensland!) and I am starting to dream about balmy beach days again. I’ve created an oversized beach bag with my Stitch Happy Sewing Machine, which can accommodate all of our gear for a day at the beach, a picnic or pool party!

DIY Beach Bag with the Stitch Happy sewing machine by Chantalle McDaniel for We R Memory Keepers

I will confess, that my sewing skills are pretty much limited to most things in square form or something easy that I can check out a tutorial online. (You can find the full details of this tutorial later on in this post.)

My bag is primarily natural calico with a bright pop of colour for the lining and little pocket. I had such fun looking at all the beautiful trims in my local fabric store!

DIY Beach Bag with the Stitch Happy sewing machine by Chantalle McDaniel for We R Memory Keepers

I washed and ironed my fabric before use to prevent the fabric from warping later on. Once it was ready, I used my new Supreme Ruler to measure out two large pieces, each 22 x 40 inches. I folded the material over before I cut to make it easier. Using the fold as one side, also meant I didn’t have to sew all four sides. The Supreme Ruler was fabulous to use, as the one side has a metal edge, which was perfect for using my rotary cutter against. It also has handy measuring guides, so I knew exactly where to make my markings.

DIY Beach Bag with the Stitch Happy sewing machine by Chantalle McDaniel for We R Memory Keepers

This bag is large and strong – It easily fitted four towels, my camera, sunblock, hats and a picnic rug. The bag’s size also seems easy to adjust, so you can make one to suit your specific needs!

DIY Beach Bag with the Stitch Happy sewing machine by Chantalle McDaniel for We R Memory Keepers

As per the tutorial, I sewed two square shapes, one in the bright chevron and one in the calico. The bag has squared off edges, which makes it easier to stand up a bit straighter. This involves marking off sections in the bottom two corners, opening the corner and then sewing across. Finally cutting off the excess fabric.

DIY Beach Bag with the Stitch Happy sewing machine by Chantalle McDaniel for We R Memory Keepers

The bags then fit inside each other and one sews in the handles. I’ve used natural belting which was a little over an inch wide. You can make these as long or as short as you like.

DIY Beach Bag with the Stitch Happy sewing machine by Chantalle McDaniel for We R Memory Keepers

You’ll notice I’ve sewed in a box fashion where the handles meet the fabric. This provides extra strength when the handles are under load. Just go slow and steady with your machine and if you find using the pedal is too fast for such a specific area, I like to just wind by hand so I know each stitch is deliberate.

DIY Beach Bag with the Stitch Happy sewing machine by Chantalle McDaniel for We R Memory Keepers

The pocket was a bit of a made up design, lol. I initially thought the pocket would have the chevron on the outside, but it turned out looking a bit too bright, so I used the calico on the outside and lined it with the chevron print, turning the front edge over slightly, so the colour was peeping out. This was then finished off with some super cute coordinating pom pom trim, which I may or may not have bought a bit extra for something else in the future!

DIY Beach Bag with the Stitch Happy sewing machine by Chantalle McDaniel for We R Memory Keepers

I’m so impressed with how this bag turned out. I’ll definitely be using the method to create more bags like this and would love to try making a smaller one for everyday items, like groceries or my little one’s gymnastics class! It was a very do-able project and I loved creating it with my Stitch Happy!

DIY Beach Bag with the Stitch Happy sewing machine by Chantalle McDaniel for We R Memory Keepers

Thank you so much for stopping by today. I hope you will have as much fun with your Stitch Happy Sewing Machine as I have!

(The full tutorial of this bag can be found by clicking here)



Materials Used:

Stitch Happy Sewing Machine

Stitch Happy Thread White

Supreme Ruler

Fabric Hoop with the Supreme Ruler

Hello, We R friends! Tessa Buys here. I love pretty fabric almost as much as I love pretty paper, so every once in awhile it’s fun to put down the paper and glue and whip up a fabric project. This one is super easy, especially when you use the new We R Memory Keepers Supreme Ruler:

Fabric Hoop with the Supreme Ruler by Tessa Buys for We R Memory Keepers

I gathered some fabric scraps that I loved, including quilting cottons and this fun, shimmery fabric. Using a rotary cutter and the Supreme Ruler, I cut several strips from each fabric in various widths. I knew I loved this ruler for paper projects, but now I don’t think I’ll be using my usual quilting ruler as much any more.

Fabric Hoop with the Supreme Ruler by Tessa Buys for We R Memory Keepers

Why? I cannot sing the praises of the non-slip grip the bottom of this ruler has enough! I am a clumsy crafter, so it was really nice to be able to count on the non-slip grip to keep my ruler from moving around on the fabric. Also, I love the handle that I can hold and push down on as I am cutting. It’s much easier to grasp and move around than my typical quilting ruler.

Fabric Hoop with the Supreme Ruler by Tessa Buys for We R Memory Keepers

Once I had all my strips cut, I simply looped them around an embroidery hoop. I embellished with some handmade felt roses and leaves.

Fabric Hoop with the Supreme Ruler by Tessa Buys for We R Memory Keepers

I’m sure I’ll be using my Supreme Ruler for more fabric crafts. My quilting ruler might collect a little bit of dust while I keep the Supreme Ruler handy. If you give a fabric project a try, happy crafting!

Supplies Used:

Supreme Ruler

Giant Flower Party Backdrop

Hello there We R friends! It’s Aly here with you again to finish off Flower Week with a larger-than-life party backdrop idea. Create a giant flower backdrop with the Template Studio Starter Kit, Flower Template Guide, and some Designer Poster Board!

Giant Flower Party Backdrop by Aly Dosdall for We R Memory Keepers

This giant flower backdrop is perfect for a luau, summer pool party, a bridal shower, a wedding, a baby girl shower, a tea party, and more.

Giant Flower Party Backdrop by Aly Dosdall for We R Memory Keepers

All you need to do is select poster board colors and/or patterns that fit with your event or theme.

Giant Flower Party Backdrop by Aly Dosdall for We R Memory Keepers

To make your own giant flower backdrop, start by trimming your poster board to the size shown in the instruction manual based on the flower size you’ve selected. Then follow the directions to cut out and score your flower petals using the flower template guide.

Fold the score lines as explained in the instructions, and secure the petals with a strong adhesive. I recommend hot glue for this project, and the American Crafts Sticky Thumb Cordless Glue Gun is my favorite. No limiting cord to worry about!

This is what your flower will look like once you’ve finished. (For a video tutorial on making flowers with the Template Studio, visit our YouTube channel HERE.)

Layer multiple flowers for more dimension and color.

Then add a loop of twine to the back for hanging.

To create the flower center, cut a 12 inch long strip of paper that’s 3-4 inches wide, and cut some fringe into it.

Roll up the paper and secure it with hot glue or another strong adhesive.

Then curl back the fringe to add some dimension and texture, and then hot glue it to the center of the flower.

Make several flowers in different sizes and styles for a show-stopping backdrop for your next event!

Giant Flower Party Backdrop by Aly Dosdall for We R Memory Keepers

Giant Flower Party Backdrop by Aly Dosdall for We R Memory Keepers



Template Studio Starter Kit
Flower Template Guide
Designer Poster Board



DIY Jewelry Holders

Hi! Welcome to the We R blog! It’s Eva Pizarro here today sharing some jewelry organizers for your rings, earrings, bracelets etc.

DIY Jewelry Holders by Eva Pizarro for We R Memory Keepers

I got my inspiration from this photo I found on Pinterest

These ring cones are super cute and I thought I could easily make them using my DIY party Board! I decided to use some papers from the Simple Life collection by Pebbles Inc. I simply placed them on my board and cut them using the C7 guide.

DIY Party Board by We R Memory Keepers

To give my papers a little more shine I used the floral art screen from Heidi Swapp and Minc Reactive Paint. It was my first time using this technique and I was amazed at how easy it was to get a perfect image! I let it dry and then run my paper through my Minc with gold foil, the result is gorgeous!

DIY Jewelry Holders by Eva Pizarro for We R Memory Keepers featuring the DIY Party Board and the Heidi Swapp Minc

I rolled my cones slightly tighter and glued them with hot glue. To give the cones some weight I added white clay to the base. I pushed it in the base of the cone with my finger, and then let it dry.

DIY Jewelry Holders by Eva Pizarro for We R Memory Keepers

To complement my ring organization I decided to make a paper bowl. I followed this tutorial but I used my Triangle score guide to mark my paper. I love this tool! You can create amazing geometric shapes with it!

We R Memory Keepers Trim and Score Board and Triangle Score Guide

I scored my paper every 1.5 inches and this way you can get 2 bowls out of your 12 x 12 inch paper. You can insert one bowl inside the other or leave it single like I did.

DIY Jewelry Holders by Eva Pizarro for We R Memory Keepers

I love how this project turned out! It is very  simple and I think it would make a great gift for a friend!

DIY Jewelry Holders by Eva Pizarro for We R Memory Keepers

Have a great week!





DIY Party Board

Triangle Score Guide

Trim and Score Board

Simple Life papers by Pebbles Inc

Minc Foil Applicator

Minc Reactive Paint

Minc Art Screen

High Five DIY Game

Hello again We R fans! I’m so glad you could join me today, as I share a boredom-busting idea the whole family can enjoy. My kiddos loved playing my little ‘Adventure Time’ game, which I created for them during the recent school holidays using the awesome High Five collection.


The gameplay is based on an existing game my daughter already has, but it’s so girly, I thought a more gender neutral approach would entice my son to join in the fun too. Let’s see how it all came together…


The base is a simple 12×12 sheet of Cinch chipboard. I have run some light blue tape along the edges and then mounted a sheet of High Five ‘Brave’ over the top. I covered the underside of my board with some plain black cardstock to give it a finished look.

For my title, I used the word ‘adventure’ from a pack of Wildflower Gold Foil Stickers. I will admit that I have been admiring these stickers for quite some time, hoarding them for a special project. The size and wording of this sticker however, was too perfect not to use this time though! I’ve paired it wish some High Five chipboard alphas. I really like the distressed look of these. TIP: For longevity, it’s always a good idea to apply extra adhesive to chipboard stickers to ensure they don’t fall off over time.


The concept of the game is very simple: spin the spinner then move ahead the number of circles as shown on the spinner. If you land on a silver circle, you stay put. If you land on a whale, you choose a disc and potentially move forward. Land on a cheeky raccoon and you move backwards.


Here’s a closer look at my spinner…

I put it together as shown below. I cut a circle out of a sheet of Cinch Chipboard then covered it with pattern paper and embellished it with some stamping, stickers and mist, before finally roughing it up a bit with some sandpaper.


The discs (which partially determine your fate in the game) coordinate with the player’s counters.


These started off as some pre-cut chipboard shapes I had in my stash, which I have covered with some patterned paper from my High Five 6×6 pad. (Nine counters fit on one sheet of paper.) I then cut these out carefully by hand. (If I had a larger circle punch it would’ve saved a bit of time.)



The counters are High Five Plastic Buttons which, have had their double sided tape removed. I’ve chosen some phrases that coordinate with phrases found on a sheet of aptly named High Five ‘Flair’ so I could create the tokens. During game play, if you pick up a token that matches your counter, you move forward two places. The Flair patterned paper was perfect as it has a few repeats in the design, which allowed me to create more than one token with the same phrase on it.


Some DIY Party Silver Foil Stickers mark out the route to adventure!


You might come across this cheeky fellow…


… or have to cross the treacherous mountain pass.


However you choose to play, one thing’s for sure and that is that you will have fun! A bit of imagination and a few dollars and you’ve got yourself a great activity to do with the kids or even a unique gift for someone.


Happy playtime!




Cinch Chipboard Sheets

High Five 12×12 ‘Brave’

High Five 12×12 ‘Explore’

High Five 12×12 ‘Flair’

High Five 12×12 ‘Vintage’

High Five 6×6 Pad

High Five Accent Stickers

High Five Puffy Stickers

High Five Plastic Buttons

High Five Ephemera

High Five Chipboard Alphabet

Wildflower Gold Foil Stickers

DIY Party Silver Foiled Stickers

Crop-a-dile Power Punch

DIY Fridge Magnets

Hello everyone! Eva Pizarro today on the blog showing you how to use your Frame Punch Board to make the cutest fridge magnets.

Fridge Magnets by Eva Pizarro 1

I loved this magnets so much that I did 2 sets, one for me and one to give to my sister with pictures of her favorite nephew Lorenzo. These magnets would be a perfect Christmas gift for the family and with your Frame Punch Board you can make them really quickly!

To make them cut your paper to 2,5 x 3 inch, I used the 6 x 6 inch paper pad from the Honey I’m Home collection. Punch your frame using the guides at 0.25 inch and 0.75 inch

Fridge Magnets by Eva Pizarro 2

Using the other part of the Punch Board trim the inside shape, you will also need to use your guides at 0.25 and 0.75 inch.

Fridge Magnets by Eva Pizarro 3

Cut a piece of chipboard and a piece of magnetic the same measurements as your frame, glue them together

Fridge Magnets by Eva Pizarro 4

To cover the side of the chipboard use washi tape and go all around your magnet

Fridge Magnets by Eva Pizarro 5

The back of your magnets will have a strip of washi tape that I think it look really cute right?

Fridge Magnets by Eva Pizarro 6

Glue your frame to your chipboard leaving the top part open to be able to switch the picture whenever you want.

Fridge Magnets by Eva Pizarro 7

Use you Typecast Typewriter and some small labels to write sentiments or a small journaling.

Fridge Magnets by Eva Pizarro 8

Embellish your frames. I used Die Cuts, Stickers and Wood Veneers from the Honey I’m Home collection and a clip from the Oh, Goodie Collection.

Fridge Magnets by Eva Pizarro 9

Slide your photos inside the frames, if you have difficulties use an acetate shape to help you raise the frame a little bit.

Fridge Magnets by Eva Pizarro 10

Here are my two sets of Fridge Magnets, aren’t they cute?

Fridge Magnets by Eva Pizarro 11

If you want to give a set as a gift like I did, use one of the Vellum Envelopes from the Typecast Collection. The envelopes come without the brads so you can easily run them trough your Typecast Typewriter.

Fridge Magnets by Eva Pizarro 12

Put your brads and use the thread to close it.

Fridge Magnets by Eva Pizarro 13


Isn’t the bag cute? I love that you can see what’s inside!

Fridge Magnets by Eva Pizarro 14

I hope you liked these magnets and that you can make them to decorate your home or for a loved one!

Fridge Magnets by Eva Pizarro 15

Have a great day!




Typecast Typewriter
Typecast Vellum Envelopes
Typecast Labels
Rhino Washi Tape Dispenser
Honey I’m Home Ephemera
Honey I’m Home Accent Stickers
Honey I’m Home Veneer Shapes
Honey I’m Home 6×6 inch Paper Pad

Monogram Luggage Tags

Happy Monday friends, and welcome to Travel Week! Our design team has come up with some fun travel-themed projects to inspire you, so if you’re traveling this summer (or plan to soon) sit back and get ready to add to your Pinterest board!

Hi there We R fans! Aly here today to share a recent project I made for our family reunion this summer. Every two years my extended family spends a week in some time-share condos we own. The cousins love to have sleep overs and share rooms together. It’s always so much fun, but sometimes hard to keep track of what belongs to everyone. So this year I made my girls some monogram luggage tags for their backpacks so they’re easier to keep track of.

Monogram Luggage Tags by Aly Dosdall 1

Monogram Luggage Tags by Aly Dosdall 2

These tags were easy to make using some of my favorite We R tools, plus they add a fun personal touch to my girls’ bags.

Monogram Luggage Tags by Aly Dosdall 5

To make these easy shaker luggage tags I started by die cutting some tags from white cardstock with my Evolution Advanced.

die cut tags

Then I punched out some monograms using my Mini Alphabet Punch Board and the 3×5 Kraft with Foil Paper Pads.

punch monograms

Next I adhered the monograms to the blank tags and placed them between two plastic sheets. I used the thin metal tag die as a stencil for my Fuse tool, fusing together all but one side of the tag pocket.

fuse shaker pocket

I trimmed away the excess, added some DIY Party Confetti and sequins, and then fused the last side shut.

add confetti

Monogram Luggage Tags by Aly Dosdall 4

Finally, I punched a hole in the top of each tag with my Euro Hook Power Punch, and then machine stitched below that to seal off the confetti and sequins.

euro punch

Monogram Luggage Tags by Aly Dosdall 3

Monogram Luggage Tags by Aly Dosdall 6

While I made mine for luggage, these shaker tags could be used for other things like personalized gift tags, cards, or scrapbook pages.



Mini Alphabet Punch Board
Photo Sleeve Fuse
12×12 FUSEables Clear Sheets
Evolution Advanced
Tag Nesting Dies
Euro Hook Power Punch

Framed Desk Art

Hello We R fans and thank you for once again for joining me, as I share with you some decor pieces for my very new little corner of the house. It has taken many years for me to infiltrate but I have finally commandeered the spare room, haha! I now have some lovely natural light to create in and space away from the hustle and bustle. I’ve created some framed pieces for my desk which I hope will set the tone for the room. I’m thinking I now need some hot pink in there for sure!

Framed art_1

I think these frames pack a punch and would make a great gift on a small budget.

Framed art_2

Let me show you how I created them, starting with the smaller ‘Create’ frame…
I started with some simple supplies:

Some store-bought frame
Designer poster board in the black and white stripe
Some acrylic alphabet letters
Heatwave stencil
Minc Reactive Paint
Minc machine

*If you don’t have access to a Minc, some gold paint would work very well too*

Framed art_3

I cut my card down to the size of the frame. In this case it was 5×7 inches.  I taped it down to my work area and adhered my letters with some Blu-Tack. (I don’t know what the equivalent of this would be outside of Australia, lol.  Google suggested Plasti-Tak.) I used Blu-Tack so I could move them incrementally without damaging my paper and also take them off when I ran my paper through my Minc machine.

I then went about painting around the letters with Minc Reactive Paint. I started off with a flourish through the stencil but I didn’t like the way I joined up the dotted area to the flourish, so I painted over it. (BUT I will say that the paint works great through the stencil.)

Once the paint was dry, I ran the paper through the Minc on heat setting number 4. Peeled away the foil and I was amazed at how fabulous it looked!

I wanted to give it a lot more texture and dimension, so I popped the acrylic alphas back on and set about with a bit more paint etc. Finally, I added some gold Clearly Posh chipboard thickers over the top.

Framed art_4

Here is how it turned out… Love is not a big enough word for how I feel about this! It inspires me to not be afraid to explore my own creativity.

Framed art_6

Framed art_5

I completed the set of three with a very simple framed piece of patterned paper from a 6×6 pad of Inked Rose. I’d like to think that the frames represent many possibilities.

Framed art_7

Now let me show you how easy it was to put together the largest frame…

Framed art_8

I used my Alphabet Punch Board to cut the initials of my each of my family. (You could use any word that divides evenly as an alternative of course.) I used the Metallic Foil Pad which is fabulous as the sheets are already cut to size to there is no measuring needed.

A tip If you are wanting to use metallic or a specific side of patterned paper etc, start with the side you want to face up, facing down to make your first punch. This would not be so important for letters that look the same both ways iykwim, but for specific letters and numbers, it would be important.

Framed art_9

I arranged the letters simply across two lines on top of a piece of the same striped Designer Poster Board. In the space on the left, I added some glittering foam thickers. I think the gold on the black & white is really effective.

As a final touch, I’ve added a delicious Ruler Studio Glass Knob to the top as well as a Ruler Studio Hanging Clip. Now I can add some pics or hang a memento off the edge of the frame.

Framed art_11

Framed art_10

I had so much fun creating these and I absolutely love the way they turned out. If you give something like this a go, please tag us in your pics – we’d love to see your beautiful creations!

Framed art_12

Until next time,

Happy crafting!





Alphabet Punch Board
Designer Poster Board Black
Metallic Foil Pad
Ruler Studio 9” Folded Ruler Natural
Ruler Studio Glass Knobs
Ruler Studio Hanging Clips
Clearly Posh Alphabet Thickers