Handmade Halloween Treat Bags

Hello everybody! Soraya here today to share fun ideas to make your own Halloween treat bags and decorate them using the Tassel Loom! The tassels will become a bat, a witch’s broom and a ghost !

DIY Halloween Treat Bags by Soraya Maes for We R Memory Keepers

First of all you will need to make 3 tassels out of twine and yarn. The bat and the ghost are made with the Stitch Happy threads and the witch broom is made with orange cotton yarn. The Tassel Loom is the perfect tool to create all the any size tassel!

We R Memory Keepers Tassel Loom

Let’s start with the witch broom tassel! Instead of using yarn to create a handle for it, I used a piece of brown wire (the one in the Happy Jig collection) and twisted it on the top. This is one spooky broom so I added two scary eyes on it and some spiders too!

DIY Halloween Treat Bags by Soraya Maes for We R Memory KeepersDIY Halloween Treat Bags by Soraya Maes for We R Memory Keepers

The tassel bat is made in black thread. I cut two wings in a black embossed cardstock with my scissors and glued them on the back before adding a “boo” brad on the front.

DIY Halloween Treat Bags by Soraya Maes for We R Memory KeepersDIY Halloween Treat Bags by Soraya Maes for We R Memory Keepers

The tassel ghost is my favorite one! I made a white tassel using thread at the smallest size the Tassel Loom could do. I added the eyes and the mouth with crystal dots. How fun!

DIY Halloween Treat Bags by Soraya Maes for We R Memory KeepersDIY Halloween Treat Bags by Soraya Maes for We R Memory Keepers

And here are the three tassels reunited!

DIY Halloween Treat Bags by Soraya Maes for We R Memory Keepers

Let’s make the bags now! The Fringe & Score Board helped me shape the carstock with perfect lines! Don’t forget to let some room in the middle using the small ruler.  There will have to be about 2 inches on both edges.

We R Memory Keepers Fringe and Score BoardWe R Memory Keepers Fringe and Score BoardWe R Memory Keepers Fringe and Score BoardDIY Halloween Treat Bags by Soraya Maes for We R Memory Keepers

Use the Mini Score Board to mark the fold on the paper (they will be the bottom of the bag).

DIY Halloween Treat Bags by Soraya Maes for We R Memory KeepersDIY Halloween Treat Bags by Soraya Maes for We R Memory Keepers

Place the treat bag inside then glue each fringe together with the Mini Glue Gun. Then gather  all the fringes in one paper border like this:

DIY Halloween Treat Bags by Soraya Maes for We R Memory KeepersDIY Halloween Treat Bags by Soraya Maes for We R Memory Keepers

Time to decorate each bag with the funny tassels! And voilà!

DIY Halloween Treat Bags by Soraya Maes for We R Memory KeepersDIY Halloween Treat Bags by Soraya Maes for We R Memory KeepersDIY Halloween Treat Bags by Soraya Maes for We R Memory KeepersDIY Halloween Treat Bags by Soraya Maes for We R Memory KeepersDIY Halloween Treat Bags by Soraya Maes for We R Memory KeepersDIY Halloween Treat Bags by Soraya Maes for We R Memory Keepers

I hope you had fun joining me today, happy creating everyone and until next time!



Supplies :

Tassel Loom

Fringe and Score Board

Mini Score Board

Mini Glue Gun

Stitch Happy Threads



Papers and embellishments are from Pebbles

Make Rosettes with the Fringe and Score Board

Hey there WRMK friends and fans, Becki here to share with you a layout I created with the Fringe and Score Board. I created some fun flower rosettes along with a really fun woven background with the Fringe and Score board. The Fringe and Score Board made creating these details on my layout SO easy!
Fringe and Score Board Scrapbook Page by Becki Adams for We R Memory Keepers
I started by cutting the background of my layout with the fringe and score board. I used the blade portion of the fringe and score board with the blades set at 1/2 of an inch to cut the slits for the weaving on my background. Then I cut 1/2″ strips of coordinating patterned paper to weave into the background. I stitched the strips into place so they didn’t slide in and out of place. I remember doing this paper weaving technique in grade school. It’s so easy and so fun!
Fringe and Score Board Scrapbook Page by Becki Adams for We R Memory Keeper
Fringe and Score Board Scrapbook Page by Becki Adams for We R Memory Keeper
Then, I created the rosettes. I used the scoring blades to score the strips for the rosettes. I did shift the paper strips so that the score marks were at every 1/4″ instead of 1/2″ because I wanted the flower rosettes to be a little less bulky on my layout. In the center of each rosette is a bit of embellishment.
Fringe and Score Board Scrapbook Page by Becki Adams for We R Memory Keeper
Fringe and Score Board Scrapbook Page by Becki Adams for We R Memory Keeper
I added a pop of color to the right side of my photo and even punched a lace border using the doily border punch. I love how this little detail balanced out the loads of color on the left side of my photo. I love how this layout turned out and can’t wait to use this technique over and over again. Thank you for stopping by the We R Memory Keepers blog. I’ll see you again soon!


Tissue Christmas Tree Garland

I love that moment when you are scrolling through Pinterest and see a project that you have to make! It gets even better when you realize that you have a We R Memory Keepers tool that will help create that project in a snap!


These adorable tree paper tassels, made with the DIY Party Fringe & Score Board, are festive and fun! My mom, my dad, and I had fun creating these over the holiday weekend, so I have double the reason to smile as I look as this décor hanging in our kitchen!


Using a basic piece of tissue paper (from my holiday wrapping stash), I folded it in half to create a square. It was folded again to make a rectangle.


That rectangle was cut in half, leaving a fold at the top. The fold at the top is essential for creating the tassels. I found that two layers of tissue paper was the right thickness for cutting, because of the delicate nature of the tissue paper.

Note: with one sheet of tissue paper you can make 4 tree tassels.


The tissue paper was placed inside the Fringe & Score Board. To stop myself from cutting through the fold, I placed one of the stoppers at the top, behind the cutting tool.


The cutting tool was set to ½” and the tissue paper was lined up with the ½” guideline. Then I slid the cutting tool down the track. Look at those perfect cuts! To finish the cuts, I moved the tissue paper over to the ½” guideline, lining up the last cut with it.


After cutting all the tissue paper, each of the panels was opened. Starting at the one side, I rolled the tissue paper. Then I twisted the center and folded it in half. I wrapped the center around the Ruler Studio Clear Lights 20 bulb string, securing it with a glue dot. Followed the same process for each tree tassel.


To add festive words to the string of lights and tree tassels, I grabbed the Mini Alphabet Punch Board. Using paper from a 3×5 pad, I punched out the letters to spell Fa-La-La-La.


The letters were attached to the string of lights with glue dots.


My dad punched gold stars from the metallic 3×5 pad and adhered them to the top of each tree. My mom punched small red circles and adhered those to each tree as small ornaments. We all giggled at how crazy cute this turned out!


Will you make any holiday décor with your family this season?

Thanks for stopping by!




DIY Party Fringe & Score Board

Mini Alphabet Punch Board

Paper Pad 3×5: Multicolor, Gold & Silver Metallic Foil

Ruler Studio Lights Clear 20 Bulb String

Turkey Place Cards

Welcome to my Thanksgiving table, We R Memory fans! Wendy Antenucci here today.  I wanted to make place cards for my table to dress things up and with the help of a few amazing We R Memory Keepers tools that has been achieved!


I began my place cards using the 1-2-3 Punch Board to create boxes which I filled with some goodies for the kids.  I wanted to use my 6×6 paper pads so my box dimensions were 1¾ inches, perfect for little treats and the perfect size to hold the mini alpha punch board letters.  I used hot glue to hold the sides of my boxes together and then I adhered the letters to the outside of the box.


The next part of my project was using the pom pom maker, I chose the small size to create fluffy pom poms for the top of my boxes.  I began my project with the idea of creating some leaves and attaching a tag, but the pom poms were calling for more!


I had a brain storm to create a rosette to use as a turkey tail, and it worked!  I used my 6×6 paper pad and my Fringe & Score board to make the rosette.  I then cut the 6×6 folded strips into 3 pieces to give me the tails of my turkeys.  Using the staple board I stapled one end of the tail and fanned out the other side, then attached this to the pom poms.


Next my turkeys needed eyes; using the wide eyelets in white and beige colors I glued these onto the pom poms and then added in small orange triangles for the beaks.  Black glitter glue was the final touches for the eyes.


And here is one final close-up of our table decorations for Thanksgiving.  Don’t you love how innovative the We R Memory Maker tools allow you to be?  Thanks for joining me today and we’d love to see what you are creating!



Wide eyelets

Pom Pom Maker

Fringe & Score Board

1-2-3 Punch Board

High Five Vintage paper

High Five 6×6 paper pad

Wildflower 6×6 paper pad

Bazzill Marble cardstock

Mini Alpha Punch Board

Staple Board


Girls Night Party Decor

Hello We R readers, Laura here with some fun party decor ideas for you. Have you seen the new Urban Chic collection? It is beautiful, chic, and oh so fun! The Urban Chic collection is the perfect set to create party decor to celebrate a girls night.

Girls Night Party Decor by Laura Silva 1

To start with I wanted to create some goodie bags for each girl to take home a little treat. Who doesn’t love chocolate? I used the Goodie Bag Guide on the smallest size with the paper trimmed to six inches wide. I used paper from the Urban Chic collection and was able to create four small bags out of one 12 x 12 sheet of paper.

Girls Night Party Decor by Laura Silva 2

I assembled the bags, added a little treat inside, and then added a little flag I cut out from one of the patterned papers and attached it with a fun arrow paper clip from the Oh Goodie collection.


Girls Night Party Decor by Laura Silva 3

Girls Night Party Decor by Laura Silva 4

I created some paper lanterns using the DIY Party Fringe and Score Board. I trimmed the paper to six inches tall, and created the paper lantern. I added a coordinating strip of patterned paper around the top and bottom, as well as a little handle.

Girls Night Party Decor by Laura Silva 5

I think all celebrations deserve a banner. With the banner punch board, you can create banners in a flash. I started by using the mini alphabet punch board to spell out the words ‘girls night’. The mini letters are perfect if you are creating a smaller sized banner.

Girls Night Party Decor by Laura Silva 6

I then made little banner shapes using a black and white striped paper. On the back were the cutest little closed eyelashes, so I decided to alternate between both sides of the paper. I used a pink ribbon to coordinate with the paper to string the banner together. I added the alphabet letters with foam adhesive squares.

Girls Night Party Decor by Laura Silva 7

I hung up the banner using washi tape. I set the little lanterns on the table, but you could also hang them up.

Girls Night Party Decor by Laura Silva 8

I even created a fun little donut sign using some of the Urban Chic ephemera and an acetate sheet from the Clearly Posh collection.

Girls Night Party Decor by Laura Silva 9

I added the treat bags to a plain white pot and added a fun gold saying from the Urban Chic ephemera collection.

Girls Night Party Decor by Laura Silva 10

Girls Night Party Decor by Laura Silva 11

The Urban Chic collection is so great for any kind of girls function – a girls night in, book club, or even a slumber party!

Girls Night Party Decor by Laura Silva 12




Urban Chic Collection Paper and Ephemera

Goodie Bag Guide

Oh Goodie! Decorative Paper Clips

DIY Party Fringe and Score Board

Mini Alphabet Punch Board

Banner Punch Board

Swim Team Party Decor

Welcome back to the We R blog! Today Kimberly is up, and she was given the challenge to create a project with a sports theme. Check out what Kimberly created below!


swim team party decor Kimberly Crawford

Hello We R fans! Kimberly here with a set of fun sports-party décor! We are nearing the end of the long course season for swimming and it is time for our team to celebrate those who earned their way to the state level competition! I had a couple of fun ideas, but the more We R Memory Keepers tools I pulled out, the more fun ideas I had! Creating this décor was an absolute blast! I know you will want to use some of these ideas for your next team party too!

swim team party decor 3 Kimberly Crawford

To start with, I created this bunting to look like our pool lane lines. The pool lane lines are a large part of life at the pool, and I wondered if I could make something to resemble the lane lines. I thought about the DIY Party Honeycomb and how it makes 3D shapes.

swim team party decor 4 Kimberly Crawford

So, using the DIY Party Honeycomb stencils and one pad of the DIY Party Blossom Honeycomb, I traced the smallest circle down the adhered-together side. Then I cut them out with scissors. I repeated the same process for each color of Honeycomb.

swim team party decor 5 Kimberly Crawford

To create the bunting, I grabbed a long piece of DIY Party Raffia and applied liquid glue to side of my honeycomb.

swim team party decor 6 Kimberly Crawford

I placed the Raffia in the center, along the fold, and then held the sphere in place for a moment as the glue set. After making a few of these, I quickly learned that it is better to open up the Honeycomb, create the shape, and then adhere the sides together. The Honeycomb opened up more to make the sphere seem fuller.

The minute my son saw this, he knew exactly what it was! This bunting will look great hanging on the wall, but I will be making a few more to place down the center of the tables!

swim team party decor 7 Kimberly Crawford

The DIY Party Pinatas made the perfect touch-a way to commemorate the year. I know when we take photos, these will be a fun and festive reminder! Plus, how fun to include candy inside each piñata at the tables!

swim team party decor 8 Kimberly Crawford

Hands down, my favorite party of the décor are these pompoms! Perfect for the moms and dads to take home and use to cheer on their swimmer at the event!

swim team party decor 9 Kimberly Crawford

I started with the DIY Party Fringe and Score Board with DIY Party Mylar Paper Pack. After folding the sheet of Mylar in half, I lined everything up, according to the directions. Then I slid the Fringe Tool down the guide. It moves so easy, creating perfectly spaced fringe. Then I removed the Mylar paper, opening it up to lay flat. I rolled at the middle, then folded it in half again.

swim team party decor 10 Kimberly Crawford

Using an industrial stapler, we adhered one fringe to one side of a chopstick and a second one to the other side. Perfect pompoms! Coolest part is, you could also use tissue paper in the DIY Fringe and Score Board. Imagine the colors you could customize for your team!

swim team party decor 2 Kimberly Crawford

To finish the entire ensemble off, I created banners using the Banner Punchboard and the Alphabet Punchboard.  So much fun to make! It will add so much to our celebration! Go LMST!

What does your sports team have to celebrate?


DIY Party Honeycomb Stencils
DIY Party Honeycomb 5 3/4 “ x 12”; Blossom, White, Black
DIY Party Raffia
DIY Party Piñatas; 1 , 6
DIY Party Fringe Tape; Black
DIY Party Fringe and Score Board
DIY Party Mylar Paper Pack
DIY Party Card stock Pad 12×12
Banner Punch Board
Alphabet Punch Board



Patriotic Rosette Decor + Light Strand Giveaway


Happy Summer!  Welcome to Red, White, and Blue Week! This week we’re celebrating all things summer and patriotic, and we’re excited about the projects our team has put together for you. As part of our celebration, we’re also giving away our DIY Party Light Strand collection because, well, summer celebrations are so much more fun with lights!

First off is a project from Shellye, and then scroll down to enter our Light Strand Giveaway!


Hello! Shellye here to share a fun patriotic home décor project featuring handmade rosettes using the DIY Party Fringe & Score Board, as well as other tools and products!

Shellye McDaniel-Patriotic Rosettes HI RES1

I started by preparing the base (to add the rosettes to) with the “Natural 12” Folded Ruler.”  I shaped the ruler into a star shape: each line is two sections of the ruler, for a total of five sections.  The overall shape measures 22”X22”.

Shellye McDaniel-Patriotic Rosettes8

Now for the three rosettes:  I’ve used the DIY Party 12X12 Cardstock Pad and the colors of red, turquoise and metallic silver.  For the two outer rosettes: the turquoise cardstock was cut into 4”wide strips, the red cardstock cut into 3” strips and the metallic silver cut into 2” strips.

Shellye McDaniel-Patriotic Rosettes3

Next, the DIY Party Fringe & Score Board was used to score the paper at every 1” interval.  Before accordion folding the paper, I punched each end of the paper with the DIY Party Rosette Paper Punch.

Shellye McDaniel-Patriotic Rosettes4

Shellye McDaniel-Patriotic Rosettes5

The turquoise paper was punched at every 1” mark, which created a more simple edging.  The red paper was punched at every-other 1” mark, creating a more decorative edge.  It’s fun to mix and match the designs!

Shellye McDaniel-Patriotic Rosettes HI RES2

Shellye McDaniel-Patriotic Rosettes10

The three colors of rosettes were assembled and then stacked together and glued in place.

Shellye McDaniel-Patriotic Rosettes7

For the center rosette, I used only the red and turquoise papers and then the metallic silver for the letter “S”.

The Alphabet Punch Board and DIY Party Kraft 3X4 Paper Pad were used to create the letters “U” and “A”.  Again, I used some of the leftover metallic silver to create the letter “S”. White mini lights from the Ruler Studio Collection were added around the star frame.

Shellye McDaniel-Patriotic Rosettes9

The piece can stand by a fireplace, on a shelf or can even be hung from a door.  Use string to tie the rosettes to the ruler and then change them out with other colors throughout the year!



WR_LightStrand giveaway (2)-2

We’re giving away our Light Strand collection to one lucky random winner, and if you’d like to enter for a chance to win please leave a comment below telling me how you would use our Light Strand collection this summer. Comments will remain open until Thursday night at midnight, and our random winner will be announced on Friday, July 1st. Good luck, and remember to check back to see if you won!



DIY Party Fringe & Score Board
DIY Party Rosette Paper Punch
DIY 12X12 Cardstock Pad
Alphabet Punch Board
660924 Natural 12” Folded Ruler
660942 Bulb Strand
660896 Kraft Pad
660894 Kraft & Mint Foil Pad


Fringe Gift Boxes + Video

Hey there We R fans! It’s Aly with you today sharing our final project for Fringe Week. I love the fringe trend, and the Fringe and Score Board makes it easy to create that look on your paper craft projects. Check out the fun Fringe Gift Boxes I made with this fabulous tool!

Fringe Gift Boxes by Aly Dosdall 1

Using the Template Studio, I created two basic gift boxes from kraft color poster board. I placed my gifts inside, closed the box flaps, and then made some decorative wraps for them.

Fringe Gift Boxes by Aly Dosdall 2

I cut some fringe into 6×12 Tissue Sheets using the Fringe and Score Board, added a couple strips of cardstock, and then made some fun bow ties using the Fringe and Score Board.

Fringe Gift Boxes by Aly Dosdall 3

Check out the video below where I show you how easy it is to make these with the Fringe and Score Board. Enjoy!



Fringe and Score Board
DIY Party 6×12 Tissue Paper Pack
DIY Party Paper Pad
Kraft Designer Poster Board
Template Studio Starter Kit
Sticky Thumb Cordless Hot Glue Gun
Sticky Thumb Tape Runner

Housewarming Party Gift Basket

Hello! Chantalle here again today with an easy and cost effective gift for a friend or relative that is celebrating moving into a new home. This gift basket loaded with goodies will make itself at home at theirs in no time!

Housewarming Party Gift Basket by Chantalle McDaniel for We R Memory Keepers

I’ve included a few essentials (along with a few treats) inside a pretty, soft woven basket.


TIP: To prevent all the bits and pieces from sinking too low inside the basket, I have used my DIY Party Fringe and Score Board to create some strips of copy paper, which I have scrunched up and placed in to the base. Now the gifts will be peeking out over the top, which is much more pleasing to the eye.


Each gift has been strung with a bit of natural twine and has a tag attached. I chose the twine as it has a lovely relaxed feel and compliments the ‘Honey I’m Home’ collection that I have used, perfectly.


To create the tags, I have used my DIY Party Tag Punch. This is one of my go-to tools at the moment! I absolutely adore how easy it is to use and the fact that it can create three sizes of tags in one tool. Amazing! It can accommodate 2, 1.5 and 1 inch wide strips of paper. Simply feed into the slot, push down the handle and voilà, a perfect tag, ready to fold and snip to your desired length!


One can never have too many pegs I think! The household shapes that are echoed throughout this collection are so so cute. I seriously love the oven gloves, but the pegs are a close second! I love how I could match my gift with a co-ordinating sticker or piece of ephemera on the tags themselves.



How pretty do these beautiful blooms look on some basil!


During all that moving, it’s important to stop for a tea break! I’ve replaced some plain packaging with a clear gift box (dimensions 3.14 x 3.14 x 3.14inch) I made using my 123 Punch Board and a sheet of Clearly Posh ‘Silver Confetti Dot’.  The adorable tea cup die cut shape makes a gorgeous tag all on it’s own!


Inside the box, I have popped some fun confetti. Again, easy as pie to make, thanks to my DIY Party Confetti Punch. In goes the paper and out comes lots of little circles, and best of all, they are in two sizes!!


My final gift is a cute little keychain I’ve made from a house shape wood veneer.


My Power Punch went through the wood like a hot knife through butter! I simply popped a couple of key rings onto the fastener and I was done.


I’ve hung it on the outside of the basket and then strung a bit more twine around the base, punching some smaller holes on either side of a circular ‘Feels like Home’ die cut and threaded the twine through, securing at the back.


Thank you very much for joining me today. Until next time!





123 Punch Board
DIY Party Tag Punch
DIY Party Fringe and Score Board
DIY Party Confetti Punch
¼ Inch Power Punch
12×12 Clearly Posh ‘Confetti Dot Silver’

‘Honey I’m Home’ Collection:

Veneer Shapes
Puffy Stickers
Accent Stickers
12×12 ‘Homemade’
12×12 ‘Family Time’
12×12 ‘Family Ties
12×12 ‘Love & Laugh’
12×12 ‘Light’s Out’

DIY Rosette Bunting

Hello, everyone!  Shellye here with a celebratory project using the DIY Fringe And Score Board and Rosette Punch. This single bunting piece is quite large, so adjust it to the size you need and string several together to create a fun length of bunting to decorate with!

Shellye McDaniel-DIY Party Fringe Board Rosette Bunting1

To get started, I used four sheets of 12X12 Black Cardstock.

Shellye McDaniel-DIY Party Fringe Board Rosette Bunting4

Before placing the score tool onto the track of the Fringe Board, I selected the 1” option.

Shellye McDaniel-DIY Party Fringe Board Rosette Bunting2

Next, I placed the edge of the paper up to the 1” mark on the board and began scoring.  For heavier papers it may be necessary to score two or three times.

Shellye McDaniel-DIY Party Fringe Board Rosette Bunting3

Once that line of scoring has been completed, move the last score line so that it lines up with the 1” mark; repeat the scoring over the remainder of the paper.

Shellye McDaniel-DIY Party Fringe Board Rosette Bunting5

For the top layer of the bunting, I chose the “Romance” 12X12 paper from the Crush Collection.  I used three pieces of the patterned paper that measured 6”X12”.  The paper was then scored in the same fashion as the black cardstock.

Now to add design to the edging of the paper: use the Rosette Punch  and align the score line up with the arrow on the punch.  Move the paper so that it skips the very next score line and punch on the next line.  Accordion fold the papers and adhere edge to edge with the following paper.

Shellye McDaniel-DIY Party Fringe Board Rosette Bunting7

Because this is half of a rosette, you will need a strip of paper or ribbon to secure the bunting /fan shape.  I cut a strip of the Pink Designer Poster Board to 1”X 22” and attached to the top flap.  The smaller bunting piece was then adhered to the top inside flap of the bottom bunting piece.

Two holes were punched at the top with the Crop A Dile and a length of ribbon was strung through for hanging.

Shellye McDaniel-DIY Party Fringe Board Rosette Bunting6

Shellye McDaniel-DIY Party Fringe Board Rosette Bunting8

An 8” circle was also cut from the Pink Designer Poster Board and used to cover up the center of the bunting.  It was embellished with Crush Alpha Stickers and gold Sequin Stickers.

This would also make a cute door hanger to greet baby or again, make several to string together and create a festive bunting!


DIY Fringe And Score Board
Rosette Punch
12X12 Black Cardstock
Crush Romance 12X12 Paper
Crop A Dile
Crush Alpha Stickers
Gold Sequin Stickers
Crush Die-Cut Ephemera