DIY Candle Thank You Gift

Hello WeR fans and welcome! It’s Chantalle with you again and I have to just say, you seriously have to check out the new Wick Candle Maker and the Happy Jig. These two tools are simply out-of-this-world-fun to use and are the focus of the thank you gift I have created, which I can’t wait to show you!

I’ve never made a candle before so I was SO excited to see it come out of the mold and two colours no less!! Lol. My first instinct was to smell it, kinda expecting it to smell like citrus, so that is my next experiment – infusing the wax!

DIY Candle Thank You Gift by Chantalle McDaniels for We R Memory Keepers

The mason jar serves two purposes: ready-made packaging for my candle and also as a votive for it when lit.

DIY Candle Thank You Gift by Chantalle McDaniels for We R Memory Keepers
The jar already had an embossed pattern so I’ve kept the embellishments minimal.  The word ‘thanks’ can be removed and reused if necessary. It would make a fun bookmark if popped onto some cardstock or could become a title for a scrapbook page!

DIY Candle Thank You Gift by Chantalle McDaniels for We R Memory Keepers

To make my candle, I started off by reading the instructions that came with the Wick machine. One pops a rubber stopper into the base of your chosen mold, then ties off some wick material onto the metal rod, which balances across the top of the mold.

Next, I added some wax material to the receptacle as well as some colouring. I added red and yellow to get orange. There is no precise way to get an exact match, but it is easy to trial and error as you go to create the shade you are after.

The wax takes about 20 mins to melt completely, but we still have warmer weather so that time is a guide I guess, depending on temps inside your workspace and how much wax you want to melt etc.

Once the wax was totally melted, I opened the little valve and it came running out into the mold.

DIY Candle Thank You Gift by Chantalle McDaniels for We R Memory Keepers

I wanted to create an ombré effect so I filled it up about ¾ and then melted more wax (this time with less red) and then filled the mold some more. It is important to let your wax dry before you add the next layer. I put mine under the aircon to cool, but you could also put it in the fridge. Another thing that happened to me was that the centre of the candle sank in a bit. This is very common and mentioned in the instructions. If this happens to you, simply pop some holes around the wick area before pouring a bit more melted wax into the area to top it up.

NOTE: It’s best to let your candle set overnight before removing it from the mold.

Another tip would be to cool or heat the mold a bit if you are having trouble removing the candle when it’s set.

DIY Candle Thank You Gift by Chantalle McDaniels for We R Memory Keepers

Here you can see the finished product! I’m thrilled with how it turned out. How awesome it is going to be to be able to make this kind of home made gift for someone you care about!

I have placed a bit of melted wax into the lid of the jar and then pushed the candle into it to act like a glue, so it’s doesn’t move around too much inside the jar.

DIY Candle Thank You Gift by Chantalle McDaniels for We R Memory Keepers

The jar itself has been embellished with some Pink Paislee Summer Lights Cardstock Stickers. These stickers are awesome as they have some holographic foil elements!

DIY Candle Thank You Gift by Chantalle McDaniels for We R Memory Keepers

I mimicked the smaller hexagonal shapes with my Hexagon Clear Cut Punch. The one bigger size helps create balance.

DIY Candle Thank You Gift by Chantalle McDaniels for We R Memory Keepers

To create the word ‘Thanks’ I grabbed my Happy Jig and set up the guides, ready for the wire. Overall, the word turned out OK. It’s easy to get a couple of areas that don’t look perfect (a bit of stretching can occur when pulling off the Happy Jig guides) I just us my little pairs of pliers that came with my Cinch Binding Tool and tweaked the word here and there.

We R Memory Keepers Happy Jig
To add a bit of extra sparkle to my jar, I have threaded some little beads onto the wire. I’ve also added a plastic die cut feather as well as a paper feather die cut shape.

DIY Candle Thank You Gift by Chantalle McDaniels for We R Memory Keepers

These feather shapes have been cut using my Evolution Advanced along with my magnetic mat.

I snipped a tiny hole into the top of the paper feather, which made it a lot easier to add to the wire word.

DIY Candle Thank You Gift by Chantalle McDaniels for We R Memory Keepers
The Happy Jig is such a fun tool to own. The instructional booklet is full of ideas and easy-to-follow instructions to create both shapes and paperclip options.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Be sure to tag @wermemorykeepers in your social media posts so we can enjoy seeing you get your craft on! Thank you so much for stopping by. Happy gifting!



Materials Used:

Evolution Advanced

Magnetic Mat

Wick Candle Maker

Dear Lizzy Star Gazer 6×6 Pad

Hexagon Clear Cut Punch

Jane Davenport Washi Tape

Crafters Essentials Pick/Stylus

WRMK Feather Metal Die

Happy Jig

Pink Wire

Pink Paislee Summer Lights Cardstock Stickers



Layered Rainbow Candle

Hello, We R fans! Laura here today sharing how to create this fun layered rainbow candle using the new Wick Candle Maker. This tool makes it so easy to create your own candles. You can start creating candles right away because everything you need is included right in the box!

Layered Rainbow Candle by Laura Silva for We R Memory Keepers

I am very sensitive to smells and often I can’t buy scented candles even though I love to use them in my home décor. With the new candle maker, I can create my own candles that are either unscented or use essential oils to add scent.

I love everything rainbow, so I thought it would be fun to create a layered candle with a rainbow pattern. To start with I used the large candle mold. Be sure the mold is screwed in securely to the base. Then, add the wick to the hole in the bottom. Leave about 2 inches of the wick at the bottom and insert the rubber stopper.

Wick Candle Maker by We R Memory Keepers

Tie the wick to the metal rod and trim off the excess. The candle mold has little groves at the top to hold the metal rod in place.

Wick Candle Maker by We R Memory Keepers

Be sure the candle maker is turned off and the drip valve is closed. Add ¼ cup of wax granules to the hopper. Add a small amount of color dye using the color guide to determine how much of each color you need to add. You really don’t need much!

Wick Candle Maker by We R Memory Keepers

Turn the candle maker on high and allow the wax to melt for about five minutes. Stir it with one of the extra metal rods. Add more color if necessary to achieve the desired shade.

Wick Candle Maker by We R Memory Keepers

Once the wax is fully melted open the wax dripping valve. Allow all the wax to drain out of the hopper. I used the metal rod to stir it to help get all the wax out. Wipe any excess melted wax out of the hopper with a paper towel.

Wick Candle Maker by We R Memory Keepers

Allow each layer of wax to cool for about 15 to 20 minutes and then continue with each additional color. I did six layers of wax.

Layered Rainbow Candle by Laura Silva for We R Memory Keepers


Allow the candle to cool overnight and then unscrew the bottom from the mold. Push the candle out from the bottom. Trim the excess wick off the bottom and trim the top wick to about ¼”. The instructions talk about doing a second pour because the candle can kind of sink in in the middle. However, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to match the red again and so I left it as is.

Layered Rainbow Candle by Laura Silva for We R Memory Keepers

This rainbow candle will go perfectly in my craft room! I can’t wait to make more candles. The kids want to try making a layered candle with different scents added to each layer.


Wick Candle Machine



Top Five Father’s Day Gift Ideas

If you’re in need of a last minute DIY Father’s Day gift for Sunday, then you’re in luck! Today we’re sharing the top five handmade gift ideas for Father’s Day from our blog. These ideas are unique and heartfelt, but totally doable before the big day this weekend. Enjoy!


Father’s Day Gift Card Tag

This adorable bow tie gift tag holds a gift card or two, and can either be the star of the show or a tag on a larger gift. It’s easy to make with the 123 Punch Board, and such a fun gift to receive. For full instructions, CLICK HERE.

Father's Day Gift Card Tag

Father’s Day Coupon Book

This is a gift of labor and love, and is a great way to use up extra journaling cards. You can make this coupon book a gift from the whole family, getting the kids involved in thinking of nice things to do for Dad. To learn how to make an accordion pocket coupon book for Father’s Day using the Evolution Advanced and the Accordion Pocket Die, CLICK HERE.

Father's Day Coupon Book

Father’s Day Treat Tub

Gather your man’s favorite drinks, snacks, and treats and fill a plastic tub with them. Being a crafter, of course you’re going to want to decorate the tub, so CLICK HERE for some fabulous inspiration featuring our DIY Party Fringe Tape.

Father's Day Treat Tub

Father’s Day Mini Album

Make a special mini album for Dad using one sheet of decorative poster board and the Template Studio. Fill it with photos and love notes from the family. It’ll melt his heart. CLICK HERE for a step-by-step tutorial.

Father's Day Mini Album

Folded Shirt Father’s Day Card

Dust off your origami skills for this fun folded shirt father’s day gift card holder. We recommend using the Trim and Score Board to score your patterned paper before folding it. Grab a video tutorial for making this project HERE.

Folded Shirt Father's Day Card

We hope you’ve found some inspiration to show the special men in your life just how amazing they are. Enjoy your weekend friends, and happy crafting!

Necktie Gift Boxes

Laura here today with a fun treat packaging idea for Father’s Day featuring the 123 Punch Board and the Banner Punch Board. These little necktie gift box envelopes would be perfect to surprise dad with a bunch of photos, a gift card, or any little thin treat!

Necktie Gift Box by Laura Silva for We R Memory Keepers

To create the gift box envelope, you will need your 1-2-3 Punch Board. I wanted the envelope to be able to hold 4 x 6 inch photographs, so I followed the guides on the punch board to create an envelope that would fit that size card.

You will start by lining up your trimmed paper at the punch guide. Then, score the paper on both the A and B envelope score lines.

123 Punch Board by We R Memory Keepers

Rotate your paper 90⁰ and line up score line A with the envelope score groove. Score both the A and B lines again. Repeat this process until you have punched and scored all four sides.

Use the corner rounder to punch all four corners of the envelope. Fold all the score lines and assemble the envelope with adhesive.

Necktie Gift Box by Laura Silva for We R Memory Keepers

To create the necktie you will need the Banner Punch Board. Start by trimming your necktie paper to 2 inches wide. Then, use the banner punch board to cut a V shape at the bottom of the paper as if you were going to make a small crest banner using the cutting guide at the top.

Necktie Gift Box by Laura Silva for We R Memory Keepers


Trim your paper to 5 ½ inches long. Using the guides on the banner punch board turn the top of your tie sideways and align it with the horizontal blue 8 line and the vertical white 2 ½ line. Cut a notch from the side of the tie. Repeat this process on the opposite side.

Necktie Gift Box by Laura Silva for We R Memory Keepers

Use a scrap piece of necktie cardstock and cut notches in the top of 2 inch strip, like we did with the tie piece. Cut the scrap horizontally where the notches make a v-shape. Attach this to the top of the necktie with adhesive. This makes it look like the tie has the extra little knotted piece at the top.

Necktie Gift Box by Laura Silva for We R Memory Keepers

Attach the tie to the envelope with adhesive and you are ready for gift giving. You could embellish these even further with the word Dad, Father, Grandpa, or even your special guy’s name.

Necktie Gift Box by Laura Silva for We R Memory Keepers

Necktie Gift Box by Laura Silva for We R Memory Keepers




1-2-3 Punch Board

Banner Punch Board

Cardstock and Patterned Paper


Baby Shower Gift Idea

Hello it’s Chantalle with you today. I am very excited for not one, but two friends who are due to give birth in the next few months. These two women also happen to be sisters! One sister is keeping it a surprise, while the other sister has found out she will be having a little boy – Yay! For this sister, I have created a little keepsake album and card, ready for the big day, using my Frame Punch Board.

Baby Shower Gift Idea by Chantalle McDaniel for We R Memory Keepers

An interactive card accompanies a beautiful handmade scented eye pillow

Baby Shower Gift Idea by Chantalle McDaniel for We R Memory Keepers

… along with a teensy birth record album she can use to jot down those all-important details and measurements!

Baby Shower Gift Idea by Chantalle McDaniel for We R Memory Keepers

Both of these projects were completed with the help of my Frame Punch Board. This is such a versatile tool – allowing you to create any size frame in a snap!

My little album is 3×4” size, so for my front and back covers, I’ve used a 3×4” piece of paper, cut from a sheet of Pink Paislee ‘Arrow Avenue’. I wanted the top half of the frame to have a thinner frame edge and the bottom part to be a bit thicker (like a polaroid frame) so I punched the top two guides using the alignment bars at 0.25 and then adjusted them to 0.75 for the bottom two guides. NOTE: Adjust the corresponding cut alignment bars to accommodate for the width of the frame edge.

Here is a short video I made a while ago showing the tool.

Baby Shower Gift Idea by Chantalle McDaniel for We R Memory Keepers

I adhered this frame onto the front of my album, along with some very cute embellishments from Crate’s ‘Little You’ collection.

Baby Shower Gift Idea by Chantalle McDaniel for We R Memory Keepers

The album is simply a 4×6 Waterfall Fuse Sleeve which I have sealed in the middle with my Fuse Tool to create two 3×4 pockets. TIP: If you use your Fuse regularly, I highly recommend adding a Fuse mat to your stash. I find it much nicer to use than on a regular cutting mat surface.


The album opens to reveal a section where the new Mum can record her precious baby’s newborn details. (Being in a sleeve also makes it a bit more robust for the trip to the delivery room!)


Baby Shower Gift Idea by Chantalle McDaniel for We R Memory Keepers

I fed this little 3×4” card straight into my Typecast Typewriter so I could type the headings directly onto it.


That little chipboard nappy pin is a fave! I wish I had added a few more bits from this collection to my stash actually – both the boy and girl versions are just adorable. I also really like how the typed font co-ordinates perfectly. TIP: Grab a matching colour Typecast ribbon so your projects coordinate even more beautifully!

Baby Shower Gift Idea by Chantalle McDaniel for We R Memory Keepers

For the back cover of this little mini, I have started out the same way as the previous frame, but instead of punching four guides, I have only punched two, with the alignment bar on position ‘1’. I then trimmed the section between the punched guides and folded the area down, adhering this section on the underside with runner tape.


Inside this space, I’ve placed an adorable little chipboard cloud sticker with a few other little details like enamel dots and machine stitching. I love that peekaboo effect!

Baby Shower Gift Idea by Chantalle McDaniel for We R Memory Keepers

For Mum, I have a pull-out card inside a sleeve which works on the same principle as before.

Baby Shower Gift Idea by Chantalle McDaniel for We R Memory Keepers

The card is a 4×6 journalling element from the Confetti collection by Crate Paper, which I have folded in half.


Baby Shower Gift Idea by Chantalle McDaniel for We R Memory Keepers

On the inside, I have attached a tag shape die cut with my Staple Board, another frame (which I created with the Frame Punch Board) and some other little details. ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ was typed up onto some little Typecast tags.

Baby Shower Gift Idea by Chantalle McDaniel for We R Memory Keepers


The card slides into it’s own decorative sleeve. This was created exactly the same as the back of the mini album above. I punched two guides instead of four and folded the bit inside before adhering. You can sew two pieces of 3×4’ card together to make the sleeve, or, as I have done here, make the piece of paper double the length and then simply fold in half before sewing. I prefer to sew sleeves shut if I can, as sometimes items inside get caught on sticky surfaces if the edges are sealed with double sided tape.

Baby Shower Gift Idea by Chantalle McDaniel for We R Memory Keepers

As ever, these ideas could be tailored to suit a number of occasions.

Baby Shower Gift Idea by Chantalle McDaniel for We R Memory Keepers

Thank you for joining me today. Happy creating!




Frame Punch Board
Fuse Tool
Fuse mat
4×6 Waterfall Fuse Sleeves
Staple Board
Pink Paislee Cedar Lane ‘Arrow Avenue’
Pink Paislee ‘Take me Away’ Ephemera
Staple Board
Sticky Thumb Runner Tape
Crate Paper Little You Journalling Elements
Crate Paper Little You Mixed Embellishments
Crate Paper Little You Chipboard Stickers
Crate Paper Confetti ‘Party’
Crate Paper Snow and Cocoa ‘Sweater’
Crate Paper Snow and Cocoa ‘Cozy
Typecast Tags
Typecast Typewriter
Typecast Teal/Black Ribbon

DIY Fridge Magnets

Hello everyone! Eva Pizarro today on the blog showing you how to use your Frame Punch Board to make the cutest fridge magnets.

Fridge Magnets by Eva Pizarro 1

I loved this magnets so much that I did 2 sets, one for me and one to give to my sister with pictures of her favorite nephew Lorenzo. These magnets would be a perfect Christmas gift for the family and with your Frame Punch Board you can make them really quickly!

To make them cut your paper to 2,5 x 3 inch, I used the 6 x 6 inch paper pad from the Honey I’m Home collection. Punch your frame using the guides at 0.25 inch and 0.75 inch

Fridge Magnets by Eva Pizarro 2

Using the other part of the Punch Board trim the inside shape, you will also need to use your guides at 0.25 and 0.75 inch.

Fridge Magnets by Eva Pizarro 3

Cut a piece of chipboard and a piece of magnetic the same measurements as your frame, glue them together

Fridge Magnets by Eva Pizarro 4

To cover the side of the chipboard use washi tape and go all around your magnet

Fridge Magnets by Eva Pizarro 5

The back of your magnets will have a strip of washi tape that I think it look really cute right?

Fridge Magnets by Eva Pizarro 6

Glue your frame to your chipboard leaving the top part open to be able to switch the picture whenever you want.

Fridge Magnets by Eva Pizarro 7

Use you Typecast Typewriter and some small labels to write sentiments or a small journaling.

Fridge Magnets by Eva Pizarro 8

Embellish your frames. I used Die Cuts, Stickers and Wood Veneers from the Honey I’m Home collection and a clip from the Oh, Goodie Collection.

Fridge Magnets by Eva Pizarro 9

Slide your photos inside the frames, if you have difficulties use an acetate shape to help you raise the frame a little bit.

Fridge Magnets by Eva Pizarro 10

Here are my two sets of Fridge Magnets, aren’t they cute?

Fridge Magnets by Eva Pizarro 11

If you want to give a set as a gift like I did, use one of the Vellum Envelopes from the Typecast Collection. The envelopes come without the brads so you can easily run them trough your Typecast Typewriter.

Fridge Magnets by Eva Pizarro 12

Put your brads and use the thread to close it.

Fridge Magnets by Eva Pizarro 13


Isn’t the bag cute? I love that you can see what’s inside!

Fridge Magnets by Eva Pizarro 14

I hope you liked these magnets and that you can make them to decorate your home or for a loved one!

Fridge Magnets by Eva Pizarro 15

Have a great day!




Typecast Typewriter
Typecast Vellum Envelopes
Typecast Labels
Rhino Washi Tape Dispenser
Honey I’m Home Ephemera
Honey I’m Home Accent Stickers
Honey I’m Home Veneer Shapes
Honey I’m Home 6×6 inch Paper Pad

Father’s Day Coupon Book [Free Printables]

Hi there!  Shellye McDaniel here today with my take on a quick coupon book for dad this Father’s Day!

Shellye McDaniel-Fathers Day Coupon Book1

To start, I placed smooth, white cardstock into my printer and then printed off the two sheets of coupons from the free PDF file you can download by clicking below.

Good For Coupons COVER

Good For Coupons

Shellye McDaniel-Fathers Day Coupon Book11

The coupons were cut to 2”X8” strips; the left end of the coupons was punched with the DIY Party Tag Punch.

Shellye McDaniel-Fathers Day Coupon Book12

Next, a sheet of the “Here & Now” paper from the “Honey I’m Home Collection” was cut to 9”X12”.  The paper was placed onto a scoring board horizontally and scored at 3”, 6” and 9” and then folded as shown below:

Shellye McDaniel-Fathers Day Coupon Book13

The two end flaps were glued into place with adhesive.

The coupon tags were all stacked together and a large silver eyelet was placed through all of the holes.  A Crop-A-Dile was used to punch a hole along the left inside, bottom flap of the cover; one of the coupons was used to determine placement before punching.  Set the eyelet with the Crop-A-Dile and now all of the coupons have been secured to the cover.

Shellye McDaniel-Fathers Day Coupon Book14

For the cover, the PDF sentiment was printed onto a small piece of green cardstock from the DIY Cardstock Pad.  The oval frame from the Ephemera pack was used as a template to trace around and cut-out the sentiment.  The sentiment was then attached to the back of the oval frame and attached to the front of the cover:

Shellye McDaniel-Fathers Day Coupon Book3

A portion of the sentiment from the “Real Life” paper’s journal cards was attached below the print-off sentiment.  Finally, the light-bulb wood veneer piece was attach to the bottom of the sentiment and was further embellished with the puffy sticker and heart sticker.

Shellye McDaniel-Fathers Day Coupon Book2

In finishing, I went back and embellished the various coupons with several of the cute components from the collection: ephemera pieces, puffy sticker and cardstock stickers.

Shellye McDaniel-Fathers Day Coupon Book4

Shellye McDaniel-Fathers Day Coupon Book5

Shellye McDaniel-Fathers Day Coupon Book6

Shellye McDaniel-Fathers Day Coupon Book7

Shellye McDaniel-Fathers Day Coupon Book8

Shellye McDaniel-Fathers Day Coupon Book9

Shellye McDaniel-Fathers Day Coupon Book10

You could also have the kids write little notes or sign their names to some of the coupons!  There are many great sites online where you can find free printable downloads with even more styles and customizable coupons…have fun!


Honey I’m Home- 660237 Here & Now Paper; 660951 Real Life Paper;  660959 Puffy Stickers; 660962 Wood Veneers; 660958 Sticker Sheet; 660960 Ephemera

DIY Party Tag Punch 

Cool Metal Wide Eyelet


DIY Party Paper Pad

DIY Mother’s Day Brooch

Hello We R friends! Mother’s Day is on Sunday, so this week our team has come up with some amazing projects celebrating moms and grandmas. You’re going to love their ideas, so be sure to visit each day this week. First up is Tessa with a sweet DIY brooch idea.

Hello, friends! Tessa Buys here with an easy project to celebrate all the women in your life this Mother’s Day! Inspired by the gorgeous Flower Girl collection by We R Memory Keepers, I made a flower brooch for one of my favorite girls:

WRMK Mother's Day Brooch Tessa Buys 1
To make your own brooch, start by choosing your favorite Flower Girl papers and matching felt. Because felt is thicker than cardstock, it will help give your flower some volume and shape.

WRMK Mother's Day Brooch Tessa Buys 2
Cut the paper and felt into several circles in three sizes. The largest circle here is 2.5 inches and the smallest circle is 1.5 inches. I used a circle die, but you could use a template and scissors or a punch. The number of circles you will need depends on how big you want your flower to be.

WRMK Mother's Day Brooch Tessa Buys 3
Cut the circles in half to make your petals.

WRMK Mother's Day Brooch Tessa Buys 4
To assemble the petals into a flower, start by rolling one of the smallest felt halves and securing with hot glue. Wrap that piece with another small felt half and secure with more glue. Repeat that process with a several small patterned paper halves. Continue wrapping and gluing with medium halves, and finish the flower with the largest halves. Tip: Before wrapping and gluing the patterned paper halves, curl the edges back with your fingers. You won’t be able to see the pattern on the back side and it gives the petals a more realistic look.

WRMK Mother's Day Brooch Tessa Buys 5
Last, glue a brooch pin to the back of the flower, as well as a pair of felt leaves if you’d like.

WRMK Mother's Day Brooch Tessa Buys 6
Wrap the brooch in a box with some pretty Flower Girl details and you have a pretty, unique and simple gift to give to a special woman in your life this Mother’s Day. Happy crafting!

Supplies Used:

Flower Girl Patterned Paper

Framed Teacher Gift

Hi WRMK fans!  Amanda here today.  Teacher appreciation week is fast approaching but it’s not too late to put together a thoughtful, handmade gift for the guardian angel that teaches/puts up with your kid everyday.  Even kids can get involved in this fun project.

Teacher Appreciation Framed Gift by Amanda Coleman for We R Memory Keepers

Perhaps I should have asked some teachers for their thoughts, but I think there is nothing more lovely and sweet than the iconic bright red teacher apple.  A thoughtful piece of framed art doesn’t have to be complicated.  A simple apple made out of DIY Honeycomb paper in an 8”x10” frame is just enough to make a teacher feel special and loved.

Teacher Appreciation Framed Gift 5

This bright red honeycomb apple looks almost good enough to eat.  The dimension added by the honeycomb will definitely make this gift stand out on a table or wall.

Teacher Appreciation Framed Gift 3

Adding a stem and leaf to your honeycomb apple is super easy.  Simply roll a piece of brown cardstock into a tube and adhere on top of the apple.  Free-hand cut a leaf from scrap cardstock, add a crease down the middle and adhere to the cardstock.  Super easy, even for the kiddos.

Teacher Appreciation Framed Gift 4

Make your gift extra special by having your child write a sentiment or phrase with chalk.

Teacher Appreciation Framed Gift 6

The DIY Party Honeycomb stencil kit comes with all kinds of fun shapes, including an apple.  For an 8”x10” frame, trace the 4” apple onto a DIY Party Honeycomb pad.  Since we only need half of an apple, you only need to trace one.

Teacher Appreciation Framed Gift 7

There’s no need to get specialty chalkboard paper.  Distress a piece of black cardstock with some chalk to add some detail.

Teacher Appreciation Framed Gift 8

And just for fun, make some smaller apples by tracing the 2” apple stencil.  Heck, make a bunch of small apples for the cutest teacher appreciation garland ever.

Teacher Appreciation Framed Gift 2

Thanks for stopping by today!




DIY Party Honeycomb pads 3”x8”
DIY Party Honeycomb Stencils
American Crafts Textured Cardstock


Housewarming Party Gift Basket

Hello! Chantalle here again today with an easy and cost effective gift for a friend or relative that is celebrating moving into a new home. This gift basket loaded with goodies will make itself at home at theirs in no time!

Housewarming Party Gift Basket by Chantalle McDaniel for We R Memory Keepers

I’ve included a few essentials (along with a few treats) inside a pretty, soft woven basket.


TIP: To prevent all the bits and pieces from sinking too low inside the basket, I have used my DIY Party Fringe and Score Board to create some strips of copy paper, which I have scrunched up and placed in to the base. Now the gifts will be peeking out over the top, which is much more pleasing to the eye.


Each gift has been strung with a bit of natural twine and has a tag attached. I chose the twine as it has a lovely relaxed feel and compliments the ‘Honey I’m Home’ collection that I have used, perfectly.


To create the tags, I have used my DIY Party Tag Punch. This is one of my go-to tools at the moment! I absolutely adore how easy it is to use and the fact that it can create three sizes of tags in one tool. Amazing! It can accommodate 2, 1.5 and 1 inch wide strips of paper. Simply feed into the slot, push down the handle and voilà, a perfect tag, ready to fold and snip to your desired length!


One can never have too many pegs I think! The household shapes that are echoed throughout this collection are so so cute. I seriously love the oven gloves, but the pegs are a close second! I love how I could match my gift with a co-ordinating sticker or piece of ephemera on the tags themselves.



How pretty do these beautiful blooms look on some basil!


During all that moving, it’s important to stop for a tea break! I’ve replaced some plain packaging with a clear gift box (dimensions 3.14 x 3.14 x 3.14inch) I made using my 123 Punch Board and a sheet of Clearly Posh ‘Silver Confetti Dot’.  The adorable tea cup die cut shape makes a gorgeous tag all on it’s own!


Inside the box, I have popped some fun confetti. Again, easy as pie to make, thanks to my DIY Party Confetti Punch. In goes the paper and out comes lots of little circles, and best of all, they are in two sizes!!


My final gift is a cute little keychain I’ve made from a house shape wood veneer.


My Power Punch went through the wood like a hot knife through butter! I simply popped a couple of key rings onto the fastener and I was done.


I’ve hung it on the outside of the basket and then strung a bit more twine around the base, punching some smaller holes on either side of a circular ‘Feels like Home’ die cut and threaded the twine through, securing at the back.


Thank you very much for joining me today. Until next time!





123 Punch Board
DIY Party Tag Punch
DIY Party Fringe and Score Board
DIY Party Confetti Punch
¼ Inch Power Punch
12×12 Clearly Posh ‘Confetti Dot Silver’

‘Honey I’m Home’ Collection:

Veneer Shapes
Puffy Stickers
Accent Stickers
12×12 ‘Homemade’
12×12 ‘Family Time’
12×12 ‘Family Ties
12×12 ‘Love & Laugh’
12×12 ‘Light’s Out’