New Year Wreath

Here’s a fun project to help remind you of your New Year’s resolutions.  I created this wreath using patterned paper strips and wrote down my resolutions on some of them.  That way I’m reminded of them often and can evaluate how I’m doing on keeping them.

WRMK_new year wreath 1

WRMK_new year wreath 2

I used a paper plate for my wreath base, and cut out the center of it using the magnetic circle cutter.  If your plate has rims like mine does, you can flip the plate over to cut out the center. You can use any size paper plate you’d like, depending on how big you want your finished wreath to be.

WRMK_new year wreath 3
I ended up using twenty-eight 1.25 x 12 inch strips of paper from the Notable collection, but you might need more or less based on the size of your paper plate. I folded them over the plate and hot glued them together.  Then I trimmed a “v” shape in the end of each strip using my precision scissors. I added a “2014” banner across the center, and glued a loop of twine on the back for hanging. I love the festive feel this project has, and I especially love that it also serves to remind me to keep working at my goals for this year.



Notable Paper Pack
Magnetic Circle Cutter
Magnetic Mat
Small Precision Scissors

Paper Pumpkin Decor

A few years ago I made some 3D paper pumpkins for a fall centerpiece.  They’ve taken a beating, though they’ve been well-loved and enjoyed over the years.  So, I decided it was time to do a re-make!  I used yellow, tan, and brown papers from the Harvest collection to create these paper pumpkins that will sit on our table as a fall centerpiece.

If you’d like to make some for yourself, here’s how:

1. Using the magnetic circle cutter, cut twelve 4 inch circles, twelve 5 inch circles, and twelve 6 inch circles from paper in various shade of yellow, tan, or brown.

2. Fold the circles in half, right sides together, then adhere wrong sides together to form 3D fold out spheres.

3. Trim a little bit off the bottom of the circles so they’ll sit flat.

4. Add a stem, some vines, and leaves to embellish the top of the pumpkins.  Cut a 12×1/4 inch strip of green textured cardstock, some maple leaves, and a 2×6 inch strip of brown textured cardstock for each pumpkin.

5. Curl the vine by wrapping the green strip around a pencil or pen.  Create the stem by spritzing the brown paper with water and then twisting and crumpling it into a stem shape.  Add all the embellishments with a hot glue gun.

These pumpkins are great fall table or mantel decor, and you can even involve your kids or grandkids in making them!  Designer tip: try using your favorite Mini 8 Punch to create some 6 inch pumpkins!


Supplies used:

Harvest Paper Pack

Magnetic Circle Cutter

Leaf Punches Die

Evolution and Genius Platform

Aly Dosdall