Love Note Piñata

Hello, We R fans! Laura here today to share with you an easy and thoughtful gift idea for Valentine’s Day. You can make this love note heart piñata for your spouse, your child, or your best friend. They come together easily with only a few simple supplies. You can customize the design with any color fringe tape.

Love Note Heart Piñata by Laura Silva for We R Memory Keepers

Start by using some scrap cardstock or patterned paper and punch a bunch of heart shapes using the heart clear cut punch.

Clear Cut Heart Punch by We R Memory Keepers

Write out things you love about the person who is receiving the piñata. I made these for my kids, so I wrote little things I love about each of them like “you are smart”, “you are funny”, and “you are kind”. Personalize your hearts however you want.

Love Note Heart Piñata by Laura Silva for We R Memory Keepers

Add twine loops to the top and bottom holes of your heart piñata. The top one allows you to hang the piñata, so be sure you account for that with the length of your loop. The bottom one is simply to allow the recipient to pull it open, so it doesn’t have to be too long.

Love Note Heart Piñata by Laura Silva for We R Memory Keepers

Fill your piñata with all your folded heartfelt thoughts. Tape the bottom closed.

Love Note Heart Piñata by Laura Silva for We R Memory Keepers

I love rainbows, so I thought instead of the traditional pink and red for Valentine’s Day, I would create a rainbow pattern using the fringe tape. Start at the bottom and work your way to the top. Cut separate strips to cover the sides.

Love Note Heart Piñata by Laura Silva for We R Memory Keepers

Once you have your piñata all covered in fringe tape, trim around the outside edge of the heart to make it look a little neater. Now your Valentine’s gift is ready to give!

Love Note Heart Piñata by Laura Silva for We R Memory Keepers


You could add some candies or small toys in with the paper hearts if you wanted. You could also add love, XOXO, or the person’s name to the front using Thickers or other alphabet stickers.

Love Note Heart Piñata by Laura Silva for We R Memory Keepers

Love Note Heart Piñata by Laura Silva for We R Memory Keepers




Heart Clear Cut Punch

Heart Mini Piñata

DIY Party Fringe Tape

Baker’s Twine


Swim Team Party Decor

Welcome back to the We R blog! Today Kimberly is up, and she was given the challenge to create a project with a sports theme. Check out what Kimberly created below!


swim team party decor Kimberly Crawford

Hello We R fans! Kimberly here with a set of fun sports-party décor! We are nearing the end of the long course season for swimming and it is time for our team to celebrate those who earned their way to the state level competition! I had a couple of fun ideas, but the more We R Memory Keepers tools I pulled out, the more fun ideas I had! Creating this décor was an absolute blast! I know you will want to use some of these ideas for your next team party too!

swim team party decor 3 Kimberly Crawford

To start with, I created this bunting to look like our pool lane lines. The pool lane lines are a large part of life at the pool, and I wondered if I could make something to resemble the lane lines. I thought about the DIY Party Honeycomb and how it makes 3D shapes.

swim team party decor 4 Kimberly Crawford

So, using the DIY Party Honeycomb stencils and one pad of the DIY Party Blossom Honeycomb, I traced the smallest circle down the adhered-together side. Then I cut them out with scissors. I repeated the same process for each color of Honeycomb.

swim team party decor 5 Kimberly Crawford

To create the bunting, I grabbed a long piece of DIY Party Raffia and applied liquid glue to side of my honeycomb.

swim team party decor 6 Kimberly Crawford

I placed the Raffia in the center, along the fold, and then held the sphere in place for a moment as the glue set. After making a few of these, I quickly learned that it is better to open up the Honeycomb, create the shape, and then adhere the sides together. The Honeycomb opened up more to make the sphere seem fuller.

The minute my son saw this, he knew exactly what it was! This bunting will look great hanging on the wall, but I will be making a few more to place down the center of the tables!

swim team party decor 7 Kimberly Crawford

The DIY Party Pinatas made the perfect touch-a way to commemorate the year. I know when we take photos, these will be a fun and festive reminder! Plus, how fun to include candy inside each piñata at the tables!

swim team party decor 8 Kimberly Crawford

Hands down, my favorite party of the décor are these pompoms! Perfect for the moms and dads to take home and use to cheer on their swimmer at the event!

swim team party decor 9 Kimberly Crawford

I started with the DIY Party Fringe and Score Board with DIY Party Mylar Paper Pack. After folding the sheet of Mylar in half, I lined everything up, according to the directions. Then I slid the Fringe Tool down the guide. It moves so easy, creating perfectly spaced fringe. Then I removed the Mylar paper, opening it up to lay flat. I rolled at the middle, then folded it in half again.

swim team party decor 10 Kimberly Crawford

Using an industrial stapler, we adhered one fringe to one side of a chopstick and a second one to the other side. Perfect pompoms! Coolest part is, you could also use tissue paper in the DIY Fringe and Score Board. Imagine the colors you could customize for your team!

swim team party decor 2 Kimberly Crawford

To finish the entire ensemble off, I created banners using the Banner Punchboard and the Alphabet Punchboard.  So much fun to make! It will add so much to our celebration! Go LMST!

What does your sports team have to celebrate?


DIY Party Honeycomb Stencils
DIY Party Honeycomb 5 3/4 “ x 12”; Blossom, White, Black
DIY Party Raffia
DIY Party Piñatas; 1 , 6
DIY Party Fringe Tape; Black
DIY Party Fringe and Score Board
DIY Party Mylar Paper Pack
DIY Party Card stock Pad 12×12
Banner Punch Board
Alphabet Punch Board



Template Studio Party Decor

Hello We R fans and welcome back to the blog today!


My little Miss is going to be celebrating her sixth birthday tomorrow and preparations for her special day are in full swing! Living in tropical Queensland, winter is pretty mild, but there is always a chance that the weather will turn on the day, so I want to bring a touch of summer to the festivities.


My party decor has been put together using only a few supplies – the WRMK Template Studio and some cardstock! I’ve used the circle template to create the awesome cones (which I saw a long time ago and have been keen to try for aaaaaaages) the placemats and the party hats.


To make the 4 place settings, cones and hats I used:


4x A2 sheets of cream card

4x A2 sheets of green card

2x A2 sheets of pink card

a little bit of glitter tape and some ribbon/twine/thin elastic


To start, I used the measurements set out on the instructions that come with the Template Studio Guides. One can purchase the guides separately or in the starter kit which comes with 5 templates and allows you to create large scale gift bags, envelopes, boxes, home decor and more!


I created the placemats first, which called for a trimmed piece of card, 16×16 inches each.


Once I had cut down the card to the correct size, I laid each one on the mat and used the circle guide to cut my circles.


I accented my placemats simply with some pretty white doilies.


Next on the decor list were the ice cream cones. The cones I saw actually floated, which is such a fantastic idea. One could use the smaller circle template and create cones the size of the party hats instead. I wanted a centered focal point, so I went with the larger circle template instead and created the larger cones. The paper called for a 22 x 22 inch piece of card for each cone. I trimmed and cut as per the instructions above and was left with 4 bigger cream circles, which I rolled into cones.


I threaded the balloons, complete with twine, down through the centre of the cone and adhered the twine to the bottom of the cone so the balloon had a stable base in which to rest.



My third party project was to create some matching party hats. No party would be complete without a hat! So I went about fashioning some out of pink card. These hats also took a 16” x 16” piece of card each. After I created the circles, I cut them in half and then cut them again, at 45 degrees to the halfway line, as show in the image below. Bring the two ends together and you have a super cute party hat!


I popped a hole on each side of the hat and threaded a ribbon though the hole, securing it on the inside of the hat.


Next step was to make the little bows for the outside of the hats. I used the One Piece Bow Die to create the shape, snipping off the little bit that secures the bow together. I replaced this part with some green glitter tape to coordinate with the placemats.


Don’t they look adorable!



Also on my table are some super adorable and brand new number mini pinatas! I decorated my number 6’s very simply with white and gold DIY Fringe tape.


You can choose to display your pinatas on the table or create seriously inexpensive mini cake stands with a plate and a disposable cup!


You may have noticed that I have used my absolute fave string lights on the table too. I just can’t get enough of them! I’ve popped some white butterfly bulb covers onto a few of the lights and woven it along the centrepiece. I love the gentle glow it gives off. Other finishing touches are some DIY Party bright confetti and some flamingo silhouettes I cut out using my Cameo.


Thank you for joining me today. Wishing you many hours of happy crafting until we meet again!





Template Studio Starter Kit
Circle Template Guide
Evolution Advanced
One Piece Bow Die
DIY Party confetti
DIY Party light strand
DIY Party Butterfly Bulb Covers
DIY Party Mini Pinatas
DIY Fringe Tape

End of the School Year Piñatas

Hello, We R Memory Keepers readers! Laura here with a fun idea to celebrate the end of the school year with your kids. My kids work hard all year long, and it is a big achievement to move up to the next grade in school. I thought it would be fun to celebrate my daughter and son moving on to 1st and 4th grade, respectively, with a candy filled piñata.

End of Year Pinata by Laura Silva 1

I used the number one and number four DIY Party Mini Piñatas to signify the grades they were moving to at the end of the school year. The Mini piñatas and fringe are so easy to work with – you can create these special treats in no time!

End of Year Pinata by Laura Silva 2

Start by filling your piñata with candy using the opening on the bottom.

End of Year Pinata by Laura Silva 3

Then wrap the piñata from the bottom up to the top using the DIY Party fringe tape. As you work, you will trim any excess fringe off with scissors. On areas where the piñata has an angled edge you can wrap the fringe around the flat edges first. Trim and then add a piece of fringe along the angled edge.

End of Year Pinata by Laura Silva 4

End of Year Pinata by Laura Silva 5


My kids were really excited to open their treats on the last day of school. And I am a proud mom to a 1st and 4th grader now. Where does the time go?


End of Year Pinata by Laura Silva 6

End of Year Pinata by Laura Silva 7

End of Year Pinata by Laura Silva 8

How do you celebrate your kids finishing up the school year?



DIY Party Mini Piñatas

DIY Party Fringe Tape


Filler for your piñata

Fringe Hearts Wedding Decor

Hello, WRMK friends!  Shellye McDaniel here today with an easy-to-make wedding décor using the DIY Party Mini Heart Pinatas.

Shellye McDaniel-Wedding Decor1

With chalkboard art being all the rage, and because I love rustic/shabby chic styled weddings, I thought it would be fun to create a faux chalkboard to the front of ones of the hearts.

Shellye McDaniel-Wedding Decor2

I first traced the heart onto a piece of black cardstock by American Crafts and then cut the shape out.

Shellye McDaniel-Wedding Decor3

The cardstock heart was adhered to the front and initials were added using a white chalk marker from my stash.  To the sides, I cut 1.5” strips from the lightest Blossom DIY Party Fringe Tape, Black DIY Party Fringe Tape and Silver DIY Party Fringe Tape.  The pieces were layered slightly over each other until both sides of the heart were completely covered.

Shellye McDaniel-Wedding Decor4

For the two remaining hearts, I cut four 1.5” X 8” strips of black cardstock and attached them around the sides.  Before adding the fringe tape to the fronts of the hearts, I drew on a couple of lines so that I would be able to keep the tape as straight as possible.

Shellye McDaniel-Wedding Decor5

Shellye McDaniel-Wedding Decor6

The trio of hearts can be stacked together as shown above and used for a single display OR use them to fill with small gifts for the bridesmaids!

Shellye McDaniel-Wedding Decor7

Shellye McDaniel-Wedding Decor8

The hearts would make a sweet accent when greeting guests who sign in or add them individually or clustered as tabletop decorations…there are so many possibilities!


DIY Party Mini Heart Pinatas
Blossom DIY Party Fringe Tape
Black DIY Party Fringe Tape
Silver DIY Party Fringe Tape
American Crafts 12X12 Black Textured Cardstock


Piñata Fun with Kids

Hello everyone, Wendy here today to share some Pinata fun that my kids and I had recently.  When I saw the mini pinatas, I knew this would make a perfect craft project for my kids and I to do, but how to decorate them in a somewhat mess free manner?  Enter the magical fringe tape and you have a solution which is mess free and easy for any age to participate in!

Mini Pinatas Kids Craft by Wendy Antenucci for We R Memory Keepers

The fun began when my children ripped open the packages of pinatas to pick their favorite design.  They each chose a color from the fun fringe tape to begin with and some started right away.

Mini Pinatas by Wendy Antenucci-1

It is much easier if you start your tape on the bottom of your project and work up, but not all the little ones listened and so we had fringe tape going every which way.  Since the tape is designed so well, we were easily able to remove some of the pieces and turn them around and they still stuck.  Even with tape going many different directions the pinatas still turned out really cute and all the kids were proud of their work.

Mini Pinatas by Wendy Antenucci-2

We even discovered that you can use markers on your pinatas to draw in some details such as eyes, a mouth, or even coloring the fringe tape to make some brown hair!

Mini Pinatas by Wendy Antenucci-3

Design Tip:  Cutting the fringe tape to fit the smaller sides before sticking down the fringes is much easier for the kids to get a clean look.  The tape on the fringe is very sticky, but it can be pulled up to fix the placement for a short time period.

Mini Pinatas by Wendy Antenucci-4

My children had such fun decorating their pinatas and it was such a great mess free activity to do together and build some fun memories!  Our cute little pinatas are now on display in our home as we have already enjoyed the Easter candy that they held!  Have you tried these with your kids yet, what tips and tricks did you find?

Mini Pinatas by Wendy Antenucci


DIY Party Fringe Tape
DIY Party Mini Pinatas

Guest Designer: Carissa Wiley

Hi everyone!  I’m Carissa from and I’m so excited to be sharing here on the WRMK blog.  It’s party week and if there’s one thing I love to do, it’s party!  I’ve created a few different versions of the WRMK mini cupcake piñatas to share with you.  I’m going to give you some tips on decorating them and share a few ideas I have for stuffing them full of fun!


The WRMK fringe tape is a fast and easy way to decorate these mini piñatas.  It’s not the only way, but I love the texture and color the fringe tape adds.  Because the fringe tape has adhesive on the back, you can quickly apply it your piñatas.  I love that this fringe tape is thin enough to tear too.  This would be a fun project for your littles.  It’s easy enough for their little hands and would allow them some creative time.  It would be a great activity at your next party!

Cupcake Pinatas Finals CW-43

The fringe tape is available in so many fun colors.  For my first piñata, I just couldn’t resist using the entire rainbow of colors.  I created some rainbow frosting on my cupcake.  I also used the silver metallic fringe tape along the bottom.  This reminded me of the aluminum cupcake liners my mom used to use.  And it adds some fun shine to the cupcake!  To add even more shine, I added a silver pull to the bottom.  This allows the recipient to quickly open the piñata (without getting out their mini baseball bat).  I sprinkled on some sparkling clear sequins as well.  These make for a fun accent.  And a cupcake isn’t a cupcake without some sprinkles.

Cupcake Pinatas Finals CW-33

I was having such a fun time with the fringe tape, my imagination started running off on me.  For my next cupcake, I was thinking of ways I could customize the fringe tape.  I used a large rubber background stamp to stamp a pattern on the pink fringe.  I chose a tone on tone effect for this cupcake.  I think the pink polka dots are so much fun!  I finished this cupcake off by adding a die cut heart and heat embossed sentiment.  This would make a great little gift!

Cupcake Pinatas Finals CW-55

The fringe tape is also available in white.  You could create custom colors of fringe using inks, markers and mists.  I experimented with several of these mediums and had great success.  When using a mist, it’s important that you mist lightly.  You will have a bit of curling, but I think it adds to the fun texture of the fringe.

Cupcake Pinatas Finals CW-44

For my last cupcake, I decided to go with white frosting.  Vanilla is my favorite.  I used some fun colorful sequins to add a bit of sparkle and color to this cupcake.  I also used some shimmer mist over the white fringe to make it sparkle.  It’s hard to capture in the photos, but it really shines in real life.

Cupcake Pinatas Finals CW-48

I’m sharing a video tutorial over on my blog,  I’ll be sharing some tips for adding the fringe to these adorable mini piñatas.

Here are a few tips:

  1. I found it easiest to apply the fringe to the front and back of the piñata first.  Instead of trying to rip or cut the fringe in the shape of the piñata, which can be a little awkward, wrap the fringe around the side and tear it.
  2. After you’ve applied the fringe to the front and back, add the fringe to the sides of the piñata.  This will cover those bits of fringe you’ve wrapped around the edge and give your piñata a finished look.
  3. Always, and I do mean always, work from the bottom up.  It’s nearly impossible to tuck the fringe up under other layers of fringe that you’ve already applied.
  4. Precut fringe to add to the sides of your piñata.  I found that the sides were about 1 ½ inches.  I precut several pieces to apply to the sides, making the application go much more quickly.

You could also decorate these piñatas in other ways.  You could paint them.  You could decopage them with decorative papers.  You could ink them.  The sky’s the limit!  Since their made of a thin chipboard material, they’re very easy to work with!

Cupcake Pinatas Finals CW-17

I couldn’t resist thinking of all of the fun things you could stuff inside of these piñatas.  While they make fun decorations and favors for a party, they’re also a creative way to give fun little gifts.  I’m sure there are a million and one things you can stuff inside, but here’s my top 10.

  1. Money –I mean, who doesn’t love cold hard cash?
  2. Gift cards – They fit perfectly inside.
  3. Confetti – There’s some fun colorful and metallic confetti available for these.  What a fun surprise when the recipient opens it!  You could also punch some fun little shapes to mix in with your confetti, like hearts or stars.
  4. Sequins – It’s like the sparkliest confetti you’ll ever see.  And you know I love my sparkle!
  5. Candy – This one was maybe a bit obvious.  Pinata = Candy
  6. Jewelry – This is a fun and creative way to give a tiny gift like jewelry.  It’s a perfect fit!
  7. Mini nail polish – I know you’ve seen them!  Those adorable tiny nail polishes would be a great little piñata stuffer for your next preteens party favors.
  8. Page flags, mini erasers, stickers, decorative paper clips and baby pens – For the planner lover in your life.
  9. A heartfelt note – This would make the cutest envelope ever!
  10. Glitter – Only for the person that you want angry at you forever! 😉

No matter what you fill these with, these mini piñatas are sure to be a hit!

Cupcake Pinatas Finals CW-4

Thanks for stopping by today!  I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing different ways to decorate and use your mini piñatas!  And I hope you’ll give it a try for your next party!  Have a fabulous day!

DIY Party Mini Piñatas
DIY Party Mini Piñatas Pull Tabs
DIY Party Fringe Tape
DIY Party Confetti

New Releases To Watch For!

Happy Friday We R friends! Just wanted to remind you about some upcoming releases to keep your eyes out for in stores and online in the coming weeks. We’ve got some amazing new products to help you celebrate and document your special occasions.

Mini Piñata Numbers

We’re adding numbers 0-9 to our DIY Party Mini Piñata collection. Decorate them with fringe tape in the color of your choice to personalize your party decor. Your birthday boy or girl will love seeing their own birthday number decorated and filled with toys and treats.


Template Studio Bow Guide  + New Designer Poster Board

Combine the Template Studio Starter Kit with the new Bow Guide to create large scale bows for gift wrap and decor, perfect for any occasion. Use standard poster board with the Template Studio, or you’ll love our gorgeous new Designer Poster Board in several different colors and patterns, including added gold foil accents.

WR_Template Studio&DesignerPosterBoard-1 WR_Template Studio&DesignerPosterBoard-3

DIY Party Light Strand + Globe Punch

Light up your celebration with gorgeous battery-operated light strands that come with Mint, Raspberry, Silver, and Gold Glitter Bulb Caps. Dress up your light strands with beautiful paper bulb covers. Choose from flowers, butterflies, lanterns, stars or diamonds in fun brights or glamorous metallics. Use the Globe Punch to create your own bulb covers from our Vellum Paper Pad, or use paper from your craft stash.

WR_LightStrand (2)-2 WR_LightStrand (2)-3

New Crafter’s Bag Designs

Update your on-the-go craft storage with our new Crafter’s Bag colors and designs. Choose from Black Plaid or Blush Dot. Both of these lovely new designs come in Fold Up Bags, Shoulder Bags, and Totes.



New Designer Album Colors and Styles

Preserve your memories in these trendy new 12×12 Designer Albums. You’ll love our black and white designs in Plaid, Dot, and Ikat, or chose one of our colorful Ombre designs. Enjoy the same quality and features as our other D-ring albums.


There you have it friends. Start making your shopping lists now! Which of these fun new releases are you most excited about?

Conversation Heart Mini Piñatas | Video Tutorial

Hello there, and happy Monday morning! It’s Aly here with you today to kick off Valentine’s Day week. Our designers have created some gorgeous inspiration for Valentine celebrations of all kinds. You won’t be disappointed, so be sure to stop by each day this week for a new love-themed project.

I’m excited to share a fun Valentine party favor and/or craft with you today using the new DIY Party Mini Piñatas and Fringe Tape. Conversation hearts are a Valentine’s Day staple, and I thought that the Heart Shape Mini Piñatas would look super cute as giant conversation hearts!

Conversation Heart Mini Piñatas by Aly Dosdall 1

Conversation Heart Mini Piñatas by Aly Dosdall 2

Use these as a fun party game, favor, or craft for a Valentine’s Day party at home or in the classroom. Fill them with confetti, small toys, chocolates, or…you guessed it–conversation hearts!

Conversation Heart Mini Piñatas by Aly Dosdall 3

Add some traditional conversation heart phrases with red alpha stickers, and you’re all set! Watch the video below for a full tutorial for this sweet project.



DIY Party Heart Shape Mini Piñatas
DIY Party Fringe Tape
Cakes and Candles Alpha Blocks Stickers

New Year’s Eve Mini Piñata Party Favor

Good morning, WeR fans! Jen McDermott here, bringing some bling to your New Year’s Eve decor!  I had the pleasure of playing with the brand new DIY Party Mini Piñatas, in the classy gem shape.  And with a couple of different options for sparkly Fringe Tape, I had visions of an upscale Manhatten-esque New Year’s Eve celebration, so I made a classy little “popper” to use for the countdown to midnight—who wouldn’t want to be showered with shiny confetti?!

New Year's Eve Mini Pinata by Jen McDermott1

First, I wrapped the pinatas with the fun gold and black fringe tapes, alternating. Did you know you could just rip the fringe as you go, no need to snip it with scissors? Easy peasy!  I covered the holes on the top of the gem because I knew I wouldn’t be hanging them.  I added them to my tablescape of a black tablecloth with jumbo confetti that I punched from WeR’s Designer poster board in Gold glitter. So fancy!

New Year's Eve Mini Pinata by Jen McDermott2

Then, I stuffed them with the confetti and tied on a gold pull tab.

New Year's Eve Mini Pinata by Jen McDermott3

To finish them off, I added some gold Thickers on the front, but you could embellish however you choose!  A big, glittery 16 would work too!

New Year's Eve Mini Pinata by Jen McDermott4

Now I’ve got a super fun party favor to go with the toast, the countdown, and the first kiss of the year!

Tell us! How are you planning on ringing in the New Year? Share with us on our Facebook page,  or right here! Have a safe holiday season!



DIY Party fringe tape

DIY Party Pull tabs

DIY Party Mini Pinata

DIY Party confetti