Creativation (CHA) 2018 New Releases

Hello, and Happy Monday friends! It’s that time of year again, and we’ve got some seriously exciting news to get your week started off right. This weekend is the biggest trade show of the year for us, and we’re thrilled to share several new releases ahead of the show. First we’ll share the new releases that will be shipping to retailers in February, and then we’ll give you a sneak peek of some of the products we’ll be announcing later in the spring. Are you ready? Okay, let’s get started!



We R Memory Keepers Creativation 2018 New Releases_February

Happy Jig

Easily bend wire into words, shapes, letters and numbers! Create custom designs by bending wire with the locking peg system. The 100 piece kit includes colored wire, pegs, and wire cutters. The Happy Jig includes a storage compartment for supplies, and it comes with a step-by-step instruction booklet for tons of different designs. Additional wire colors are sold individually and in a pack.

We R Memory Keepers Happy Jig
We R Memory Keepers Happy Jig

We R Memory Keepers Happy Jig

Wick Candle Maker

Make your own custom candles right from your craft room! The new Wick Candle Maker is easy, clean, and safe. It’s thermostat equipped, and it has a locked cover lid, a convenient wax valve, a removable wax collector, and a temperature gauge. The Wick Candle Maker comes with 3 lbs of paraffin wax, a 72” length of cotton wick, 3 candle rubber stoppers, pigment (Red, Yellow, Blue, White), 3 candle molds with bases, and a convenient color mixing chart.


We R Memory Keepers Wick Candle Maker

Tag Punch Board

Say hello to the newest member of the punch board family, the Tag Punch Board! Easily create tags from 1” to 3.5” wide. Cut angled corners exactly where you want them. Punch perfectly centered holes every time.

We R Memory Keepers Tag Punch Board

Punch Board Storage

Introducing a new storage solution for up to 5 punch boards (or other large craft tools)! The Punch Board Storage is easy to assemble. It has walls that keep tools from falling over, is designed to easily fit inside storage bins or drawers, and it can stack on top of the We R Memory Keepers Stackable Paper Trays.

We R Memory Keepers Punch Board Storage

Basic Score Board

Our new Score Board has a 12 by 12 inch working area with score guides every 1/8 inch. It includes a scoring tool/bone folder and a score guide, which both store in the bottom of the board. The score guide includes instructions for creating envelopes, envelope boxes and gift boxes. (Multilingual instructions included inside packaging).

We R Memory Keepers Basic Score BoardHand Tools

Our new collection of Hand Tools are must-haves for every crafter! They’re the perfect tools for precise and detailed cutting, crafting, and creating.
You’ll love their simple and clean aesthetic, and their quality contruction and design. Relplacement blades sold separately.

We R Memory Keepers Hand Tools


Keep your eyes peeled for the following new releases coming in the spring! (More details to follow.)

We R Memory Keepers Creativation 2018 New Releases_spring

  • Red Typecast Typewriter
  • USB Power Tools
  • Mini Score Board
  • 12×12 Craft and Store Bins
  • Mini Guillotine Cutter
  • Premium Paper Cutter

So, what do you think? We’re dying to know, so leave a comment below telling us which of these new releases you’re most excited about!

January New Releases!

Hello friends! We hope you enjoyed New Year’s Day yesterday as well as our fun design team announcement. We weren’t quite done celebrating the start of 2018, so we’ve got another exciting announcement for you today. Check out our latest new releases!

Bloom Storage

Introducing Bloom expandable storage for craft embellishments! This beautifully designed storage unit comes in mint and white. You can conveniently expand all 16 compartments in a single twist, viewing all of your stored items at one time. Use the new Bloom Storage to organize craft embellishments, office supplies, makeup, jewelry, and much more.

Bloom Storage by We R Memory Keepers

Bloom Embellishment Storage by We R Memory Keepers

3 Way Corner Rounder

The new 3 Way Corner Rounder is perfect for photos, stationery, cards, scrapbooking, and more. It cuts 4mm, 7mm, and 10mm corner radiuses. With this compact and sturdy design, you can punch clean corners every time for consistent quality.

3 Way Corner Rounder by We R Memory Keepers 3 Way Corner Rounder by We R Memory Keepers

Acrylic Block Set

The new Acrylic Block Set is great for almost any size stamp! The set includes three blocks: 2×2 in, 3×3 in, and 6×5 in. The blocks have a 0.4 inch depth and curved edges for a comfortable grip. The clear acrylic provides easy visibility, and the cross-hair silkscreen assists with accurate alignment horizontally and vertically.

Acrylic Block Set by We R Memory Keepers Acrylic Block Set by We R Memory Keepers

Typecast Clear Cover

You asked for it, and we delivered! Protect and display your Typecast Typewriter with the new Clear Cover. This clear cover is specifically designed to fit the Typecast typewriter. It provides a clear view of the typewriter while protecting it from dust. It’s made of clear, durable vinyl.

Typecast Clear Cover by We R Memory Keepers

Stackable Paper Trays

The new Stackable Paper Trays now fit into popular cube shelving! They’re perfect for storing scrapbook paper up to 12” x 12” in size. Trays nest easily for storage when not in use. Each set comes with four trays.

Stackable Paper Trays by We R Memory Keepers

Well, that’s all for today friends. Keep your eyes out for these new releases to land in stores near the end of February. We hope you enjoyed these sneak peeks! Which one is your favorite?

New Releases!

Hello friends! We’re glad you’re back with us today, and we’ve got some fabulous new releases to share with you! We’ve listened to your feedback and are excited to share the results. Check out what you can expect in stores and online in January.

We R Memory Keepers December new releases


Mini Envelope Punch Board

Because smaller is cuter! Make mini designer envelopes easily with the new Mini Envelope Punch Board. It works the same as the regular Envelope Punch Board, but makes 2 inch to 5.5 inch envelopes. They’re perfect for holding gift cards, place cards, whimsical notes, trinkets, mementos, planner accessories and much more.

Mini Envelope Punch Board by We R Memory Keepers Mini Envelope Punch Board by We R Memory Keepers

Trim and Score Board

Check out the new and improved Trim and Score Board with a new scoring and trimming system that makes it easier to see where you are cutting, a more precise replaceable blade, and a sturdier build with stronger locking mechanisms for accurate cutting and scoring!

Trim and Score Board by We R Memory Keepers

Trim and Score Board by We R Memory Keepers

Craft Storage Bins

Get a handle on your favorite hobby with craft & photo storage and organization bins. They come in several sizes and styles, from mini to large. Some options have dividers for organizing or a storage case to keep them together.

Craft Storage Bins by We R Memory Keepers
Craft Storage Bins by We R Memory Keepers

Craft Storage Bins by We R Memory Keepers

Craft Storage Bins by We R Memory Keepers

Expandable Paper Storage

Keep your scrapbook and craft papers neat and organized in the new Expandable Paper Storage! It holds 100 sheets of 12 x 12 in scrapbook paper, and is made of durable, acid-free plastic. Use the tabbed sections for customized organization.

Expandable Paper Storage by We R Memory Keepers


Thanks for joining us today, and watch for these new releases to hit stores mid to late January!

New Releases: Basic Tools

Good Monday morning, We R fans! We’ve got some exciting news to get your week off to a great start. Announcing not one…not two…but FIVE new releases in our Basic Tools line!

Marker Airbrush

This amazing new release works with any size marker to create an airbrush look on cards, scrapbook pages, and more. This portable, handheld, must-have tool requires no batteries, so it’s perfect for on-the-go crafting.

Marker Airbrush by We R Memory Keepers

Marker Airbrush by We R Memory Keepers

Stapless Stapler

Easily fasten your papers without staples! This handy new tool is environmentally friendly, and fastens multiple sheets of paper on corners or sides. It’s great for kid’s projects, home, and office.

Stapless Stapler by We R Memory Keepers

Stapless Stapler by We R Memory Keepers

Layers Guides

Make perfectly even layers, mats, and borders with the new Layer Guides! They’re ideal for photos, cards, scrapbook pages and more. The catch-lip system requires no measuring, and the edges are metal-reinforced for accurate cutting.

Layer Guides by We R Memory Keepers

Layer Guides by We R Memory Keepers

Square Guide

Create perfect 90° corners with the new Square Guide! It has a metal reinforced edge and a catch-lip on the bottom and side for accurate cutting. Four circles are included for tracing, cutting, or journaling. The Square Guide accurately measures in 1/8″ increments.

Square Guide by We R Memory Keepers

Tear Guides

Create six different torn edges with the new Tear Guides! The transparent material includes 1/16 inch measuring increments, plus a water pen for tearing heavy papers.

Tear Guides by We R Memory Keepers

Tear Guides Water Pen by We R Memory Keepers

Tear Guides by We R Memory Keepers

Thanks for joining us today for our exciting news! These Basic Tools begin shipping next month, so watch for them in stores in December.


New Releases: Washi Chomper & Sprinkle Punch!

Good Monday morning friends! We’re going to get your week started off on the right crafty foot with some exciting news about two new tools that we know you’re going to love. Say hello to the Washi Chomper and the Sprinkle Punch!

Washi Chomper

Create your own washi tape embellishments with the new Washi Chomper!

Washi Chomper by We R Memory Keepers

Easily create banners, arrows, chevrons, tabs, and more. The Washi Chomper cuts washi tape, ribbon, paper, and other materials. It’s perfect for planners, journals, notebooks, cards, layouts, and more.

Washi Chomper by We R Memory Keepers

Use the Washi Chomper with our new handy washi tape companions, or with any other washi from your own stash.

New Washi Chomper washi tape companions by We R Memory Keepers

Sprinkle Punch

Easily create your own sprinkle confetti for party decor with the Sprinkle Punch from the DIY Party Collection!

Sprinkle Punch by We R Memory Keepers

Use the Sprinkle Punch to create sprinkle shaped confetti in any color. Mix it with the DIY Party Confetti Punch!

Sprinkle Punch by We R Memory Keepers

Cut sprinkles out of your favorite paper with this new easy-to-use punch.

Thanks so much for stopping by to check out our exciting announcement today! These new tools will be shipping in August, so watch for them in stores and online in September. Happy crafting friends!


July New Releases!

Hello We R fans! Happy Monday, Happy July, and…well…Happy Everything! Yes, we’re kind of giddy today because we’ve got some exciting news to share with you.

We R Memory Keepers July 2017 New Releases

We’ve got two new releases and an upgrade, so get out your wish lists and get ready to make a few additions!

Dial Trimmer

Dial Trimmer by We R Memory Keepers

With the new Dial Trimmer there’s no need to keep track of different pairs of decorative scissors or trimmer blades!Dial Trimmer by We R Memory KeepersWith this one tool you can easily turn the dial to select from 6 different blade options: scallop, wave, deckle, perforate, cut, and score.

Dial Trimmer by We R Memory Keepers

Cut through cardstock up to 12 inches, plus use the extending arm for easy alignment and measurements.

Dial Trimmer by We R Memory Keepers

Hole Reinforcer Punch

Hey planner fans, check out the latest tool for notebooks, journals, planners, mini albums, and more–the Hole Reinforcer Punch!

Hole Reinforcer Punch by We R Memory Keepers

Create decorative and functional hole reinforcers from any paper!

Hole Reinforcer Punch by We R Memory Keepers

Mix and match different paper to customize your design. The 1/4″ hole reinforcers pair perfectly with planners.

Hole Reinforcer Punch by We R Memory Keepers

Letterpress Kit Update

Our final announcement isn’t a new release, but is an update to our classic Letterpress Kit. The new kit includes a convenient Letterpress Ink Pad, in addition to the platform, papers, plates and accessories.

Letterpress Kit by We R Memory Keepers

All of these goodies start shipping July 17, so keep an eye out for them in stores and online in August.

Well friends, we hope you’re as excited as we are about these new releases! Check in with our social media channels regularly for updates and announcements about our exciting new products.

New Releases!

It’s countdown to CHA time friends, and we’ve got another round of awesome new releases for you today. We’ve saved the big guns for last, and we can’t wait to share them with you!



New Pop-Up Dies–Penny Rolling Card

You’re going to love this set of dies that allows you to create fun, interactive elements on cards, layouts, and more for all occasions!


Simply die cut your choice of shape, attach a penny to the back of the shape, and roll it through your choice of track. So much fun!

Penny Roller Card Dies by We R Memory Keepers

The dies are 100% steel, wafer thin, and they come in a clear zipper pouch with a magnetic backing for convenient storage.


Penny Roller Card Dies by We R Memory Keepers

Penny Roller Card Dies by We R Memory Keepers

This new Pop-Up Die starts shipping to retailers early in next month, so watch for it online and on shelves near the end of February.

Penny Roller Card Dies by We R Memory Keepers

Planner Punch Board

Calling all planner girls! You’re going to love this next one! Punch holes for any planner to create custom inserts and pages.


The Planner Punch Board works with all popular planners on the market, including standard hole, disc and spiral bound.


The punches are interchangeable for convenient customization, and they lock together for storage when not in use.




Punch holes on paper sizes up to 12 inches.


An easy reference chart and instructions are included. The Planner Punch Board starts shipping to retailers early in April, so watch for it online and on shelves near the end of April.


Stitch Happy

Our new Stitch Happy sewing machine is made for sewers, and enhanced for crafters!

The new Stitch Happy enhanced sewing machine from We R Memory Keepers

Get stitch happy on multiple materials, including fabric and paper!


The Stitch Happy sewing machine comes in two stylish colors–pink and mint. A clear dust cover for protection is sold separately.

We R Memory Keepers Stitch Happy enhanced sewing machine.



It’s engineered for thick floss, baker’s twine, metallic threads, and more.

wr_stitchhappy-11 wr_stitchhappy-12

Choose from multiple stitches for sewing and paper crafting. Use the adjustable alignment guide for straight stitching.


Enjoy increased motor power for multimedia projects. Purchase separate fabric & paper scissors, and use our convenient multi-purpose needles designed specifically for use with paper and fabric. No need to switch needles! Plus you can purchase adorable multi-media project kits separately.


Phew! That was a lot of exciting news, right friends! We can’t wait to share more about these awesome new releases, plus some project inspiration over the next few months, so keep checking back here and on our Facebook and Instagram accounts. Alright, we want to know…which of these new releases has your heart all aflutter?

New Releases!

Happy New Year friends! We hope you had a great weekend celebrating 2017. We’re celebrating a new start by announcing some new releases! Check out what’s coming down the pike here at We R Memory Keepers.


2-in-1 Crafter’s Bag

Our Crafter’s Bags have been around for a while, and are perfect for storage and on-the-go crafting.


We’ve now combined the best of both worlds by creating the mobile crafting station of your dreams!


This rolling bag and detachable briefcase combo allows for versatile storage, easy access, and convenient travel.


Carry your crafts with style and ease with a 12″ X 12″ paper compartment, embellishment storage, 2-IN-1 space saving storage, and multi-sized mesh pockets.

Mini Alphabet Punch Board Blade Refills

You’re already familiar with our Mini Alphabet Punch Board…

663004_wr_minialphabetpunchboard…and now you can easily replace your blades just like our regular size punch boards!


Refill blades come in a pack of two, and each have a cap for safe storage. What’s not to love, right?

Stay tuned for an exciting announcement tomorrow morning here on the blog. Plus, watch for more new releases soon!




New Releases!

Here at We R Memory Keepers we’ve always got exciting things going on, and today is no exception! We’re thrilled to announce three more new releases that we know you’re going to love.


Precision Press

Let’s start off with the Precision Press. If you like to include stamping on your paper craft projects, this tool is for you! Inspired by our Letterpress Platform, the Precision Press makes stamping a breeze. Stamp anywhere on a 12×12 (or smaller) page using the handy measurement grid for easy alignment and non-slip surface to keep projects in place.


Easily re-ink your stamps  for better coverage; layer stamped images with perfect precision for added dimension; and create multiple print run projects in no time.


This program also includes CMYK stamps (cyan, magenta, yellow, black), which use a traditional printing process to achieve a full range of color. The stamps work best with the CMYK Inks and Precision Press tool.


Photo Lights

Get your gorgeous photos off your camera and out on display in your home with the new Photo Lights collection! Print your own photos onto special backlit paper and display them in lights.



Use our backlit photo paper to print your own photos at home with an inkjet printer. The Light Box Photo Frames illuminate your photos for an enhanced look.

This new collection is perfect for home decor, weddings, and special events. The frames features 1 and 6 hour timers.


Choose from 8×8 and 5×7 sizes in ebony or natural wood, or hang your backlit photos with the light strand option. For a more decorative look add fun photo rubons in black, white, or gold.


360 Crafters Bag

Enjoy the latest edition of our popular Crafters Bag in black and white, with rose gold accents and a chic dalmation print. As with our other 360  bags, the handle is fully expandable and the interior holds multiple storage pockets and features.

663080_wr_360craftsbag_rosegold These new items will begin shipping to retailers shortly, so watch for them within the next month or so. For help finding a local retailer, please contact

Well, that’s all for today friends. What do you think? Which of these new releases are you drooling over? Tell us in the comments below.

New Releases!

Happy Friday friends! We’re kicking off the weekend with some exciting news! We’ve got three new releases to share with you today. Let’s get right to it, shall we?



Ribbon Cutter

We’re thrilled to introduce you to our Ribbon Cutter! This craft room staple cuts and heat seals ribbon up to 3″ wide so there is no fraying. Cut straight, angled, and even various styles of points into the ends of your ribbon.




The Ribbon Cutter requires four AA batteries (not included). Replacement wires are also available.


Pop Up Dies

We’ve got some brand new designs to add to our popular Pop Up Dies collection. Check out what you can make with your Evolution Advanced below.


Pop Up Dies are ideal for gifts and card making. The dies are wafer thin and made from 100% steel. They’re packaged in clear zipper pouches with a magnetic backing.


Typecast Typewriter

The black Typecast typewriters, two new colors of typewriters, and a new Typecast paper collection will soon be available to ship to retailers worldwide. This retro typewriter allows modern makers to quickly add journaling to layouts, cards, and projects.

310296_wr_typecast_typewriter_black 663062_wr_typecast_typewriter_mint 663063_wr_typecast_typewriter_white
Unique colors of ink are available as well. Be sure to look for other typecast paper accessories.

663106_wr_typecast_largelabels_mint 663111_wr_typecast_minitags 663112_wr_typecast_minicardset_mint 663115_wr_typecast_adventurenotepad 663118_wr_typecast_card-envelope-set 663120_wr_typecast_treatbags_kraft 663123_wr_typecast_cardset 663124_wr_typecast_notebook 663125_wr_typecast_paperpad_12x12 663126_wr_typecast_paperpad_8-5x11 663127_wr_typecast_butterflywaxsealkit

Well friends, that’s all the new releases we have for you today. We want to know–which one are you most excited about? Share in the comments below.