5 Holiday Scrapbook Page Ideas

Hello, and Happy Friday We R fans! This week our design team has shared Holiday Memory Keeping projects with you, and we hope you’ve enjoyed the inspiration. Today we’re closing off the week with a roundup of Holiday Scrapbooking Ideas from our fabulous in house design team. You’re going to want to bookmark this post for sure. Enjoy!

Add Ribbon

The holidays just wouldn’t be the same without all the festive Christmas ribbon. So, why not add some to your holiday scrapbook page! It’s easy to do with the Ribbon Cutter. This battery powered tool not only cuts ribbon, but heat seals it meaning no more frayed ends!

Scrapbook page featuring the We R Memory Keepers Ribbon Cutter

Frame Your Photos

Holiday memories are some of the most special in our lives, so why not add extra emphasis to them with custom paper frames! You can make paper frames in almost any size and tons of different styles with the Frame Punch Board.

Holiday scrapbook page featuring the We R Memory Keepers Frame Punch Board

Reach for the Stars

Stars are an iconic holiday symbol. Cut some out of your paper scraps with our Craft Knife or Detail Scissors. They’re an easy shape to hand cut, and they’ll add a rustic handmade flair to your holiday scrapbook page.

Holiday Scrapbook Page featuring the We R Memory Keepers Ribbon Cutter

Include Gift Tags

During the holiday season we go through tons of gift tags, so why not add them to your scrapbook page? They’ll capture the holiday feel you’re looking for and make for a cool page design. Make your own gift tags from your paper scraps with the Tag Punch Board.

Holiday Scrapbook Page featuring the We R Memory Keepers Precision Press Advanced

On the Grid

Scrapbooking during the holiday season can be tricky with all the hustle and bustle, so keep your holiday scrapbook pages simple with a basic grid design. Get that grid perfectly aligned with the Laser Square!

Holiday Scrapbook Page featuring the We R Memory Keepers Laser Square

Thanks for stopping by! We hope these holiday scrapbooking ideas have inspired your memory keeping this season. Happy crafting and enjoy your weekend!


Patriotic Party Favors

Hello We R Fans! Kimberly here with a fun and quick treat bag for your Fourth of July celebrations! Each year on the Fourth, everyone spends the day, following the parade, at my parent’s house on the lake. After the day in the sun, we head back into town early, to get good seats for the fireworks. The littles, and let’s face it, the big people too, get a bit restless waiting for dusk. So, I thought it would be fun to make little treat bags to keep everyone entertained and happy. The We R Memory Keepers Scallop Goodie Bag Guide helped me put these festive packages together easily!

Patriotic Party Favors by Kimberly Crawford for We R Memory Keepers

With a few seasonal treats and silly accessories, these bags will be a hit!

Patriotic Party Favors by Kimberly Crawford for We R Memory Keepers



I started by using the Scallop Goodie Bag Guide to cut a few pieces of food-safe glassine papers. The Guide allows you to tear the paper by simply pulling. It also has a straight-edge for getting crisp folds.

Scallop Goodie Bag Guide by We R Memory Keepers

Inside each bag are Pop Rocks candy, licorice, glow bracelets, glow wants, and a pair of ridiculous sunglasses. Lots of fun! I see selfies happening already!

Patriotic Party Favors by Kimberly Crawford for We R Memory Keepers


On each bag, I attached a medallion I created with ribbon and a pre-made star burst from the Oh Goodie line.

Patriotic Party Favors by Kimberly Crawford for We R Memory Keepers

To get clean cut edges on my ribbon, I used the Ribbon Cutter tool. This tool not only cuts the ribbon, but seals it too. To get the notched ends in the ribbon, I folded it in half before placing it in the tool. The sharper the angle it is placed in the tool, the deeper the notch.

Scallop Goodie Bag Guide by We R Memory Keepers

These cute bags came together quickly. Who needs to make these for their Fourth of July celebration?



We R Memory Keepers

Add Ribbon to a Scrapbook Page

Hey there We R Memory Keepers friends and fans, Becki here. Today, I have a tool to show you that will quickly become your new favorite tool, seriously! I’ve been playing with the ribbon cutter and I’ve fallen in love. I’m sure you will too.

Add Ribbon to a Scrapbook Page with the Ribbon Cutter
I have a huge stash of ribbon scraps in my drawer. I pulled out a LOT of ribbon scraps and played with the ribbon cutter for a long time. I learned a LOT while playing with the pile of ribbon. I learned that this ribbon cutter will cut most kinds of ribbon (including sequins, velvety, satin, silk, and grosgrain). I learned that you don’t want to cut ribbon that is cotton. Cotton ribbon will burn and turn black. By the end of my playing time I had a pile of ribbon scraps with perfectly seared edges on my desk.


I decided that I wanted to use this variety of ribbon scraps on a layout. To start my layout I grabbed my laser square and started lining up ribbon scraps across the middle of the page.


I continued lining up and adhering ribbon in the center of my layout. I can’t even tell you how thrilled I am with how this layout turned out. I think the variety of ribbon make such a great background.

Add Ribbon to a Scrapbook Page with the Ribbon Cutter

I also used the laser square to make sure my photos and titles were straight on the layout as well.

Add Ribbon to a Scrapbook Page with the Ribbon Cutter

Add Ribbon to a Scrapbook Page with the Ribbon Cutter

I’ve done a similar technique with ribbon before but I had to stitch the ends of each ribbon so they wouldn’t fray. This time, I didn’t have to do any stitching to keep the ribbon from fraying, the Ribbon Cutter did all of that for me!

Add Ribbon to a Scrapbook Page with the Ribbon Cutter

Thank you for stopping by the We R Memory Keepers blog. I hope you’ll add the Ribbon Cutter tool to your stash…you won’t be sorry!!



We R Memory Keepers Ribbon Cutter

We R Memory Keepers Laser Square and Mat

Blessed Wall Hanging

Good morning We R readers, Laura here to share a thankful project with you. This time of year is my absolute favorite. Starting in October there are so many reasons to get together with friends and family to celebrate. Several years ago, around Thanksgiving, we started a tradition in my family to say what we are thankful for every night at dinner throughout the entire year.


I thought it would be nice to record some of those things we are grateful for, so I created a blessed wall hanging. To start with I used the High Five paper collection and cut strips of patterned paper that were two inches wide.


Using the banner punch board I created a flag shape on one end of the paper. Then, I trimmed the overall length to six inches. Using the blue horizontal line as a guide at the top of the punch board, I cut a flag shape on the opposite end.


I folded the banner shape in half and repeated these steps for all seven papers.


Next, I used the same process to trim white cardstock to fit inside each patterned paper banner shape. This time I cut the strips of cardstock to 1.5 inches and the overall length to 5.5 inches. Then, I used navy textured cardstock from the DIY Party cardstock pad to create a background banner shape for each flag. To assemble, I used my sticky thumb adhesive to attach the white cardstock inside the patterned paper.


Then, I adhered the patterned paper to the navy background.


I added the letters ‘BLESSED’ onto the banners with gold glitter foam Thickers.


I attached each banner shape to a strip of green grosgrain ribbon using red tape.


I cut the ribbon using the new ribbon cutter tool.


At the top of the ribbon I folded a little bit over and attached a gold eyelet using the Crop-A-Dile tool. This makes it really easy to hang on the wall.


Inside we can each write something we are thankful for and it will be a great memory for all of us for years to come.







Banner Punch Board

High Five Collection Papers

White Cardstock

DIY Party Cardstock

Sticky Thumb Adhesive

Red Tape



Ribbon Cutter






Shaker Bookmarks


Happy Monday morning friends, and Happy Halloween! We hope your evening is filled with lots of yummy treats, and not so many tricks. This week we’re featuring projects made with one of our most popular tools, the Photo Sleeve Fuse. and we’re starting off with some fun Shaker Bookmarks.


Hello, Aly Dosdall here again with some fun bookmarks I made using the Photo Sleeve Fuse. I love the creative possibilities that my Fuse allows–it’s one of my favorites tools. It’s so versatile and easy to use.


I’ve got a first grader who has discovered the joy of reading. She’s finally gotten into some short chapter books, and so I thought I’d make her a set of bookmarks to hopefully feed her newfound passion.


Though my daughter loves to read, she has a hard time sitting still since she has ADHD and anxiety disorder, so I wanted to add something tactile and interactive as well to help calm her as she reads. Photo Sleeve Fuse to the rescue!


I used my Fuse to make the bookmarks into shaker pockets and filled them with clear glass microbeads, gold sequins, and tiny wood veneer stars. The glass microbeads make a cool rain-like noise and are fun to watch when you move the bookmarks around. Perfect for nervous wiggly hands!


I started by cutting some patterned paper from the High Five collection into 2×6 inch strips. I embellished them with some High Five Stickers and Ephemera, and then added some phrases that I typed with my Typecast Typewriter onto Typecast Mini Labels.


Then I used a leftover divided photo sleeve to create the shaker pockets, cutting apart the 4×6 and 6×6 sections of the sleeve. You could also use 4×6 waterfall sleeves to create the shaker pockets for the bookmarks.  I found it easiest to Fuse around three sides, leaving the top end open so I could add my shaker elements before fusing the top shut. It also helps to fuse the shaker pocket snugly around the bookmark so that it can’t move around much. That way your shaker elements will stay in front of the bookmark and not slip around behind.


To finish off my bookmarks, I added some black ribbon at the top. I used the new Ribbon Cutter to trim and seal the ends of the ribbon, and then I attached the ribbon to the bookmarks with my Staple Board. I stapled the ribbon strips 3 times, using the staples not only in a functional way but also as a design element.



I’m excited for my daughter to try out these shaker bookmarks. I look forward to reading lots of books together!



Photo Sleeve Fuse
Photo Sleeve
High Five Collection
Ribbon Cutter
Staple Board
Typecast Typewriter
Typecast Mini Labels

New Releases!

Happy Friday friends! We’re kicking off the weekend with some exciting news! We’ve got three new releases to share with you today. Let’s get right to it, shall we?



Ribbon Cutter

We’re thrilled to introduce you to our Ribbon Cutter! This craft room staple cuts and heat seals ribbon up to 3″ wide so there is no fraying. Cut straight, angled, and even various styles of points into the ends of your ribbon.




The Ribbon Cutter requires four AA batteries (not included). Replacement wires are also available.


Pop Up Dies

We’ve got some brand new designs to add to our popular Pop Up Dies collection. Check out what you can make with your Evolution Advanced below.


Pop Up Dies are ideal for gifts and card making. The dies are wafer thin and made from 100% steel. They’re packaged in clear zipper pouches with a magnetic backing.


Typecast Typewriter

The black Typecast typewriters, two new colors of typewriters, and a new Typecast paper collection will soon be available to ship to retailers worldwide. This retro typewriter allows modern makers to quickly add journaling to layouts, cards, and projects.

310296_wr_typecast_typewriter_black 663062_wr_typecast_typewriter_mint 663063_wr_typecast_typewriter_white
Unique colors of ink are available as well. Be sure to look for other typecast paper accessories.

663106_wr_typecast_largelabels_mint 663111_wr_typecast_minitags 663112_wr_typecast_minicardset_mint 663115_wr_typecast_adventurenotepad 663118_wr_typecast_card-envelope-set 663120_wr_typecast_treatbags_kraft 663123_wr_typecast_cardset 663124_wr_typecast_notebook 663125_wr_typecast_paperpad_12x12 663126_wr_typecast_paperpad_8-5x11 663127_wr_typecast_butterflywaxsealkit

Well friends, that’s all the new releases we have for you today. We want to know–which one are you most excited about? Share in the comments below.