Ruler Studio Halloween Decor

Hello everyone! Eva Pizarro here today showing a step by step tutorial to create this Halloween Decor using the Mini Piñata Halloween kit and your favorite folded ruler from the Ruler Studio collection.


Begin by decorating your piñata: seal the opening on the bottom shut, and create an opening at the top with your craft knife.


Use the fringe tape and the face stickers from the kit to embellish your piñata.


Use your Power Punch to make holes in the eyes and mouth of your piñata, so when you put the light inside the face will glow.


Use washi tape to decorate your Ruler Studio. I love to use washi tape for this kind of project, because I can easily change color or remove the washi tape if I need to reuse the ruler.


Use foam dots to hold your Ruler in place and to attach your embellishments and your piñata. Put some lights around your star and remember to put one or two lights inside your piñata too! (I used the two pull string holes that the piñata already has in the bottom.)


Fill your piñata with candy, small toys, or lollipops (like I did).


You could hang this decor on your front door and leave small treats for the kids on your block, or also use it inside your house for your family and friends.


I think my neighbors are going to love the decor and the lollipops! Do you decorate your front door for Halloween? How long do you think the candies will last?


Have a great day!



Ruler Studio Folded Ruler

Ruler Studio Foam Dots

Ruler Studio Light Strand

Mini Piñata Halloween Kit

Washi Tape Dispenser

Ruler Studio Photo Display

Hi there, Laura here! I don’t know about you, but I use my phone all the time to take pictures. In fact, I think I probably use my phone to capture memories even more than I use my good camera. I always have it with me and it is so convenient. However, one thing I am not great at is getting those digital pictures off the phone and doing something with them.

Ruler Studio Photo Display by Laura Silva 1

Today, I am going to show you how to create a photo display using the Ruler Studio. This is a great way to display special photos all year round. I chose some of our favorites from over the summer.

To start with you will want to hang up your Ruler Studio. I am using 9 inch folded ruler in Mint. I created a zig zag pattern with the ruler. The great thing about these rulers is they come in a variety of sizes and colors. And, you can create so many options for shapes – star, heart, square, rectangle, hexagon, and more!

Ruler Studio Photo Display by Laura Silva 2

I hung it up on the wall using one of the decorative knobs. I simply clipped it to the top portion of the ruler and hung it on a nail.

Ruler Studio Photo Display by Laura Silva 3

At this point you could simply attach your photos to the Ruler Studio for display. I used some colorful mini clothespins to attach mine.

Ruler Studio Photo Display by Laura Silva 4

I wanted the display to look more put together and polished, so I used some of the die-cut cardstock frames to dress up my photos. I cut the pictures using the frame as a guide. I attached the photos to the frames using a little Sticky Thumb adhesive.

Ruler Studio Photo Display by Laura Silva 5

I love the visual interest of having some full size photos and some smaller ones in frames. I also printed some of the photos in black and white and some in color. The best part is, I can easily change out the photos each season.

Ruler Studio Photo Display by Laura Silva 6

Ruler Studio Photo Display by Laura Silva 7


How do you display photos in your home?




Ruler Studio Folded Ruler 9” Mint

Ruler Studio Decorative Knob Clips

Mini Clothespins

Ruler Studio Die-Cut Cardstock Frames


Superstar Sports Photo Display

Hello We R fans and thank you for joining me today as share this little dedication to my darling son’s sporting achievements. He has worked so hard all season and earned himself Player of The Match four times. On three of the occasions the trophy went back to the team but because he also won it on the last game of the season, he gets to keep it for good. How awesome! I’ve got it proudly on display, along with some info on each game, on a 12” Ruler Studio, fashioned into a star shape to coordinate with the star on the trophy.


I’ve added a bunch of paper stars which I fashioned out of some plain blue cardstock as well as some paper from the Typecast 12×12 pad. The gold foil print worked perfectly for this project! You can find a link to create these stars here. I’ve adhered them to my ruler using glue dots.


The assembly was very easy. I started by bending the ruler into the star shape and securing some points together with Ruler Studio Adhesive Foam Dots.  I then wove a Ruler Studio Bulb Strand around the ruler.


I replaced some of the smaller clear bulb caps with some glittery ones for a bit of colour and sparkle.


On some of the others bulbs, I replaced the caps with star lanterns. These DIY Party die cut lanterns come in assorted designs and colours. (I have used a pack of metallic star shapes.) There are full instructions inside the pack but here you can see a step-by-step of how I put them together.


They give off a lovely, gentle glow.


Next, it was time to add some photos. I printed off an Insta snap of each of the occasions he won the trophy…


I added these to my ruler with the help of some Ruler Studio Hanging Clips.


Behind each of the photos is a little story of the game, which I have typed up using my Typecast Typewriter. The Typecast 3×4 cards are easy to type on and come in a mixed pack of colours with a beautiful splash of gold foil on each one. For a bit of extra pizazz, I’ve added a gold Oh Goodie! Star burst sticker.


For the title, I cut out some letters using my Mini Alphabet Punch Board. (I can’t tell you how awesome this tool is. I find myself using it all the time!) To give the blue cardstock a bit of shimmer, I have misted the letters and a star with some Navy and then Gold Lamé Color Shine.


The combination of the gold and navy works so well with the white! I hung the letters for the word ‘star’ onto some Ruler Studio Natural String, using mini gold pegs, which I found at a dollar store. I spelled out the word ‘super’ with some gold foil alphabet stickers, which I stuck directly to the ruler.


You could create this type of project to celebrate any kind of achievement. Now our little champ can see just how proud we are of him!


(If you want to see one of the games where he earned a Player of The Match, forward to about 36 mins in this video and watch him fight off multiple players to score an awesome try.)

Wishing you many hours of happy crafting!





Ruler Studio 12” White

Ruler Studio Bulb Strand

Ruler Studio Adhesive Foam Dots

Ruler Studio Natural String

Ruler Studio Hanging Clips

Oh Goodie Gold Foil Stickers

DIY Party 12×12 cardstock pad

DIY Party Die Cut Lanterns (Metallic Stars)

Typecast Typewriter

Typecast Cards

Typecast Stickers

Sequin Stickers Gold

Mini Alphabet Punch Board

American Crafts Shoebox Gold foil stickers

Classroom Decor Ideas

Hello friends! Eva Pizarro here today sharing some quick and easy projects to decorate your classroom or your little one’s area.

Classroom Decor by Eva Pizarro 1

My little one loves to read, he can stay in his room staring at his books for half an hour! A few months ago I build him some shelves for his books and now that I have added some color he loves his area even more.

To make the banner I used the lovely wood pattern paper from the Honey I’m Home collection.  I cut four 4×6 inch rectangles and used my Banner Punch Board to make flags. I did the same with some white cardstock and layered it behind.

Classroom Decor by Eva Pizarro 2

To make the letters I used my Alphabet Punch Board  and the 3×5 paper pad.  I chose basic colors: red, yellow, green and blue.

To make the letters follow the instructions on the booklet or download the free App!

Classroom Decor by Eva Pizarro 3

Put together your banner by attaching your letters with some 3d dots.

Classroom Decor by Eva Pizarro 4

Hang your banner with some twine. For some extra pops of color use your Garland Punch and rainbow colored cardtosck to make a quick festoon. I cut 2 shapes of each color to make the garland longer.

Classroom Decor by Eva Pizarro 5

I also created this other project using basically the same colors and tools. It is a birthday chart and you can use it for your classroom (if you are a teacher) or your church or maybe for your home if you have a big family!

Classroom Decor by Eva Pizarro 6

Cut some letters in rainbow colors using your Alphabet Punch Board

Classroom Decor by Eva Pizarro 7

Use your Link Punch to hang pictures for every month (I just used random pictures here ).

Classroom Decor by Eva Pizarro 8

Use your Ruler Studio Frames to embellish some of your pictures and attach the letter to your 9 inch Ruler Studio.

Classroom Decor by Eva Pizarro 9

Hang your Birthday Chart using the Hanging Clips and enjoy! My little one loved this Chart, he keeps looking at the pictures searching for his mom and dad! I am sure your kids will love it too!

Classroom Decor by Eva Pizarro 10

Have a great week! Eva



Ruler Studio 9 in Folded Ruler
Ruler Studio Hanging Clips
Ruler Studio Cardstock Frames
DIY Party Garland Punch
Banner Punch Board
Honey I’m Home – Lights Out Patterned Paper
Alphabet Punch Board
3×5 Paper Pad (Basics)



Patriotic Rosette Decor + Light Strand Giveaway


Happy Summer!  Welcome to Red, White, and Blue Week! This week we’re celebrating all things summer and patriotic, and we’re excited about the projects our team has put together for you. As part of our celebration, we’re also giving away our DIY Party Light Strand collection because, well, summer celebrations are so much more fun with lights!

First off is a project from Shellye, and then scroll down to enter our Light Strand Giveaway!


Hello! Shellye here to share a fun patriotic home décor project featuring handmade rosettes using the DIY Party Fringe & Score Board, as well as other tools and products!

Shellye McDaniel-Patriotic Rosettes HI RES1

I started by preparing the base (to add the rosettes to) with the “Natural 12” Folded Ruler.”  I shaped the ruler into a star shape: each line is two sections of the ruler, for a total of five sections.  The overall shape measures 22”X22”.

Shellye McDaniel-Patriotic Rosettes8

Now for the three rosettes:  I’ve used the DIY Party 12X12 Cardstock Pad and the colors of red, turquoise and metallic silver.  For the two outer rosettes: the turquoise cardstock was cut into 4”wide strips, the red cardstock cut into 3” strips and the metallic silver cut into 2” strips.

Shellye McDaniel-Patriotic Rosettes3

Next, the DIY Party Fringe & Score Board was used to score the paper at every 1” interval.  Before accordion folding the paper, I punched each end of the paper with the DIY Party Rosette Paper Punch.

Shellye McDaniel-Patriotic Rosettes4

Shellye McDaniel-Patriotic Rosettes5

The turquoise paper was punched at every 1” mark, which created a more simple edging.  The red paper was punched at every-other 1” mark, creating a more decorative edge.  It’s fun to mix and match the designs!

Shellye McDaniel-Patriotic Rosettes HI RES2

Shellye McDaniel-Patriotic Rosettes10

The three colors of rosettes were assembled and then stacked together and glued in place.

Shellye McDaniel-Patriotic Rosettes7

For the center rosette, I used only the red and turquoise papers and then the metallic silver for the letter “S”.

The Alphabet Punch Board and DIY Party Kraft 3X4 Paper Pad were used to create the letters “U” and “A”.  Again, I used some of the leftover metallic silver to create the letter “S”. White mini lights from the Ruler Studio Collection were added around the star frame.

Shellye McDaniel-Patriotic Rosettes9

The piece can stand by a fireplace, on a shelf or can even be hung from a door.  Use string to tie the rosettes to the ruler and then change them out with other colors throughout the year!



WR_LightStrand giveaway (2)-2

We’re giving away our Light Strand collection to one lucky random winner, and if you’d like to enter for a chance to win please leave a comment below telling me how you would use our Light Strand collection this summer. Comments will remain open until Thursday night at midnight, and our random winner will be announced on Friday, July 1st. Good luck, and remember to check back to see if you won!



DIY Party Fringe & Score Board
DIY Party Rosette Paper Punch
DIY 12X12 Cardstock Pad
Alphabet Punch Board
660924 Natural 12” Folded Ruler
660942 Bulb Strand
660896 Kraft Pad
660894 Kraft & Mint Foil Pad


Ruler Studio Inspiration Board

Hello, We R Memory Keepers fans, Laura here! Today, I am sharing with you a fun way to use the Ruler Studio in your home decor as an inspiration board.

Ruler Studio Inspiration Board by Laura Silva for We R Memory Keepers

In my craft room, I originally had a plan for a gallery wall with inspirational art work I have collected. But, as my room has evolved, I have ended up using all my available wall space for shelving and storage.

Once I got my hands on the Ruler Studio, I knew it would be perfect for creating an inspirational gallery wall, of sorts. I chose the 12 inch Ruler Studio since it is the biggest one and I wanted to create a shape that would be large enough to hold more than one 8” x 10” print.

I started by creating an octagon shape with the Ruler Studio.

I added the DIY Party Die Cut butterflies to the Ruler Studio light strand. It is so fun to have battery powered light strands you can use anywhere. I love butterflies, so this was a natural choice for my craft room. I hooked the light strand on the ruler studio using a Hanging Clip and the Pewter Picture Clips.

Ruler Studio Inspiration Board by Laura Silva 2

To be able to attach my artwork to the Ruler Studio I tied some Natural String around the top and bottom of the bends on the octagon. I can now clip on any artwork or inspirational sayings I want to the strings with the Pewter Picture Clips.

Ruler Studio Inspiration Board by Laura Silva 3
I think the gold foil print is my favorite. I received it as a gift at last year’s Snap Conference from Heidi Swapp.

Ruler Studio Inspiration Board by Laura Silva 4

This inspiration board will be hung on the outside of my craft room closet door.  I think it turned out even better than a gallery wall because I can change out the artwork any time I want!

Ruler Studio Inspiration Board by Laura Silva 5



Ruler Studio 12 in Folded Ruler
Ruler Studio Hanging Clips
Ruler Studio Natural String
Ruler Studio Pewter Picture Clips
Ruler Studio LED Light Strand
DIY Party Die Cut Butterflies

Organization Gallery Storage Frame

Hello, We R friends!  Shellye McDaniel here today with a fun take on organizing with the awesome new Storage Frame and the “Honey, I’m Home” Collection!

Shellye McDaniel-Honey I'm Home Storage Frame for We R Memory Keepers

The adorable new Scottie Dog Washi Tape Dispenser was also a highlight of this project.  The slate blue chevron worked perfectly with the dark blue hue in the collection.

Shellye McDaniel-Honey I'm Home Storage Frame2

Nine squares of woodgrain patterned paper were cut to 4 7/8” and then set aside.  The 6” White Ruler was shaped into a heart and attached to the outside of the frame with high tack adhesive dots.  Washi tape was attached to various pieces of the woodgrain panels so that the tape would follow the outline of the ruler.  The woodgrain panels were the adhered inside of the 5” squares of the frame.

Shellye McDaniel-Honey I'm Home Storage Frame3

Hanging Clips, bits of die-cuts, puffy stickers and veneer pieces from the “Honey I’m Home” collection were added in fun clusters around the ruler.

Shellye McDaniel-Honey I'm Home Storage Frame4

Shellye McDaniel-Honey I'm Home Storage Frame5

Small photos were added to frame pieces from the collection.  Use the Foam Adhesive Dots to secure the different pieces together.

Shellye McDaniel-Honey I'm Home Storage Frame6

The jars that come with the Storage Organizer were embellished around the lid with the same chevron washi tape and filled with natural embellishments.

Shellye McDaniel-Honey I'm Home Storage Frame7

To add even more detail and to carry the chevron design to the ruler, small pieces of the tape were wrapped around several of the ends of the ruler. The frame is sturdy enough to stand alone on a shelf or table or it can be hung by the handy hardware that has been included on the back!

Honey I’m Home Collection: Patterned Paper, Ephemera Die Cuts, Puffy Stickers, Wood Veneers
Washi Tape Dispenser: Scottie Dog Chevron
Ruler Studio: 6” White Ruler; Hanging Clips; Adhesive Foam Dots
Organizational Gallery: Storage Frame

Organization Tips with Shellye & Chantalle

Today on the blog we’ve got design team members Chantalle McDaniel and Shellye McDaniel sharing some tips for craft room storage and organization. They’ll show us how they store their favorite We R Memory Keepers supplies. First off is Chantalle with a darling pegboard that’s as stylish as it is functional.

Hello We R fans! I’d love to share my little craft space with you today. As you can see, I have a snippet in the corner of our lounge/dining room. Floor space is at a premium, so I chose to go up rather than out! I’m sure you will agree, pegboard is not only fashionable, but seriously functional. I love being able to see exactly what options I have to create with and feel completely inspired when I sit at my desk.

Org pic_1

The thing I love most about using the board is that I can rearrange things when the need arises. Different types of hooks on their own or with little baskets etc, allow me to store a variety of tools and product – even my 123 Punch Board! It doubles as a tray to hold my cute Washi dispenser pals.

Org pic_2

Org pic_3

My Fuse tool, along with Fuseables and accessories are stored nearby in my Fuse Storage box.

Org pic_4

Saving my best feature to last… Along the top of my board, I have run a white 6 inch folded ruler from the Ruler Studio collection. To this, I have attached some Ruler Studio metal hooks and a strand of Ruler Studio bulb lights. (These are battery operated, and completely portable.) The hooks can be used to hang anything from product to photo frames! I love the soft glow the lights give off at night. Best of all they are customisable with gorgeous covers, which have already started shipping to retailers, so keep an eye out for them at your favourite WRMK supplier.

Org pic_5


Hello! Shellye McDaniel here. Like many crafters, I keep a lot of my supplies and tools in baskets and bins, but I do have a couple of extra spots for organizing my things!


I purchased a few of these very inexpensive curtain rods at the dollar store and hung them horizontally behind a door in my craft room; it’s the perfect spot and I hate to waste any space when it comes to storage!

Shellye McDaniel-Organization1

The various WeR Memory Keepers punches sit nicely and better yet, they are in full display so I can see and grab them easily.


Shellye McDaniel-Organization2

Shellye McDaniel-Organization3

Next, I like to keep packaging for certain tools, especially when they have detailed instructions or even a sample of how a finished project is supposed to look.  I punched holes (with my Crop-A-Dile) into cardboard packaging and inserted them into the binder  along with the dies!

We hope you’ve enjoyed these craft room storage and organization tips from Chantalle and Shellye. Be sure to come back tomorrow for more storage ideas!


Star Ruler Banner

Hello there We R fans, Kimberly Crawford here.  I am in love with Ruler Studio and all the design possibilities! These rulers, which come in three different sizes, can be bent into many different shapes, as each section is hinged. Throughout our house, we have many stars, and so I turned my ruler into a star. My new star made the perfect place to hang photos!

star ruler banner Kimberly Crawford for We R Memory Keepers

After turning my 12” white ruler into a star, tied a length of string on either end of the center arm. Then I began clipping photos and other ephemera to my string.

star ruler banner 2 Kimberly Crawford

The Honey, I’m Home collection has wonderful pieces about family and love. Exactly what I wanted for this wall hanging.

star ruler banner 4 Kimberly Crawford

Ruler Studio has clips available and they are the right size for holding any photo or embellishment on the string.

star ruler banner 3 Kimberly Crawford

I had fun hanging cards, wood veneers, and adding frames and ephemera to the photos.

star ruler banner 5 Kimberly Crawford

For one last special touch, I added a banner above the photos. Wanting to keep the focus on the photos, I created small banner pieces with my Banner Punch Board.

star ruler banner 7 Kimberly Crawford

The Banner Punch Board allows you to make three different banner sizes, all based on which end you cut.

star ruler banner 8 Kimberly Crawford

I was very impressed at how well it held my small pieces of patterned paper in place!

star ruler banner 6 Kimberly Crawford

These rulers have so many possibilities! What will you do with yours?



Ruler Studio 12” White Ruler
Ruler Studio Clips
Ruler Studio String Natural
Honey I’m Home Wood Veneers
Honey I’m Home Card and Frame Set
Honey I’m Home Patterned Paper; Homemade, Growing Up, Here & Now

Home Banner

Hi everyone!  I’m so glad you could join me, Wendy here today for some fun with garlands using the DIY Party Garland Punch.  I love how this punch made it so easy to make fun garlands to decorate our space and it mixed so well with some of the other WRMK tools. I used the Honey I’m Home collection to create a welcoming banner for our new home to dress up some of those bare walls.

Home Banner by Wendy Antenucci for We R Memory Keepers

I began by punching multiple garland pieces from my chosen papers from the Honey I’m Home collection.  Once I had my circles I chose the order that I wanted to assemble them in, and the linked them together.

Home Banner by Wendy Antenucci 2

I also used the Banner Punch Board to create a place to nestle the word home, it was a great opportunity to play with the amazing Alphabet Punch Board again too.  I dressed the Home banner up with some of the Fringe Tape in Meadow which I pulled from the garland pieces.

Home Banner by Wendy Antenucci 3

Once I was happy with the basics of my décor I began to embellish with some of the wood veneer pieces and Ephemera.  I also chose some of the houses from the Ephemera to hang from my garland to add a whimsical touch.

Home Banner by Wendy Antenucci 4

Designer Tip:  I found it was easiest to assemble my garland from only one direction, for me I built from the left which was an easier way for me to thread the tab through the slot.  A little dab of hot glue also works wonders to hold the garland secure if you prefer only certain colors to show.

Home Banner by Wendy Antenucci 5

Have fun creating your own garlands and banners with the We R Memory Keeper punches, we’d love to see them just post them on our Facebook page.



Honey I’m Home Paper
Honey I’m Home Ephemera
Honey I’m Home Wood Veneer
3×5 Metallic Paper Pad
DIY Party Fringe Tape
Alphabet Punch Board
DIY Party Garland Punch
Banner Punch Board
Ruler Studio