3 Summer Project Ideas


3 Summer Project Ideas featuring some of your favorite We R Memory Keepers tools

Happy Friday We R fans! Summer is almost here, and we couldn’t be more excited for the warmer weather, the backyard parties, and some serious beach time. We’re ready to make some fun memories!

If you’re ready for summer and are looking for a project to sink your crafty teeth into this weekend, we’ve got some great ideas for you!

Summer Bucket List Mini Album

Don’t let those awesome summer memories disappear. Document them in a DIY Summer Bucket List Album. Using the Tab Punch Board, the Planner Punch Board, and the Typecast Typewriter, creating this adorable mini book is a breeze. CLICK HERE for the tutorial.

Summer Bucket List Mini Album by Becki Adams for We R Memory Keepers

DIY Beach Bag

Create a custom beach bag that reflects your own personal style with the Stitch Happy sewing machine. This unique multi-media machine allows you to stitch with thick twine and metallic thread so you can add a handmade touch to your fabric and paper projects. You can find instructions for making this beautiful beach bag HERE.

DIY Beach Bag with the Stitch Happy sewing machine by Chantalle McDaniel for We R Memory Keepers

Tropical Fruit Themed Party Décor

Need a fun summer party theme? Celebrate the sweet summertime with a Tropical Fruit Party! It’s easy to create fruit that looks good enough to eat with the DIY Party Collection. Using the Honeycomb Pads and Stencils you can make anything from strawberries to pineapples. Visit the blog HERE to learn how to make your own Honeycomb Tropical Fruit.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend, and happy summer crafting friends!

DIY Summer Candles

Hello WeR fans and welcome! It’s Chantalle with you again and I can’t wait to share some candle décor ideas with you, which I’ve created with my Wick Candle Maker.

As we approach (a thankfully comparably mild) winter Down Under, this little beach-inspired scene reminds me that summer is not that far away.

DIY Summer Candles by Chantalle McDaniel for We R Memory Keepers

I’ve created three style of candle, all using the Wick machine, paraffin beads and a splash of colouring.

DIY Summer Candles by Chantalle McDaniel for We R Memory Keepers

These candles were really fun to make and turned out even better than I expected. I love the fact that they are personal to my family and the shells are from the estuary only meters from our home.

DIY Summer Candles by Chantalle McDaniel for We R Memory Keepers

The two cylindrical shaped candles are from the smooth mold that comes in the candle making kit. One ties off some wick material onto a metal rod, which balances across the top of the mold, then you pull the wick material through the hole at the bottom of the mold, then pop a rubber stopper into the hole, securing the wick material and preventing the melted wax from escaping.

For my candle on display in the glass votive, I created an ombré effect by adding a brown wax crayon. This was the first time I had used a solid colour to colour my wax melts. I also tried adding some mists and paint but the liquids didn’t mix properly with the wax and settled awkwardly at the bottom of the mold as well as my Wick machine and were tricky to clean.

The wax crayon melted into a rich colour and if you want an ombré effect, it’s great as I found the consistency must’ve been denser as it settled to the bottom very well.

DIY Summer Candles by Chantalle McDaniel for We R Memory Keepers

A convenient function the Wick machine has, is an indicator light that illuminates when the valve is opened. This is handy as I sometimes forget to close the valve after I had made a candle. It’s a great reminder to quickly shut it before the new melted wax comes running out!

Wick Candle Maker by We R Memory Keepers

Here you can see the finished brown candle. It takes about one and a half refills of the machine to fill this size mold. The first round was the dark wax with the wax crayon added. The second layer was diluted slightly with more plain wax melts. The top layer was a new batch of plain melts, with a touch of the blue colour shavings you get in the kit along with the machine. One thing I have mentioned before is that it’s totally normal for your candle to sink a bit during the setting process. I now know to keep an extra amount of the last colour used, to reheat in the machine and then top the candle up if necessary. I will also mention that these candles I set in the fridge. It made them much easier to get out of the mold.

DIY Summer Candles by Chantalle McDaniel for We R Memory Keepers

Moving on to the next style of candle are these shelled beauties! I love these little babies and will definitely be making these as gifts!

One can purchase small wicks with the metal stabilizer online, but I tried my hand at upcycling some existing wicks in the form of tea lights, which I had on hand.

I cut up the candles carefully and extracted the wicks. I then popped the wax into my Wick to melt it. Once I was happy with how I had placed the wicks inside the shells, I placed the shells very carefully under the valve on the machine and opened it just a tiny bit to allow the wax to just drop out very gently.

Wick Candle Maker by We R Memory Keepers

Voila! These are addictive to make so be warned lol!

DIY Summer Candles by Chantalle McDaniel for We R Memory Keepers

My third style of candle is one with a photo personalization. I looked up how to do it online and it involved printing a photo onto tissue paper.

I stuck the tissue down to regular copy paper and the fed it into my very trusty inkjet printer. I’d measured the size of the candle and created an image box in a word processing programme. I then printed the image off using a ‘speciality paper’ setting on the printer.

I was nervous as to how the printer would go, printing on to such delicate paper but it worked great! I cut the tissue photo out and placed it, image side up, around the candle. You’ll notice this candle is also kinda ombré in colour. The bottom bit was left over melted tea light candle with a bit of blue colour shavings added. I topped the candle up with the Wick paraffin melts and blue shavings and, as you can see, the consistency of the two types of waxes is different. I really like it.

Wick Candle Maker by We R Memory Keepers

In order to transfer the image onto the candle itself, I then wrapped the whole thing  in baking paper and heated it with my heat gun. You can see I used BBQ tongs to hold it while I heated it to protect my hands.

As the wax heats, you will see the paper darken. Once you’ve got the whole paper dark, you can go ahead and peel the baking paper away slowly. (You may need to keep heating gently as you do this step, just see how you go.)

CMcDaniel_Summer Candles_10

And here is my photo candle. This family photo was taken on a gorgeous Gold Coast beach inside a beach cave. I really like how the texture of the candle echoes the rocks!


DIY Summer Candles by Chantalle McDaniel for We R Memory Keepers

DIY Summer Candles by Chantalle McDaniel for We R Memory Keepers

I hope you enjoyed this post. These candles are a fun and easy way to create ambience in your home and truly unique gifts for your friends and family.

I LOVE my Wick and I’m sure you will too! Be sure to tag @wermemorykeepers in your social media posts so we can enjoy seeing you get your craft on! Until next time!



Materials Used:

Wick Candle Maker



Summer Scrapbook Page

Hey there, We R Memory Keepers friends and fans, I’m Becki Adams here to share a layout with you that I created with a few of my favorite We R Memory Keepers tools. There are some tools that I always keep near my desk at my fingertips. The laser square is one tool that is always on my desk. My husband will tell you that I can’t measure or put items in a straight line to save my life. That’s why I love the Laser Square so much! It makes measuring and alignment a breeze.

Summer Scrapbook Page by Becki Adams for We R Memory Keepers

One of my favorite “go to” designs is a grid. I love the clean simple lines of a grid layout.

On this “Summer in Central Park” layout I used four 4×3 photos in an offset grid design. The photos are in a straight line, but they are slightly of set from the other column. The Laser Square made it so easy to make sure that my photos were in a straight line especially on a solid background.

Summer Scrapbook Page by Becki Adams for We R Memory Keepers

Another tool that I love and keep near my desk at all times is my Stitch Happy Sewing machine. I love the added detail that machine stitching gives my layouts. Thread/stitching is also a great “adhesive.” Once something is stitched onto a layout, there’s no worries of it falling off the layout after a long period of time. A layout that has machine stitching will always stay together.

Summer Scrapbook Page by Becki Adams for We R Memory KeepersSummer Scrapbook Page by Becki Adams for We R Memory Keepers

Ever since I started scrapbooking years (and years) ago, I loved using tags. At first, I always purchased shipping tags at my local office supply store. Now that the Tag Punch Board is in my office, I’ve been making custom tags for all of my projects.

Summer Scrapbook Page by Becki Adams for We R Memory Keepers

On this layout I made a custom tag for the title. It was fun to make the tag just the right size for the letter stickers. Of course, I didn’t forget the custom hole reinforcer that I punched out with my We R Memory Keepers Hole Reinforcer punch.

Summer Scrapbook Page by Becki Adams for We R Memory Keepers

I’d love to hear about your favorite We R Memory Keepers tools. Which tools do you keep on your desk? Thank you for stopping by the We R Memory Keepers blog. Happy crafting, friends!



Spring Scissors

Laser Square

Tag Punch Board

Reinforce Hole Punch

Stitch Happy Sewing Machine


Summertime Layouts

As the weather begins to cool down, hopefully your schedule is a little less crazy with summertime activities (I hope). It’s a great time to print some of your favorite summer photos. We R’s designer Shemaine used the Albums Made Easy system to create quick scrapbook pages with her summer photo favorites.

YellowSunsets1aYellowSunsets1bYellowSunsets1c  Water Safety SpreadWater Safety Spread4Water Safety Spread3 Water Safety Spread2