Celebrate with a Waffle Bar


Welcome back to the blog today! It’s Chantalle here and I’d love to share a celebratory idea with you, which I put together for my kiddo’s first day back at school. It was a special one, as my DS started High School and my sweet little girl faces a new chapter without big brother to look out for her on the playground.

To mark the occasion, we had waffles for dinner! You can imagine their delight in having sweets as a main meal, lol.

DIY Waffle Bar Decor by Chantalle McDaniel for We R Memory Keepers

All-you-can-eat candy at this waffle bar!

DIY Waffle Bar Decor by Chantalle McDaniel for We R Memory Keepers

I got the waffle idea playing around with my new and improved Trim & Score Board. The blade has been updated and now features super precise cutting. The board also feels sturdier now, thanks to a new locking mechanism at the back. I definitely enjoyed using this new board more than it’s predecessor.

I started by trimming up four pieces of some Bazzill Classic Yellow Mono Cardstock. (I just eyeballed it, but I reckon it was a bit wider than 4×6 size. Maybe 5×6) and then ran some score lines down the length and breadth of two of the sheets, at roughly 1 inch intervals. I also ran some narrower lines in between those (again, eyeballing) to create the illusion of the dents in the waffle shape.

I trimmed out the square shapes that had formed from the scoring lines, leaving a narrow border around each one. Initially, I had a much wider border around the whole outside if the piece of paper, so I could decide how much of en edge to leave. I ended up trimming this down so there was a slightly wider border than the one between my squares.

Finally, I mounted the cut paper to a sheet of un-scored paper. (The cut ones were now smaller than the un-scored pieces, so I trimmed off the excess. ) I rounded the edges slightly, just using my scissors, to give it a slightly wobbly finish, like a real waffle shape.

Supreme Ruler and Trim and Score Board by We R Memory Keepers

One could type up on the back of the un-scored cardstock pieces with a Typecast Typewriter and create super fun little Waffle Party invites!

You could also take your paper waffles to the next level by adding some shaded areas with inks or paints!

DIY Waffle Bar Decor by Chantalle McDaniel for We R Memory Keepers

What’s a fun waffle bar without toppings, right? These little paper jars were quick to make and actually held way more sweets than I thought!

DIY Waffle Bar Decor by Chantalle McDaniel for We R Memory Keepers 

Again, using my Trim & Score board, I scored up some 12×12 sheets of bright paper, at 2 inch intervals. I enlisted the help of my Triangle Score Guide to create the geometric shapes. The booklet that comes with the tool goes in to detail on how to trim and score your paper, depending on the type of shape you want to create.

Remember: The Score Guide slots in to the Score Board at the 3 and 9inch marks.

Once the shapes were scored and trimmed, I went about closing them up by applying runner tape along the tabs. I closed all but one section, laying it down to see which side was best to remove once I found the best side to stand it on IYKWIM. When I was happy with how the shape sat on a surface, I trimmed off the section of paper above it to create an opening. The 2inch sided shape, created a big enough opening, so that little hands can easily fit inside to retrieve their tasty toppings! Of course, you could just pop a serving spoon in there.

Trim and Score Board and Triangle Score Guide by We R Memory Keepers

These little paper jars turned out so lovely. I will definitely be making more to fill with treats and give as gifts.

DIY Waffle Bar Decor by Chantalle McDaniel for We R Memory Keepers

The geometric shapes leave a bit of excess paper once trimmed. I used these scraps to create some embellishments and a title for my waffle bar. I ran this little flower die through my Evolution Advanced on a Magnetic Mat. I have always raved about the magnetic mat – it makes placing and keeping your die in place a breeze!

Evolution Advanced by We R Memory Keepers 

Another embellishment I made was this ridiculously easy ‘cheat’ banner using some kebab sticks and a chipboard sticker from Crate’s ‘Good Vibes’ collection, which I glued on. It went straight into the waffle pile!

Mini Alphabet Punch Board by We R Memory Keepers 

The title was created using more scrap leftovers and my Mini Alphabet Punch Board. This little guy makes the cutest size letters and using a very mini 2.5 x 1.5 inch piece of paper for each letter (apart from the wider ones like ‘M’ and ‘W’ in which it uses 2.5 x 2.5 inch pieces)

I machine stitched the letters together, leaving an extra bit of thread on each side so I could string it up.

DIY Waffle Bar Decor by Chantalle McDaniel for We R Memory Keepers 

My bar was a huge hit and is on the cards for a repeat performance I’ve been told! The seriously clever cake stand I placed the waffles on to, comes from The Sweet Tooth Factory. You need to check these guys out!! The range is amazing and this stand in particular is so clever and stores so compact! It even comes with the attachments to string up banners!

DIY Waffle Bar Decor by Chantalle McDaniel for We R Memory Keepers
I hope you enjoyed this idea and might give it a go for your next celebration event! Until next time, happy crafting!



Materials Used:

Trim & Score Board

Triangle Score Guide

Evolution Advanced

Magnetic Mat

Supreme Ruler

Mini Alphabet Punch Board

Crate Paper ‘Good Vibes’ Chipboard Stickers

Pink Paislee Paige Evans 12×12 #310500

Dear Lizzy ‘Lucky Charm’ Junk Drawer 12×12

Dear Lizzy ‘Lucky Charm’ Novelty 12×12

Bazzill Classic Yellow Mono Cardstock

Sweet Tooth Fairy Cake Stand
Sticky Thumb adhesive runner



Mother’s Day Brunch Decor

Hello again We R fans. Chantalle with you today – thank you for stopping by!

If you are thinking of treating a special Mother in your life to a picnic or outdoor activity, I’ve got some ideas that are quick to put together, which coordinate with some inexpensive store-bought items.

Mother's Day Brunch Decor by Chantalle McDaniels for We R Memory Keepers

We all have a lot on our plates these days and I love an idea even more if it saves me a bit of time! Some fabulous graphic-printed picnic ware, spotted while out shopping, was the inspiration behind creating some custom table décor. I loved the colour combination and graphic pops of black. It’s these colours that I have run with and gone with a graphic feel for the items I created. Let’s take a closer look…

Mother's Day Brunch Decor by Chantalle McDaniels for We R Memory Keepers

The little table centerpiece was created with some bbq staples – kebab sticks and a bit of foam, which I covered to match. I started off creating lots of super awesome little shapes, using my Trim & Score Board and my Triangle Score Guide. I’ve been busting to try this tool out for ages and now I had my chance! The basic principle behind every shape is simple scoring. At first, I was pretty intimidated, but once you get the initial scoring done, it’s just a matter of tracing your shape and cutting out with some scissors!

The instructions that come with the Triangle Score Guide are straightforward: Trim your paper to size, score vertically, then add the guide to your score board, then score again, creating angles, then flip the guide, rotate your paper and score one more time to product lots of triangles on your paper. You then not the shape you want to create, based on the size of paper you have, and cut out. Awesome!

Trim & Score Board and Triangle Score Guide by We R Memory Keepers

The shapes you create are great on their own on the table as décor, or you could string them along some sparkling thread for a great cake topper. So many possibilities!

Mother's Day Brunch Decor by Chantalle McDaniels for We R Memory Keepers

When I was folding my shapes, I must have adhered two pieces in the wrong spot and accidentally came up with the shape below. It kinda looked like a wonky fortune cookie! It got me thinking that I could use it as a place card, so I embellished it with some yellow acrylic paint and added a splash of glitter paper. I really like American Crafts ‘Pow’ glitter paper as it runs through my Silhouette machine very well, it’s thin and doesn’t shed lots of glitter everywhere.

Mother's Day Brunch Decor by Chantalle McDaniels for We R Memory Keepers

If Mum is going to be seated… surely she would need something to eat with? I saw this seriously cute cutlery bag idea on Pinterest and decided to make my own, using my Scalloped Goodie Bag Guide along with some Ombré Oh Goodie Glassine papers. I’ve chosen to work with the pink paper as it matched my paper plates and napkins.

Scallop Goodie Bag Guide by We R Memory Keepers

The scallop edge looked so pretty, I chose to keep it facing up instead of at the back of the bag. I’ve added some little On a Whim die cut shapes and tied it off with some silver twine.

Mother's Day Brunch Decor by Chantalle McDaniels for We R Memory Keepers

Now, let’s treat Mum to a drink as sparkling as she is…

Customise some basic disposable drinkware with rubs-ons and stickers!

Mother's Day Brunch Decor by Chantalle McDaniels for We R Memory Keepers

I’ve added a Vicki Boutin Rub-On to this clear champagne goblet, which turned out great! I love the subtle difference in the colour. I then added a Heidi Swapp sticker over the top and finished off with a few little enamel dots in coordinating shades. (This idea would also be great at a party to differentiate people‘s glasses.)

Mother's Day Brunch Decor by Chantalle McDaniels for We R Memory Keepers

Does Mum prefer something a little warmer? How about a custom sleeve for her favourite brew?

Mother's Day Brunch Decor by Chantalle McDaniels for We R Memory Keepers

I created this coffee cup using the 9 Oz. measurements on my DIY Party Board. Simply trim your paper to size as instructed, then cut at two intervals along the board. Presto!

It has been embellished with some more rub-ons – I couldn’t resist!! This time I’ve used some Photo Lights Rub-Ons. I love how easily these rub-ons transfer and that some are pretty big.

DIY Party Board by We R Memory Keepers

Confetti makes for a fun and festive way to add a little dazzle to any table. Create your own, super fast, with a DIY Party Confetti Punch. I love this tool! (It was also a great way to use up the scraps from creating my graphic shapes.) Punch some foiled paper for a metallic pop!

Mother's Day Brunch Decor by Chantalle McDaniels for We R Memory Keepers

Mother's Day Brunch Decor by Chantalle McDaniels for We R Memory Keepers

To all the Mothers out there, you are doing an amazing job!


Here’s to strong women.

May we know them.

May we be them.

May we raise them.

Mother's Day Brunch Decor by Chantalle McDaniels for We R Memory Keepers

Enjoy your special day!





Materials Used:

DIY Party Confetti Punch

DIY Party Board

Scalloped Goodie Bag Guide

Oh Goodie Glassine ombré papers

Triangle Score Guide

Trim & Score Board

Photo Lights Rub-Ons

Bazzill Silver Foil cardstock

Bazzill Cardstock (assorted coordinating colours)

Amy Tangerine On a Whim, ‘Ray of Light’ 12×12

Vicki Boutin Rub-Ons


Trim & Score Board + Triangle Score Guide Winner!

Thank you to all who left comments and entered our Trim & Score Board + Triangle Score Guide giveaway! We loved reading what you would create with our tools. We’ve selected a winner, and that winner is…


The possibilities are endless!! I’d use it on cards, party decor, school gifts and soooooo much more!


Congratulations Angie! Please send an email to alyd@americancrafts.com with “Trim & Score Board Winner” in the subject line. Include your name and shipping address and we’ll get your prize to you asap. Enjoy!

DIY Geometric Light Strand

Hello everybody! Soraya here with you today to share a fun tutorial to make a light garland, using the incredible Triangle Score Guide along with the Trim & Score Board. As this is National Craft Month, I’m very excited to share this new project with you! The Triangle Score Guide is so smart since it allows you to create fun geometric shapes and gems by placing it on your Trim & Score Board. There is a complete guide book where you can find all the instructions and inspiration you need to start with it but here is my take on this amazing tool!

Geometric Light Strand by Soraya Maes for We R Memory Keepers

Geometric Light Strand by Soraya Maes for We R Memory Keepers
To make this light garland you will also need 12×12 acetate papers, a LED garland, scissors, pencil, adhesive runner and some washi tape.

Triangle Score Guide and Trim and Score Board by We R Memory Keepers

I used a piece of white cardstock to make this step-by-step for you so you can see how I scored and folded it. So let’s get started! First of all, to make the icosahedron shape I scored paper every 2 inches. Don’t forget to fold over the bottom left corner so that you can keep track of your page orientation as you rotate it. Then I placed the Triangle Score Guide on the Trim & Score Board  (Side A) and started to score every 2 inch starting by the « 8 »  mark (the bottom left corner you folded is in front of you.)

Then flip the Triangle Score Guide (Side B) and rotate the paper so that the folded corner is on the left and score every 2 inches.

Now use the template you have on the instruction book to outline the area with your pencil and cut out the shape with your scissors.

Use your adhesive runner to stick all the tabs and edges together, and this is the final shape you should get after assembling every side of the icosahedron!

Repeat the process 4 times with the 12×12 acetate papers to get 4 icosahedrons. I also made 4 little tetrahedron shapes (pyramids) with the leftovers, they will be perfect for the garland ! How cute are these geometric shapes ?

It’s time to place the little LED lights inside the shapes (use some hot glue if you need the little lights to stick inside).  And voilà!

And here is what you get : a pretty light garland to decorate your craft room or your desk! Love how the transparency and the polka dots on the acetate paper diffuses the light!

I hope you had fun joining me today, and I hope this project will inspire you to make your very own geometric shapes. The Triangle Score Board may be a little bit  intimidating at first, but it’s way much more addicting once you start!  There are so many possibilities, you will love it! Happy creative Tuesday everyone and until next time!



Supplies :

Trim & Score Board

Triangle Score Guide

Bazzill Acetate Papers

Sticky thumb adhesive runner



National Craft Month Giveaway: Trim & Score Board + Triangle Score Guide!


It’s Monday again friends, and that means it’s time for another National Craft Month Giveaway! This week we’re featuring some of our classic tools, the crafting must-haves that make our lives so much easier. To celebrate we’re giving away an oldie-cut-goodie, along with a fun companion that amps it up a bit, the Trim & Score Board + Triangle Score Guide!

On its own, the Trim & Score Board is a super handy and versatile tool: trim your papers, and then score them for folding cards or 3D projects with one tool!

But, when paired with the Triangle Score Guide you can make some pretty awesome 3D geometric shapes and paper gems perfect for party, holiday, or home decor!

If you’d like to enter to win a Trim & Score Board and a Triangle Score Guide, please leave a comment below telling us what projects you would make with these craft room staples. Comments will remain open until Thursday, 3/16 at midnight. A winner will be announced here on the blog on Friday morning, 3/17. Please remember to check back to see if you won. Good luck!

Don’t forget to come back this week for some fabulous projects by our design team featuring some of our awesome classic tools!

Thanksgiving Hostess Gift

Hello friends! Eva Pizarro here today sharing quick hostess gift made for this Thanksgiving party.


I love all the Thanksgiving theme gifts but for me nothing is more meaningful than some kind words. For this gift I made a geometric planter and added a card made with the Gift Card Holder die set. Instead of a gift card I placed a note thanking my friends for inviting us to their first Thanksgiving party!

To make the card, simply use your Evolution Advanced to cut all the pieces of your Gift card Holder Set. I used the new Typecast Collection mixing blue, wood grain and copper colors.


Change your ink color to Gold and use your Typecast Typewriter to write a thank you note for your hostess.


Cut your paper and round the edges with your Corner Chomper to fit your Gift card holder


To make the planter Use your Trim And Score Board and your Triangle Score Guide. Just follow the instructions on the booklet. I scored my lines every 1 ½ inch.

Score your diagonal lines in one direction and your straight lines in the other one.


Place your succulent in a can and make some holes on the bottom for better drainage. Wrap your paper over the can gluing your paper with some hot glue gun in a few spots.


If your paper is not long enough attach another piece making sure you line up the triangles.


Finally insert a wooden stick on your succulent to hold your card.


I think the Gift Card Holder set is perfect for a sweet message!


I think my friend is going to be thrilled with the plant and the card. Do you bring hostess gifts to your parties?


Have a great day!




Typecast Typewriter

Typecast Ribbon Gold

Typecast 12 x 12 Paper Pad

Gift Card Holder Die Set

Evolution Advanced

Trim And Score Board

Triangle Score Guide

Geometric Fall Apple Decor

Good Monday morning friends! It’s Aly Dosdall here again, and I don’t know about you, but I am so excited that fall officially begins this week! In fact we’re all so excited here at We R that we’ll be featuring fall projects from our design team all week long. So if you’re in the mood for some fall crafting inspiration, you’re in luck!



I’m getting things started this week with an easy fall decor idea. Recently I was browsing Pinterest and came across a lovely fall vignette featuring white pumpkins and green apples. I just loved the pairing, but wanted to come up with a different twist on the idea, so I decided to make geometric paper apples using the Trim and Score Board together with the Triangle Score Guide for my fall decor.


To make my geometric apples I started with three 12×12 sheets of apple green cardstock. The Triangle Score Guide comes with a detailed instruction booklet. It’s important to read it all the way through before making your shapes. That helps a lot.


As stated in the instructions for 2 inch icosahedrons, I placed my 12×12 paper in the Trim and Score Board and scored every 2 inches. Then I folded over the bottom left corner of my paper. That helps to make sure the paper is placed correctly as you follow the instructions.


Then I removed the paper and placed the Triangle Score Guide on the Trim and Score Board flush against the top with the left edge lined up at 9 inches, and the right edge lined up at 3 inches as seen below. Then I placed my paper into the Triangle Score Guide with the folded corner at the bottom of the board. I made my first score line at 8 inches, and then scored every two inches on both side of the 8 inch mark.


I removed my paper and flipped the Triangle Score Guide over so the back was facing upward, lining up the edges as before at 9 and 3 inches. I placed my paper on the board lining it up with the Triangle Score Guide so that the folded corner was on the left side of the board. I scored my first line at the 4 inch mark, and then I scored every 2 inches on either side of the 4 inch mark again.


Then I removed the paper from the board and folded all the score lines to extend them all out to the edge of the paper.


Then I flipped the paper upside down, and with my pen I drew the design in the instruction booklet for 2 inch icosahedrons on my paper so I knew where to cut. Then I cut out the design with my scissors, added Sticky Thumb Red Double Sided Tape to all the tabs, and assembled my 3D shapes.



To finish off my green apples I added papers stems and leaves.


I love the geometric shapes and the fall feel of the apples. What a super easy and cool fall project!


Do you like to use apples in your fall decor?



Trim and Score Board
Triangle Score Guide
Green Bazzill 12×12 Cardstock

Paper Gem Garland

I recently re-organized most of my craft room (see the posts on my personal blog HERE), and as part of that I re-did some of my decor. I love the paper gem trend right now, so I decided to create a paper gem garland to dress up a small wall-mounted shelf in one corner of my room.

Paper Gem Garland by Aly Dosdall_filtered

I chose navy and aqua papers from the It Factor collection since they coordinate well with the colors in my space. I alternated octahedron and decahedron shapes in my garland, making them all the 3 inch size.

Paper Gem Garland by Aly Dosdall_close_filtered

I followed the instructions in the booklet that comes with the Triangle Score Guide, and began by scoring my 12×12 paper on the Trim and Score Board at 3, 6, and 9 inches.

paper gems 1

Then I removed my paper and placed the Triangle Score Guide on the Trim and Score Board with the “A” side facing upward, lining up the 3 and 9 inch marks on the guide with the corresponding marks on the board. I rotated my paper 60° counter clock-wise and lined it up in the corner of the guide. Then I flipped the blue guide up on the score board and scored my paper at 0, 3, 6, 9, and 12 inches.

paper gems 2

Next, I removed my paper and placed the Triangle Scoring Guide on the board with the “B” side up, again lining up the 3 and 9 inch marks with the corresponding marks on the board. I rotated my paper 120° clock-wise and placed it in the corner of the scoring guide. I again scored my paper at 0, 3, 6, 9, and 12 inches.

paper gems 3

Finally, I followed the cutting template shown in the instruction booklet to cut out the paper gems, then I folded and adhered them.

paper gems 4

Here are a few tips I recommend to make creating paper gem garlands easier:

  • fold the bottom left corner of your paper to keep track of your paper alignment as you rotate it
  • fold incomplete score lines to complete them
  • insert twine into the paper gems before folding and adhering
  • use a glue gun or extra strong adhesive

Watch for a tutorial soon on how to create the double pinwheel bouquet on the shelf below the paper gem garland in my newly re-done space!



It Factor 12×12 Paper Pad
Trim and Score Board
Triangle Score Guide
Aqua Sew Easy Baker’s Twine

Winter Tree Luminaries

We just had our first snow of the season here in Utah recently, so I’m ready to start busting out the Christmas music and decorations. With all the excitement in our house over the snow it’s no surprise what I made over the weekend to share with you today–some Winter Tree Luminaries!

Winter Tree Luminaries by Aly Dosdall

Winter Tree Luminaries by Aly Dosdall_close

These cuties were super easy to make with the Trim and Score Board combined with the new Triangle Score Guide and Evolution Advanced. Get in the spirit of the season with a few of these scattered around your mantel, or arranged on your table. Check out the video tutorial below to learn how to make these for yourself!



Triangle Score Guide
Trim and Score Board
Evolution Advanced
Snowflake Punch Dies
Polka Dot Embossing Folders
Sheer Metallic Paper Pad

New Release: Triangle Score Guide

@WeRMemoryKeepers Summer Showcase and New Release Schedule 2014

Geometric shapes are all the rage…We’re seeing them on paper patterns, fabric and home decor. The problem is, those pesky little shapes can be a bit difficult to create in 3D with paper. Today, we’re announcing the release of a tool that’s going to make trendy geometric paper crafts a bunch easier. Check out the new Triangle Score Guide (MSRP $9.99), which is scheduled to begin shipping to retailers in September 2014.

@WeRMemoryKeeper Triangle Score Guide tool. Shipping to retailers in Sept. 2014

It doesn’t look like much, but this little guide (which works great with the Trim and Score Board) will help you create up to 20 different sized paper gems in five different geometric shapes. Interested in a little more detail on how this bad boy works? Check out our demonstration video…