Big Happy Jig Hoop Wreath

Hi there We R friends! It’s Aly here on this lovely Monday morning sharing some Big Happy Jig inspiration with you. I’ve noticed a lot of large wire handlettering in home decor, wedding decor, and event decor on the interwebs lately, so when I saw the Big Happy Jig was coming soon I was so excited to DIY that cool look and incoporate it into my own home! Check out what I made with the new Big Happy Jig!

Big Happy Jig Hoop Wreath by Aly Dosdall for We R Memory Keepers

I’ve wanted to make a hoop wreath for a while now, and the large scale wire handlettering possible with the Big Happy Jig lends itself perfectly to this trend.

Big Happy Jig Hoop Wreath by Aly Dosdall for We R Memory Keepers

The Big Happy Jig works just like the smaller size Happy Jig, only on a much larger scale. It comes with a booklet full of instructions and 20 templates for making fun shapes and words. It also has all the pegs you need, wire cutters and some wire to get you started. You can also use the 80+ free template available on our @werhappyjig Instagram account.

We R Memory Keepers Big Happy Jig

I love that for a teen or tween bedroom decor or party you can create your designs with battery powered Neon Wire too!


I picked up the gold hoop wreath at my local craft store, hot glued some silk flowers and greenery to it, and then I left some extra wire at each end of my word so I could wrap it around the hoop to secure it. Place a little dot of hot glue under the wrapped wire on the back of the hoop to keep it from sliding around.

Big Happy Jig Hoop Wreath by Aly Dosdall for We R Memory Keepers

This project is ideal for home decor, Valentine’s Day decor, wedding decor and more. I’m so excited about the possibilities with this awesome new tool!

big happy jig hoop wreath by aly dosdall for we r memory keepers 8

Thanks for stopping by and happy crafting!


Big Happy Jig
USB Power Mini Glue Gun
Ribbon Cutter

Wire Wedding Cake Topper

Hello We R friends, and happy Friday! It’s either that time of year or there must be something in the water here, because we have gotten no less than five wedding invitations in the past month! Exciting, right? Needless to say, I’ve had weddings on the brain. Recently I saw some adorable wire wedding cake toppers, so I thought I’d try my hand at making my own with my Happy Jig to see what I could come up with.

Wire Wedding Cake Topper by Aly Dosdall for We R Memory Keepers featuring the Happy Jig wire design tool

I love how this turned out! I think a wire wedding cake topper looks pretty cool, don’t you?

Wire Wedding Cake Topper by Aly Dosdall for We R Memory Keepers featuring the Happy Jig wire design tool

So, obviously this design is my own creation–it’s not in the Happy Jig instruction manual or on our @werhappyjig Instagram feed, so I’ll show you how I made it. The cake I placed it in is about 8 inches in diameter and the topper is about 10 inches long. I’m not exactly sure how much wire I used, but I started out with 6 yards of THIS copper (or I like to call it rose gold) wire and ended up with more than half of it left.

Because of the length of this wire cake topper I did it in three parts, moving each part off the jig and making the next section. I started with the word “Mr” and the post for sticking the topper in the cake. Here’s a picture of that section of the design. Since I wasn’t sure how much wire I would need when I started, I didn’t cut any of the 6 yard roll until I was finished.

Happy Jig wire design tool by We R Memory Keepers

Wire Wedding Cake Topper by Aly Dosdall for We R Memory Keepers featuring the Happy Jig wire design tool

I’ve found it pretty easy to use the design templates found in the instruction booklet and on the Instagram feed to piece together custom words. I’ve also discovered that I can enlarge the letters by just raising the tops of them on the grid of the jig. That’s basically how I created the word “Mr.” Then I extended the leftover wire down about 8 inches and wrapped it back up on itself to create the post.

Wire Wedding Cake Topper by Aly Dosdall for We R Memory Keepers featuring the Happy Jig wire design tool

Next, I used the instruction booklet that comes with the tool to create the ampersand sign. That part was pretty easy!

Happy Jig wire design tool by We R Memory Keepers

Once I comleted the ampersand, I finished up my topper with the word “Mrs” and a little heart I borrowed from the word “love” on our @werhappyjig Instagram feed.

Happy Jig wire design tool by We R Memory Keepers

Wire Wedding Cake Topper by Aly Dosdall for We R Memory Keepers featuring the Happy Jig wire design tool

Here are a couple of tips I picked up while creating this project:

  1. Have a pair of needle nose pliers on hand in case you need to undo your design. It will help to straighten your wire so it looks more neat and tidy.
  2. Plan ahead or make your own template beforehand (grab a blank one on our Instagram feed). The more you bend and straighten the wire, the harder it can be to keep your creation looking neat.
  3. Once you’ve finished creating your design, lay it down on a hard smooth surface and press it flat to straighten everything out.
  4. Once you’ve set the pegs on the jig, use some yarn or twine to test out your design before winding the wire around.
  5. Don’t be afraid to visit Pinterest or Instagram for ideas–wire design is pretty popular right now so you’re sure to find some inspiration

Wire Wedding Cake Topper by Aly Dosdall for We R Memory Keepers featuring the Happy Jig wire design tool

Thanks for stopping by! I hope this project has inspired you to create something this weekend with your Happy Jig. If you create something with the Happy Jig be sure to share it on Instagram and tag us: @werhappyjig. We can’t wait to see what you make!


Happy Jig
Copper Wire
Crate Paper Ceramic Stands

Throwback Thursday: Boxed Wedding Invitation

We’re still big fans of this gorgeous boxed wedding invitation Kimberly created for a beach themed wedding. We just love the embossing details and the stunning acetate envelope filled with confetti! Learn how to make it below.

Hello We R Fans! Kimberly here with a fun way to send a wedding invitation. Wedding invitations are the first impression guests will get of your upcoming wedding.  Creating a unique and memorable invitation is easy with a few tools and supplies from We R Memory Keepers.

boxed wedding invitation Kimberly Crawford

Before starting the invitation, I looked at my 1-2-3 Punch Board size chart to see what size envelopes I could possibly create. When I chose the 5” x 7.5” envelope, I was ready to begin making my invitation. I printed my information out onto specialty paper. On the back, I layered a piece of gold paper for an elegant touch.

boxed wedding invitation 8 Kimberly Crawford

Because this will be a destination wedding, at a beach, I thought using the Next Level Embossing Folder Wave would be a fantastic touch of texture. The embossing folder is not long enough to emboss the whole piece of cardstock, so I embossed one half and then the other. Where the two edges meet, the ridges will be covered up by the front and back panels of cardstock.

boxed wedding invitation 3 Kimberly Crawford

The envelope for this invitation is where the whole idea started. I knew I could create an envelope that would be like a box, with tall sides.  The 1-2-3 Punch Board makes it very easy to create. Using a sheet of Clearly Posh Acetate, I punched and scored the envelope according to the directions.

boxed wedding invitation 2 Kimberly Crawford

Once the sides were adhered together, I placed the invitation inside. Because the envelope is like a box, I have space to add fun touches like DIY Party Confetti, or even small shells.

boxed wedding invitation 4 Kimberly Crawford

To close the invitation, I used a gold foil sticker.  Topped with a small sea shell, the look is complete.

boxed wedding invitation 5 Kimberly Crawford

You can see the sides of the envelope and how it holds everything beautifully!

boxed wedding invitation 6 Kimberly Crawford

Tips for mass producing wedding invitations:

  • Gather your fiancé, friends, and family and make fun afternoon of creating!
  • Gather all the supplies you will need first, make sure you have enough paper, supplies, and adhesives. Be sure and have extras on hand for when mistakes happen.
  • Create each part of the invitation all at once. Print all the invitations. Cut all the papers. Score all the lines, etc. You can give each job to one person.

boxed wedding invitation 7 Kimberly Crawford



1-2-3 Punch Board

Next Level Embossing Folders: Wave

Clearly Posh Acetate Sheet: Confetti Dot with Gold Foil

DIY Party Confetti Metallic

Oh Goodie! Foil Stickers; Gold Starburst

Letterpress Wedding Card

Hello We R Fans! Kimberly here and it is wedding season. There is something about making a wedding card that makes you want to create something full of elegance and texture. Using a couple tools from We R Memory Keepers, I was able to easily make a gorgeous card for someone’s special day.

Letterpress Wedding Card by Kimberly Crawford for We R Memory Keepers

Nothing says elegance to me like letterpress. The Evolution creates a deep and beautiful impession, simply.

Letterpress Wedding Card by Kimberly Crawford for We R Memory Keepers

To the floral letterpress plate, I added silver ink. This ink is a pigment formula ink, meaning it will stay wetter longer, which is what is needed for the best results when creating this look. I placed my paper over the top of the inked plate, set that inside the letterpress platform, and passed it through the Evolution. (Use the Letterpress setting on the side of the machine. Its one easy turn of the knob for the correct pressure.)

Letterpress Wedding Card by Kimberly Crawford for We R Memory Keepers

With a few turns of the handle, I was able to make this cardstock truly fabulous. Look at the embossing and how the silver shimmers inside of it.

Letterpress Wedding Card by Kimberly Crawford for We R Memory Keepers

To reinforce the theme of the day, I used the Happy Jig to create the word love from silver wire. All the pegs and a pair of wire cutters are included in the Happy Jig and I love that they all store inside the tool.

We R Memory Keepers Happy Jig

The instructions for creating the word love are in the book enclosed with the Happy Jig. (If you are looking for more patterns, be sure and check out the We R Happy Jig Instagram account for more ideas and designs.)

Letterpress Wedding Card by Kimberly Crawford for We R Memory Keepers

To adhere the wire word to my card, I applied a strong glue to the back of the wire.

Letterpress Wedding Card by Kimberly Crawford for We R Memory Keepers

Here is to a summer of love!



We R Memory Keepers:

Wedding Table Decor

Hello everyone!  It’s Eva on the blog today sharing with you a wedding table decoration made with the Happy Jig  and that can be used for any party.

Wedding Table Decor by Eva Pizarro for We R Memory Keepers

For this assignment I decided to make place holders and a table number sign, I used the lovely papers from the Journaling stack from DCWV, the colors and prints are perfect for a wedding!

To make the place holder choose your favorite image from the Happy Jig catalog (or one of the many designs you can find on their Instagram account @werhappyjig) leave 5 or 6 extra inches in the beginning and create your form.

Cut the wire and use the extra wire to make a circular base.

We R Memory Keepers Happy Jig

Use your Mini Envelope Punch Board to make 2 x 2 ¾ inch envelopes and place them on your wire design.

We R Memory Keepers Mini Envelope Punch Board

Write the name of the receiver on the back of the envelope.

Wedding Table Decor by Eva Pizarro for We R Memory Keepers

Inside the envelope you can include a thank you note, a picture or a small gift!

Wedding Table Decor by Eva Pizarro for We R Memory Keepers

To create the table number sign use the Happy Jig to create the word “table”. Here are the Happy Jig coordinates in case you want to make one:

Start: I14
Big Pegs: O4
Medium Pegs:I3, J10, M11, M24, O10, P17, P22, P26
Small Pegs: G7, H16, H21, N18, P13, Q9

We R Memory Keepers Happy Jig

Use your Trim and Score Board to make the sign. Mine was 5 ¾ inches wide and 8 ¼ inches tall. I wanted my Table word to stand up on the sign so I attached it by making two holes with my Sticky Piercer.

We R Memory Keepers Trim and Score Board

To make the numbers I used the Journaling Stack by DCWV and my Alphabet Punch Board. I love the foil details on these papers!

We R Memory Keepers Alphabet Punch Board

And here’s how my sign turned out. I really like the paper and wire combo.

Wedding Table Decor by Eva Pizarro for We R Memory Keepers

Wedding Table Decor by Eva Pizarro for We R Memory Keepers

Small details really make a difference in a ceremony. The Happy Jig wires come in a variety of colors therefore your decorations will always look amazing!

Wedding Table Decor by Eva Pizarro for We R Memory Keepers

Have a great day!




Happy Jig

Happy Jig wire

Sticky Piercer
Trim and Score Board

Alphabet Punch Board
Mini Envelope Punch Board
Journaling Stack by DCWV

DIY Wedding Favor Boxes

Happy Monday! Laura here today to share with you how to create your own wedding favor boxes. These boxes can be easily customized to match your wedding colors. You can create them for a fraction of the cost of buying them premade. Plus, you can personalize them with any sentiment that fits your wedding theme!

Wedding Favor Boxes by Laura Silva for We R Memory Keepers

Start by cutting your cardstock to 10 ½ x 8 inches. Align the longer edge to the top of the score board. Score the paper at 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, and 10 inches.

We R Memory Keepers Basic Score Board

Rotate the paper 90 degrees and score at 2 and 6 inches. Use the score guide to line up one edge of your paper at an angle. Score an angled line coming down from each of the one-inch sections. Score the lines on one side, flip the paper over and do the other side, so you end up with two triangle shaped score lines at the bottom of the sides of the box.

You can see where to score the paper in the image below.

We R Memory Keepers Basic Score Board

Cut off the pieces shown below using your scissors. You will trim off the top and bottom sections where you scored the half inch line. You will also cut off along the top score line, leaving only a 3 inch by 2-inch rectangle. Then, cut along the two-inch, 5 inch, and 7-inch score lines, just to the bottom horizontal line.

We R Memory Keepers Basic Score Board

Fold along all the score lines and assemble your box using double sided adhesive, leaving the top flap open.

We R Memory Keepers Basic Score Board

Use the Corner Chomper scallop edge punch to punch each corner of the top flap.

We R Memory Keepers Corner Chomper

Fold the top flap into the inside of the box and use the Crop-A-Dile to punch two holes close to the each edge of the box.

We R Memory Keepers Crop-A-Dile

Create a heart shaped embellishment using patterned paper and the clear cut heart punch.

We R Memory Keepers Clear Cut Heart Punch

Use the ampersand from the Rise & Shine embossing folders to emboss the shape onto the heart using the Evolution Advanced. I used a sanding block to distress the edges of the embossed “&” to make it stand out a little more.

We R Memory Keepers Evolution Advanced

Wedding Favor Boxes by Laura Silva for We R Memory Keepers


Thread ribbon out through the holes in the back of the box and then in through the front flap holes. Attach the heart shape and tie the ribbon in a bow.

Wedding Favor Boxes by Laura Silva for We R Memory Keepers

You can create these boxes in any color or design that fits your wedding theme. You can choose a different embossed accent for the heart shape or even add your monogram or names to the front of the bags using a stamp or a sticker. Then simply fill the bag with the treat of your choice.

Wedding Favor Boxes by Laura Silva for We R Memory Keepers

Wedding Favor Boxes by Laura Silva for We R Memory Keepers


Bazzill Cardstock

Score Board

Crop-A-Dile Corner Chomper

Crop-A-Dile Hole Punch & Eyelet Setter

DCWV Butterflies & Flowers Cardstock Stack

Clear Cut Heart Punch

Evolution Advanced

Rise & Shine Embossing Folders

DIY Party Board Floral Wrap

Hello friends, it’s Aly Dosdall here today! I’m so excited to share my DIY Party Board project with you. I decided to create something with a bit of a twist. I used one of the standard partyware items (treat pouch) and turned it into a pretty floral wrap!

DIY Party Board Floral Wrap by Aly Dosdall for We R Memory Keepers

DIY Party Board Floral Wrap by Aly Dosdall for We R Memory Keepers

I followed the directions in the included instruction booklet to make a treat pouch. I cut my 12×12 kraft cardstock to 9×9 inches.


Then, according to the directions, I used the A guide on number 11 to cut the paper into the required shape. To watch an overview video of how the DIY Party Board works, CLICK HERE.


I used my Red Double Sided Sticky Thumb tape (my favorite for 3D projects) to adhere the paper into a cone shape, and then added a white paper doily, some twine, and embellishments.


DIY Party Board Floral Wrap by Aly Dosdall for We R Memory Keepers

Finally, I added some pale pink rose buds and greens so I can take it to a friend who needs a little sunshine in her life.

DIY Party Board Floral Wrap by Aly Dosdall for We R Memory Keepers

This floral wrap is perfect for a friend or neighbor gift, a bridesmaid gift, wedding decor, bridal shower decor, or for an anniversary party. You could also add some ribbon and hang one on your door for a spring door hanger. Thanks for joining me today, and I hope you have fun making DIY Party Board creations!


DIY Party Board
Moonstruck Ephemera
Moonstruck Washi Stickers
Gold Sequin Stickers
Jute Twine


Glowing Wedding Favor

Hello We R fans! Chantalle here, and I’m very excited to share an idea for a special party favour with you. Using just a few simple supplies, you can create one in no time at all.


To create my cake shape, I have used the new Pop Up Birthday Cake die. One would ordinarily adhere this shape inside a folded card so that, once opened, it springs to life.  By sealing the bottom of the shape, I have created a ‘solid’ slice. Leaving the candles off and using neutral tones has given this favour box understated elegance.


The die set comprises of 9 shapes. The image below shows the pieces I have used from the set. You will notice, I have left out the candle elements. By spacing your dies efficiently on a piece of 6x12inch cardstock, you can cut two lots of shapes from one 12×12 sheet. The Evolution Advanced magnetic cutting mat is great for this job, as you simply lay your dies on the mat, which will hold them in place for you, so no slipping as you run your paper though the diecut machine!


Assembling the cake is very straightforward.  What I love about WRMK products is that they come with great step-by-step instructions. This die set is no exception. To seal the little gap where the cake meets the icing on the wider side, I have opened the box up and run a line of wet adhesive, then pressed the edges together gently. (see arrows) The reason I have done it on the inside is so that it won’t be visible from the outside. I don’t want anything spoiling the view of what I have planned for the top!


Once the glue was dry, I filled the inside with a strand of Ruler Studio lights. It just so happens the length of the cake fits the battery pack inside perfectly!

* Make sure to include batteries for your guests.


Next, I flipped it right side up and fed one of the little light strands up through the hole that was already in the cardstock from the die. (This is where the candle would slot in).

The DIY Party range now includes some absolutely gorgeous new light strand bulb covers. Stars… lanterns… butterflies… and all in a selection of colours. I’ve chosen to work with the Metallic Die Cut Flower covers for this project, grabbing a large gold foil and smaller white flower. Just layer the shapes up and pop a clear bulb through the centre. This then fits over the little led light. Note: Push it on well for a secure fit.



With the lights now in place, I just sealed up the bottom using a heart-shaped punch and some American Crafts Glitter Tape.


Here’s a peek of that beautiful bloom in the better light. Love that gold foil!


When you are ready to give your favours to your guests, simply open the box up and turn on the lights.


I love the warm glow from within. It would definitely add a romantic charm to a wedding reception table setting.


You could choose to include the bulb covers from the start or hand them out to guests at a later point. Now they get to have more fun at home!

The best part of this idea is that it’s so easy to customize. Brighten up the card colour for a birthday and combine with colourful butterflies or keep it tonal for a baby shower. So many possibilities!



Thank you for joining me today. I love this little light up favour so much, I wish I could have my wedding all over again!

Happy crafting,







Pop Up Birthday Cake die

Evolution Advanced

Ruler Studio Bulb Strand

DIY Party Metallic Bulb Covers


Bazzill cardstock (smooth)

Wildflower Wedding Layout

Hello, friends! Tessa Buys here. Weddings are one of my favorite topics to scrapbook, and We R Memory Keeper’s Wildflower collection made this page of my sister’s wedding even more fun to create:

WRMK wedding layout Tessa Buys 1

The Wildflower collection was a perfect fit for a photo filled with so many different flowers and colors. I was instantly drawn to the butterflies and decided to fussy-cut several as embellishments.

WRMK wedding layout Tessa Buys 3

For some added glamour, I used a Clearly Posh acetate sheet with gold foil dots as my background. In order to attach the acetate sheet to the white cardstock base, as well as the butterflies to the page, I used the new Staple Board.

WRMK wedding layout Tessa Buys 4

I loaded the small stapler with the copper-colored staples and began lining up the Staple Board with the center of each butterfly. With a little practice at lining everything up, it was a breeze to secure everything where I wanted it, no matter how far from the edge it was. I also placed some butterflies under the acetate to give the page a little depth.

WRMK wedding layout Tessa Buys 5

WRMK wedding layout Tessa Buys 6


Lastly, I added gold Thickers and some typed journaling to my photo.

WRMK wedding layout Tessa Buys 2

From the gold foil to the beautiful butterflies, Clearly Posh and Wildflower made for a beautiful page! If you are putting together a wedding album, you can’t go wrong with such pretty products. And you must get the Staple Board! I can’t wait to use it again!

Supplies Used:

Wildflower Patterned Paper Butterfly Garden

Clearly Posh Acetate Sheet Confetti Dot Gold Foil


Staple Board

Fringe Hearts Wedding Decor

Hello, WRMK friends!  Shellye McDaniel here today with an easy-to-make wedding décor using the DIY Party Mini Heart Pinatas.

Shellye McDaniel-Wedding Decor1

With chalkboard art being all the rage, and because I love rustic/shabby chic styled weddings, I thought it would be fun to create a faux chalkboard to the front of ones of the hearts.

Shellye McDaniel-Wedding Decor2

I first traced the heart onto a piece of black cardstock by American Crafts and then cut the shape out.

Shellye McDaniel-Wedding Decor3

The cardstock heart was adhered to the front and initials were added using a white chalk marker from my stash.  To the sides, I cut 1.5” strips from the lightest Blossom DIY Party Fringe Tape, Black DIY Party Fringe Tape and Silver DIY Party Fringe Tape.  The pieces were layered slightly over each other until both sides of the heart were completely covered.

Shellye McDaniel-Wedding Decor4

For the two remaining hearts, I cut four 1.5” X 8” strips of black cardstock and attached them around the sides.  Before adding the fringe tape to the fronts of the hearts, I drew on a couple of lines so that I would be able to keep the tape as straight as possible.

Shellye McDaniel-Wedding Decor5

Shellye McDaniel-Wedding Decor6

The trio of hearts can be stacked together as shown above and used for a single display OR use them to fill with small gifts for the bridesmaids!

Shellye McDaniel-Wedding Decor7

Shellye McDaniel-Wedding Decor8

The hearts would make a sweet accent when greeting guests who sign in or add them individually or clustered as tabletop decorations…there are so many possibilities!


DIY Party Mini Heart Pinatas
Blossom DIY Party Fringe Tape
Black DIY Party Fringe Tape
Silver DIY Party Fringe Tape
American Crafts 12X12 Black Textured Cardstock